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  1. There's "earning it" an then there's doing the same thing over and over and over until you go insane for pennies. It wouldn't be such an issue if the minigames weren't a pain to put up with at times. It's faster to get to know someone on a personal level until they like you enough to get you nice things (which in itself takes a long time). It's kind of barmy. If you ALREADY have to do things in real life that take HOURS (and this includes OTHER things then having a job) then NO ONE is going to be able to sit there for 2 hours as they gain only about 20 lindens. You get LESS then a linden a minute. Do the math. If it had been at least 1L I'd probably do it. But less then that? Hell no! And no one is going to stand there clicking every minute on the dot either. I bet it's less then 1L to avoid "click bots". So it seems to circle back to bots being the problem again. Earning it I don't mind. Warframe makes you play the game itself as EVERYONE ELSE plays it. Regardless of who pays or who does not. It's kept FAIR for everyone. Everyone does the same things and has a chance to get something at all times. Want plat? (the in game currency) Sell your hard earned items from missions for in game currency at a FAIR price. Which is actually decided by the players themselves and not the staff (and yes, SL market, but you still need to GET the lindens somehow). Somehow the system works. In game currency earned through actions (practically every action) traded for plat. Want plat quickly? Use real life money. You're still spending a few hours but the net gain feels more balanced out. It's still "less then if you paid" but you don't feel "cheated". There's a reason the game is praised so highly and it's for it's "Do many 0.1 credit actions and get plat while still having incentive to pay real money for said plat". Technically you gather certain in game items to trade. Which you can't do on SL market. And you get them everywhere. But the variety is so big and diverse it leaves room to trade for real money. So who knows, maybe SL could find a way to do something similar. "Many item drops but with trading for it". Not sure how that would work, it's just an idea. Maybe not even a possible one. But at least I'm THINKING about other ways instead of just complaining about "Boo hoo, too easy, too hard, too given". Plenty of games DO have ways to get stuff for so called "free". Money wise. But it's all bloody EARNED at the end of the day. It's all WORKED for. Second Life can't do the same thing like warframe (I think. Technically possible but hell of hard to implement and balance). Thing is you don't actually go on missions on Second Life. However, a club event is LIKE a mission in another game. It's an ACTIVITY to get involved in. Where you have to put in EFFORT to get something. The same methods from warframe simply won't work on it. But there's club events and similar activities. Which, yes, you can get lindens from. But if someone puts in "a lot of work" and comes out empty handed when someone else wins "simply because they paid real life money to look better" then that's one sided. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Unlike with an in game trading system where you can exchange items without bias. No one cares about your avatar, they care about the items you present to them on the table that you worked hard to get. It's impossible to be bias unless you got a foul personality or something. You simply can't abuse a system like that. Which is what minigames are supposed to do, but come on, less then a linden a minute? If it was more fun to do, sure. It if was just for a few hours to get a fair amount, sure. I play games for days and nights if it's kept engaging. But not "Click click click" (fishing) or "just run in circles with no other actions" (coin gathering). Warframe. You run, shoot, slide, hack, talk to LOTS of other people. For Honor: Run. Fight. Capture. Pause in the activity itself as you emote to each other. The key to keeping anything fun and engaging is variety. Variety with the "game types" themselves, yes, but ALSO variety in the game type inside of itself. How can you get more people to fish and gather coins while keeping it fun? Set a campfire at a spot? Host "fishing events" where people can chill and hang out, which by the way is NOT a thing? Fishing is supposed to be about "enjoying the time together" as well, is it not? It at least makes it less of a "chore". There's a difference between "work" and "chore". You can "earn it without being too bored" or "Get depressed because there's no happiness in the job". Although some clubs do care about personality over "just how you look for the event". Being the life of the party and all. Provided you look "fit for the event". I however can stand in the middle without fear and "work to be the life of the party". But it's not exactly... easy to do for a lot of people. I can be "that energetic". A lot of people in this day and age feel "too drained". Due to things like depression and mental illness being on the rise (in general as much as on SL). Me included sometimes. Somehow I manage though. Makes me think about people that can't "gather the energy". But at least it keeps others involved as well when you're getting them involved. That's why I win at club events a lot of the time. Unlike some others, I care about the people first. Lindens simply happen to follow suit. And I'm saying it straight. if more people focused more on PEOPLE before lindens SL would be better for it. Once you start putting yourself over "everyone else" people stop having respect for you because you don't respect them. "You matter too". Simple as. Some people get so desperate that they focus ONLY on the lindens. Which makes them NOT get the lindens. Know what I'm saying? In some ways I feel sorry for them, in other ways they bring it on themselves. Either way SL suffers for it. It's making it a less attractive environment for many. And all because everyone is being ONE SIDED. Paying people want people to pay, free people want ***** for free. Please try to compromise and don't act like the current system is perfect when it's not. There's always room for improvement when you put your mind to it. But how many even try, eh? How many get fixated on "Your current idea won't work, forget it altogether"? BOTH sides need to think outside the box. Sadly I haven't seen club events happening as often as they used too. So even that isn't being "earned" so much these days. I remember back when clubs were hosting the pratically every day. And minigames are simply too much of a chore. That's being OVER worked at times. Sure, if something costs 50L it's possible and not too much to do, but maybe someone has their heart set on something that costs 2000L that they want to even give as a gift to someone else. By warframe standards I can get the equivalent of that in a week if I "work my ass off". By second Life standards it's probably going to take a month if not longer without club events (which can't be guaranteed). That doesn't mean it's "easy" by warframe standards. You still have to work your ass off. But can also have that variation, you know. That reminds me, Joysticks on SL streams games. I should look into that. Since I know I'm good on youtube vids and have high energy in games it's entertaining enough for others to watch. There we go, another current SL idea. Now I just need to figure out what games to show. Which is different then what to "just play". Sometimes it's more fun to play then it is to watch and vice versa. I don't mind "working for it". But I DO mind "spending too much time in my personal life". I say this as a free to play gamer that's used to "working for it". When it's FAIR then it's a none issue. But pal, 0.1 L every minute with no variety, conversation or fun is anything but. The system FORCES the games to stop being fun if you need to rely on the games. You do too much of the same thing over and over. But that's not a fault of the players alone. Linden Labs has to accept their share of the responsibility for designing the system in a way that it's stopped being fun too. Maybe it's just the change of times which makes the older games less appealing which now needs an "update" or a "reboot". Perhaps they just need "spicing up". Not just in terms of the games themselves but with ways to keep people engaged to "play for fun". Like how you can play another computer game "just for fun" instead of doing objectives. Even some FPS games can be like that. Stop shooting, have a chat, mess around. Likely why SL is even a thing in the first place. So ideas from other games that are completely different are proven to work because of this alone. Flesh and Fur also suffers from people "having to abuse the system for lindens". Along with other places. And I doubt any of us want SL to be full of people "just using people for lindens without caring about the person". Unfortunately that happens. So it's a rather grey matter. On the one hand there needs to be a fair way to do that. Which is why club events are perfect for this. You have to "interact with people". And I say that as a big introvert. So you know I'm not biased in saying that. There's a very important thing that people using SL for lindens lose sight about. And that's that they'd probably get more lindens if they stopped being so selfish. Just as selfish and greedy as some people that "pay real money and brag about it". Money is only one form of currency. Pay back in DEEDS and ACTION. By "being there". Naturally some people might have concerns about being abandoned if they run out of lindens or have no easy access to it. I get around that issue quite easily. "work for each other in anything none linden related as well so we know we trust each other". Simple enough. If nothing else maybe you find out you both have talents that you can put into action together which makes money when you couldn't do it on your own. It happens. One thing I think we can all agree on is that no matter what side of the fence you're on we need the passion in it all.
  2. By this logic you should take away all free ways to earn lindens, which potentially results in a loss of players on Second Life. It's the only thing keeping poor people on the game. Hell, by your logic why have any free ways to earn in game currency at all? And I never said "give", But there should be ways to earn it in game without real money. Next you'll tell me a game like Warframe shouldn't have free ways for players to earn in game plat through in game trading. Which is why the game is so successful. Completely different game of course, but it still results in "enjoying the online environment". "free" ways to earn in game currency works, when there's a fair balance. Or otherwise a good community that can support the poor. And "pay with real money only" puts people off a game. It's that simple.
  3. You're operating under the assumption that everyone can afford to buy things on SL with real money. Newsflash, not everyone can afford too, even if they do pay for the internet (which in and of itself is a drain on the wallet). Only glanced over some of the posts so far. Not for most of the ideas. However, I do think something like a "daily login" where you can have something would be nice (but why another currency? Just give +10L each day or something). It would at least beat the horrid mini games on Second Life. Personally I view that as the lesser of two evils. Personally I'm very picky about what I spend my hard earned lindens on. But I have gotten most of my stuff for free just for being that nice a guy too. Most of it unasked for. Not everyone has the luxury of being that charming and able to look out for others though.
  4. 1: There's "personal posts" and then there's "IC roleplay". To begin with more often then not people post depending on their REAL emotions and feelings. Not a bad thing IMO. Quite good actually. 2: Does it matter if you're happy posting (or IC roleplaying) with someone and being yourself with them? If anyone looks down on you for it then I say sod them. Pick any "expression of yourself". Being gay, crossdressing, liking "weird" stuff, etc, etc. Just do what you like to do and be happy doing it. Or, you know, you can "confine" yourself to RP areas alone, but I've never had to do that and I love to post. Talked others into doing with me too. If I wasn't "always being myself regardless of location" then I wouldn't be happy. eg: It can be their problem. Not yours. And plenty of people will like, perhaps even love you for posting in sims that aren't RP focused. Some people even post the "public lewds" at some sex sims. It's all in good fun.
  5. Therein lies the problem. More often then not people flee in fear at some point. Some don't and those are the ones that are worth it.
  6. Look after each others happiness. Even if it's a struggle. Because you BOTH matter. Adapt with each other. Neither controls the other. Two way street. No I won't stop doing things with others. Yes I will make the time and effort for you. I'll also do my best to make sure you don't neglect others just because I'm there either. Don't abandon each other in the hardest of times. "I love you" is one thing. "I accept the worst of you" is MEANING it. Especially if someone is afraid of themselves and feels like they're not "good enough". I'm the kind of guy that will say "You're not the heartless person you think you are". I mean, if someone does THAT much for me, how can they be? Ok, maybe someone can be "heartless in general". I don't care about strangers that have yet to be here for me either. But if someone has been their for me to that degree then that's at least being loving and loyal to me, right? Yea, I'm the kind of guy that will convince you that you're a loving and caring person even if you have your rough edges. I don't care what your standards are. If someone doesn't try to make you feel appreciated then it all goes out the window. We also often find what we don't seek and make the best of things. Not to be confused with settling.
  7. It can go like that. Just keep in ind relationships anywhere in any environment in any dynamic can be a struggle. I''ve had to question wherever it's worth keeping on going myself. I know it is even if it seems like it's not for the moment. Either way it is a good idea to make sure things go well online before RL.
  8. Making it about "Proper" is a bad approach to any topic. But yes, more D/s. That said it's not for you to decide what's "proper" for me or not. Personally I don't even do scenes at all. What works in scenes for others works in D/s for me. Trust and communication is a factor of course but so is SILENCE and IN YOUR OWN TIME. RESPECT that. Some people make the mistake of trying to "force" it (or worse, ditch others for not opening up "soon enough"). Even understanding people like me make mistakes like not pressuring others to reveal things (sometimes works. Sometimes backfires). if we lose sight of that we put the people we care about in danger. Along with ourselves. Furthermore I take insult to being called "whining about my way". I matter too. I never once said it's "the right way" when you went on about what's "proper". You're also letting me affect your viewpoint of BDSM itself and seeing the worst of it instead of focusing on ME and how I am affecting you. That isn't "BDSM". This is me talking to you as a person and a human being. See me as a bad person? There's one in knitting, sports, bars, right out there in the public street. Don't use BDSM as an excuse. It's insulting and demeaning to everyone else into it. See the worst of others that are into BDSM and distance yourself from it and that's on you, not me. I will NOT be held reasonable for how you view things. You don't have to be, that's just it. There's some simple every day common logic that so often gets overlooked. That just happens to keep others safe and even happy in practically any situation. Many act like they're good at it. Few genially are. So many people think it has to be "left to the professionals". No wonder mental issues are on the rise. Care enough to do it yourself as long as you trust your own abilities in a tense situation. Things like "Never decide what's right/wrong for others" (hence why I'm taking so much issue with "proper") and "Reassure someone they always have a choice if they say they don't" (this would be why I touch on BDSM. Things like breaking and mind*****ing can be exceptions to the rule. In BDSM and D/s alike. But you didn't consider that did you?). Some people say it's unrealistic to keep "everyone" in mind. I say some things affect everyone and it won't kill you to keep that in mind. Mental stability and instability revolves around EVERYTHING we do. now obviously I try not to even bring up "mental illness" myself, but I do consider it important to keep in mind that we're always affecting others with our actions and inactions. It is if it makes you insane. There are REASONS people lack confidence. Of which can be a number of things. If someone isolates themselves thinking they're a danger/threat to everyone then know... I been there myself. It's not pretty. I've seen others lose their minds from it too. If you feel like ***** you're going to "feel like *****". And that takes a toll on the mind.
  9. I used to had to get to know people first. I had to feel it in order to "feel it". Thing is people see the worst of others easily. People that want sex do want more then jsut sex, even if they think they want "just sex". These days I'm finding out it's a good way to get to know people. Sex is an activity. It's something someone LIKES and ENJOYS. If you NEGLECT that then that's on you for not making the attempt. It doesn't mean "just sex". It simply means "it's happening right now. Let's do other fun things after or even during". I got to know some people at flesh and fur oddly enough. Traded stories and shared the deepest secrets quickly. Course, some people just want to "hump and leave" but if you're there and someone gets to talking with you while having a good time it can be fun to focus on the conversation too. Though perhaps save that for "let's enjoy this first and talk after". Naturally it's more entertaining when you know someone and a bond is there. But sex is a way to get to know people to form such bonds. Even in "just sex" locations. Got an owner at club yiff once for example. There was MUCH more then "just sex". Too many people judge a book by its cover.
  10. It's called "BDSM" and "Coping in your own ways". If I mute for a week and wait for "the right time" it's for my mental health. I've had owners who have self doubted, hated themselves and been insecure which have kept me safe, sane and happy. Which I have made feel braver and more confidant about themselves by leading by example and asking the right questions. Got a sub to be less shy once too. ... We've been really happy together. Being blunt, it DOES work. If you don't care enough to be there in "unstable times" then that's on you. Accept the worst of others. Because there will be a time when that is us at some point. It sounds to me like you let your fear of not being good with other people drive you away from them. Which is actually a concern I once had to be honest. It's also the most common concern of many many others. That "They're not good enough". It would be foolish to pretend people don't have good reason to have trust issues and be social with this in mind. The key thing I do is cover "Blunt honesty and don't be too nice to me" first and foremost (it's a "talk" I have). "toying" is one thing. Lies and secrets are quite another. That said there is also such a thing as "blind trust". Even something like "breaking" can go well as long as things are kept honest.
  11. Actually, no. While I understand "getting to know each other" (which of course will always have to be done) people that go "all in holding nothing back" is a thing. And does lead to others doing the same back. 10/10 times in my case (even if it can take time). You find love by giving love. Both sides can be scared to do it first. A lot of people don't do this because so many people have trust issues and fears/concerns. Seeing the worst of others easily. Don't blame people like that. I love people like that. Do think it sucks when someone has trust issues that stops them from being loved by others when they hide away and be hard on themselves. You find love by making sure someone knows you matter as much as they do and be as supportive as you can towards each other. Not everyone does the friend label (me for example. It's never been an issue). Personally I see everyone as they are. As "themselves". Regardless of what labels they like to hide behind (You ARE that person that wants to be with me yet has concerns who holds back due to fear which causes distance and lack of keeping in touch due to concerns of looking after me). I treat myself the same too. "Here's me and my reasons." Communication resolves all. And before you argue with me on this one first consider what a "friend" is. How many people are "friend zoned"? What IS a friend to you/others? Even THAT can get subjective. I myself do "loyalty" and leave it at that. Better to see "you" as "you" I think. Someone "always in flux and adapting to change you haven't thought about yet happens anyway". Since change can be scary I have to point out "This is the situation. It doesn't have to be a bad thing because it happened to happen." Before looking for love first understand how change can happen and not betray your identity. To find love is to love others. It's a choice as much as an impulse. To be there in all things. Give it, get it. I give to get. Often I give first. "Lead by example". Had to love myself first to do so. The sad truth is many don't. I once had to be loved in order to give myself too. ... I'm an evil hellhound and I'm talking about love. I'm a disgrace to my species.
  12. Oh good, someone I can relate with. Alright, let's see here... You display that you're not perfect. That you're not a "white knight in shining armor". it shows you have flaws. I consider this a GOOD thing. That said it also shows you're accepting your "rusty self". Also good but Is rusty what you want to be? Or can you keep polishing the armor? Rather do you need another to polish you when wearing it? Support and all. "battered" might hint at "scars". We all have them. Bringing up "fun" can also indicate "I was with them for the fun, screw drama". Being blunt, drama is best handled, not ignored. We all want a good time and the best way to do that IMO is to deal with the bad so the best can be focused on. Which, ironically, can be because of the bad. There's "fun" and there's "meaningful". There's "having a laugh" and then there's "feeling safe and happy". If I could put this into a metaphor it would be like being in the freezing rain and then having the warmest bath you ever had (oh hey, maybe an oil bath idea for the rusty knight? Maybe after a fight too) Overall it's a good metaphor. The oil and water is basically going "We can make this work even if we're different". Another good thing. And true too. Incompatible people can and do make things work out. That one I can't fault at all. It's a great way of phrasing it. "I'm me. You're you. Let's shake things up together". Love it. I have a talent for "reading" people and am normally cautious with it. In this case since you asked I decided to "wing it". Some of my observations I am positive are accurate. Others are more "wild guesses" that may or may not apply. We are as others see us, not just how we see ourselves alone. Ponder that for a moment. Consider the worth others give us.
  13. Want to bring up a pic I have. "How love comes easily". It's genially giving a ***** about someone and caring enough to look after their differences and looking after their happiness. It might sound difficult but it's actually quite simple. Keep in mind you're important too. The REAL you. Avoid common mistakes like "you're right/wrong". Make it about "action/reaction" instead. Ask questions. Take note of their differences. Understand they have concerns that leads to anger. Get them to open up if you can. Leading by example yourself. Show who you are. The bad and the good alike. Both sides of the same coin. If you're avoided for it, their loss. Understand everyone gets afraid and has concerns. That it's not something to "avoid them" for (put yourself in that position). "be there". Look after their happiness and they'll look after yours. Keep in mind others hesitate due to fear. Hate has substance. Best times can come from worst. Apathy is death. Adapt with others. And that's it. Be there. Be you. Let them be them. Support each other. 29. Male. Sub. Check pics on SL for more info. It would honestly get overwhelming if I put it all in a single post. I don't mind age gaps as long as you don't. Long as you're not 5 or 50. 20-35 works (even younger/older can work as long as you're logical, emotions aside, of which we all have). Younger people can be wiser and older people can be full of it too. Am an open book. I never judge. Accept and even into taboos and "weird things". Do want lots of "my fun" along with "your fun things". Plenty of both. Not neglecting either. It's not 50/50 and having to make sacrifices. It never has to be a choice. It's 100/100 and doing the best for each other even in the face of impossible odds, which get overcome with the effort. "Plenty of both". You can have your cake and eat it too. Nothing worth having comes easy. I for one don't hesitate to make others happy. Contact me. Keep me in mind. And let's see how things go. I'm not just looking for you, you're looking for or happened to find me. It's an opportunity for us both. Take the plunge with no regrets. Just know that I'm a lot to handle. But I do so make it worth the hassle. I'm like a dog in some ways. Looking out for the owner. I live to please others even if I want to be looked after.
  14. So if I find a way to make the animation for the legs being tied together a lower priority it should override the animation? Would that mean I'd be lying on a bed with the legs tied together? Is there a way to set your avatar and anything you have on as lower priority? I know there's settings in the menu to fix animations when you get stuck in them. Not sure if you can set an animation from an item/AO onto furniture you're on though. The ankle cuffs only have one script in them. My guess is the other scripts are hidden. Actually considered swapping OC scripts with the MD collar but not sure if that had hidden scripts in it or not (there's a lot of visible scripts on the MD collar though. But just one with the ankles. MD collar settings seem to be the same as the OC one anyway). I'd rather not replace scripts on the ankle cuffs it's something that's locked. That actually brings up another question. Is there a way to "save" positions/size of items for two different avatars or would I have to manually move/reshape the cuffs when changing into a different form (in this case it would be a feral form). I might not be able to unlock but I can edit, which involves moving/resizing. Also is there a "position number" like with colours? If I can copy and paste that as well it would make "resizing" every time I switch forms easier. Otherwise I'll just have to manually move them. While we're on the subject of AOs I sometimes have to turn an AO off to actually use some furniture. Makes me think there should be a "priority number" a player can assign for things. 1 for AO and 2 for furniture or/and vice depending on which someone wants to use over another. Then you wouldn't need to turn the AO back on when standing again. I think in this case the pose I'm using is more "body part" specific. What baffles me is how arms work and legs don't. Now that I think about it I think I once played a game that involved cuffing body parts together when sitting on chairs and it worked fine on that. Not MD cuffs though. The game gave you the items and hud. Forgot the name of the game though. Actually does anyone know?
  15. So the issue is this. Wrist cuffs=cuffed together just fine with no issues on what I'm "sitting" on (or lying). BUT as soon as the ankle cuffs are "tied" together it clips me through whatever I'm sitting on. I can't remember if I've managed to have my ankles tied together before when lying on something without clipping through it or not. Either way is there a solution to this? Or do I have to get new cuffs or something? I kind of like the style of the ones I have (after a bit of recolouring). It would be mainly for "lying" poses then sitting ones. Mad Alice Manacles 4.3 btw.
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