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  1. Back in the day I actually joined club contests. But those don't seem to be a thing these days. It was actually fun to put in effort to be the life of a party. If anyone knows any furry clubs doing contests that would be good. I know there's some SL games. Tried linden fishing, but nothing to fish because already farmed or something. Most of my items are actually gifts. But I'm wondering what ways there are to earn lindens in game. Could pole dance of course, but that goes better when posting to grab peoples attention. Wanna aim for something a little more active though. What do
  2. How much do you even know about D/s? Some people pretend you can't make them. Here's the thing. I've had that excuse tossed at me and made them. A sub doesn't just be lead. They also have to guide. We ALL have to give direction and go with the flow. I mean, if you're just a boring roll over and do nothing then it's not going to head anywhere is it? I can get that to happen even with a sub. To get them to be firm with me and get me to do things. I myself am a sub. There's certain "tricks" you can do. Playful things. That you can even slip into conversation. Another pers
  3. What better clown then Joker from batman? Joker isn't insane. He's actually very smart, very understanding, and very very rational. He'll let you assume otherwise. It's for this reason that he's also very very dangerous. He also wants Batman to genially be happy. Not the fake laughing gas kind. But he really does want Batman to be happy. And he'll never give up on you. Never stop in the struggle of understanding each other. He'll also destroy your life if you let him. But he'll love you if you challenge him. Joker dies. Even Batman has no choice to admit they're a
  4. I'm saying that being an ignorant idiot is STILL being an ignorant idiot. And that happiness is NOT an excuse to justify that. In your previous post, you acted like it was. I'm also saying that that ignorance catches up with you and bites you in the ass. I'm saying that people pretend not to care when they're actually bothered. I'm saying that those SAME people some day find themselves in a situation where they have no choice but to care. Because their partner might get into X crowed. Of their child might fall into X group. I'm saying that those people that didn't give a **
  5. Moving in, yes. I was pleasantly surprised myself. I'm on SL a lot (as in I never log out) so I basically ended up staying. I didn't even ask to see their place. They simply took me there right away. You get more space at home then a public beach so that makes sense. Was never told to leave. Always interacting with each other when they're around. It's not that I magically fit. I MAKE myself fit. And I see no one having major concerns or negative traits (like mistrust or anger they can't control) so why leave? I'm happy. They're happy. Worry with reason, not without. See, that's the t
  6. You're not getting it. "Being happy and ignorant" does not excuse ignorance. In fact that ignorance can affect a relationship, and probably will sooner or later. Due to the fact people "fear that easily". Do it with one thing, you'll do it with another. So yes, X is this and X is that. But EXISTING isn't something to be judged or looked down on. Physically. And being what you're into what makes YOU happy makes YOU happy. Therefore, knowing you want to be happy without having to deal with judgemental bigots, why then do people judge? This will only encourage negativity,
  7. NO! You don't bring up a matter and the get away with sidetracking. Focus. Topic. Back on track. You actually just set a good example. It's evasiveness and dodging of the situation that leads to drama. Also, because peoples desperation for fun alone leads to being blind which leads to ending up in situations where people are human and then they can act like you should be a target when someone bullied you when you make a fuss for standing up for yourself. As one example. Don't suffer in silence. Some people will be understanding. Some just want to "use" you and act like you can't be h
  8. When it comes to actions and how people behave, sure. But "for just existing"? Big difference. It is a life lesson. But it's not an excuse to allow yourself to be looked down on either. The real lesson is learning to stand up for yourself and to fight for that acceptance. Heck, sometimes that's literal. It's kind of sweet how a son fights for a fathers love. Or how two people that just met fight to be understood. This comes down to HOW you do that. I don't "move on" from that if someone looks down on me. I make them understand by looking into a mirror. Sure, they're not me, but
  9. How naive. Believe it or not there are plenty of people that will happily stick the middle finger to the law and act on action and reaction and what is moral in their own viewpoints regardless of what the law states. And I'm stating a number of laws HARM people as much as keep them safe. That aside, I repeat. No one is entitled. No one "owes" or "is owed" unless THEY decide that for THEMSELVES and THEMSELVES alone. It's not about what's "right" or "wrong" even. That kind of narrow minded thinking is what creates a large number of problems. "Moral high grounds" is a losing game. It's
  10. There I am at Knotty beach and YOINK! Off to a sim. Off to their home. Chilling there ever since. Ever had a situation like that? Where you meet someone, get on and quickly settle in? Best part is the others around can actually, gasp, communicate. IKR! People actually talking like adults on SL. Instead of harping on about "Just fun and no drama" as if people have to be perfect.
  11. Actually no one has the "right" to anything. You're NOT entitled. No one is. Even if rules and laws state otherwise. Life is harsh. People can be harsh. It can be unfair. This is reality. This is online. It can happen. It WILL happen. Wake up to that very simple basic fact before proceeding any further. That you can and will be mocked, laughed at, insulted, verbally abused... Those that survive and endure the hard times, thrive. The rest? Better off without. If someone is clearly not using their head and Choosing to be ignorant (some people really do choose that. It's moronic) I call the
  12. You POST was very on point with what your concern ACTUALLY is. The way the thread is worded on the other hand contradicts. You better hope people care enough to not pressure for it. But to answer the question, yes. Quite possible. Especially if you're in more "furry" circles, who tend to roleplay a bit more often. Those displaying creativity and imagination will naturally be more used to it. Not all but enough. There's also some RP sims. Like Beast forest. Always worth checking groups about BDSM and kinks and such. If you REALLY want text only, try F-chat. Many chat rooms. Lots
  13. Have you ever seen yourself as the worst person in the world just because you exist, wondering if you mere existence is why others are harmed? Don't care what you are. It's your actions that define you. I COULD make a sim to ban people for being X or into Y. I choose not too. Try isolating yourself for a year because you feel like you don't belong anywhere. You'll probably feel the same way. More importantly history has shown over and over discrimination breeds violence and conflict. Regardless of the "what" or the reasons. People will lash out and retaliate when they feel oppre
  14. And that will lead to lack of communication and drama as a result. You want fun? Earn it. Treat people like they're human beings. I know how to have a good time right of the bat. But SAFETY and not being careless (to avoid hurting each other) has to be established. Otherwise you WILL hurt each other later. A lot of people just hide it. I've caused that kind of pain myself once. So talking from experience. Heck, one time someone online blew their brains out. So I hope you understand why I'm taking offense to your "Don't pretend things can't ever be serious" approach. It's BECAUSE of that attitu
  15. To be perfectly blunt, you really do have to call bull***** when it happens. I've dealt with bullies and abusive people that would make MIke Tyson seem tame (armed people will do that). It has to be done in a LOGICAL way. That makes people consider their own actions and how their perception can be harming others. Or themselves. Even if Mike Tyson knocks you out of the ring he'll have to face someone else later. At some point we have to look at ourselves and consider how we're affecting others. There's just no escaping that. You can't flee from yourself. And chances are you're contradicting you
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