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  1. Have you ever seen yourself as the worst person in the world just because you exist, wondering if you mere existence is why others are harmed? Don't care what you are. It's your actions that define you. I COULD make a sim to ban people for being X or into Y. I choose not too. Try isolating yourself for a year because you feel like you don't belong anywhere. You'll probably feel the same way. More importantly history has shown over and over discrimination breeds violence and conflict. Regardless of the "what" or the reasons. People will lash out and retaliate when they feel oppre
  2. And that will lead to lack of communication and drama as a result. You want fun? Earn it. Treat people like they're human beings. I know how to have a good time right of the bat. But SAFETY and not being careless (to avoid hurting each other) has to be established. Otherwise you WILL hurt each other later. A lot of people just hide it. I've caused that kind of pain myself once. So talking from experience. Heck, one time someone online blew their brains out. So I hope you understand why I'm taking offense to your "Don't pretend things can't ever be serious" approach. It's BECAUSE of that attitu
  3. To be perfectly blunt, you really do have to call bull***** when it happens. I've dealt with bullies and abusive people that would make MIke Tyson seem tame (armed people will do that). It has to be done in a LOGICAL way. That makes people consider their own actions and how their perception can be harming others. Or themselves. Even if Mike Tyson knocks you out of the ring he'll have to face someone else later. At some point we have to look at ourselves and consider how we're affecting others. There's just no escaping that. You can't flee from yourself. And chances are you're contradicting you
  4. I get answers quite easily. It's very simple. You don't stop being you online. That's a simple fact. Try to hide and disguise that and you're going to hurt people. Either hiding behind "characters" or fake smiles. There's no harm in enjoying roleplay and playing games. There's every harm in not being aware and ignorance. I've been through and seen this a lot. Those that pretend "There is no OOC" or lose themselves in happiness alone always suffer due to lack of communication. And this can result in people going through mistrust, self harm and even suicide. THAT is reality. Not wanting to
  5. Wherever you're trying to find the truth or are saying things you don't mean... Keep. Talking. And keep listening. Whatever happens. Even a fight can turn into a debate if you give it enough direction. It is the lack of direction that causes fights to happen. The loss of control as people make excuses and lose themselves to emotions alone. The "current" situation happens for a reason. Analyse the situation. Find the excuses, find the denial. Challenge it. Even the worst of arguments can be turned around if you ask why enough times. If you're observant enough. Thing is people can
  6. There's "earning it" an then there's doing the same thing over and over and over until you go insane for pennies. It wouldn't be such an issue if the minigames weren't a pain to put up with at times. It's faster to get to know someone on a personal level until they like you enough to get you nice things (which in itself takes a long time). It's kind of barmy. If you ALREADY have to do things in real life that take HOURS (and this includes OTHER things then having a job) then NO ONE is going to be able to sit there for 2 hours as they gain only about 20 lindens. You get LESS then a linden
  7. By this logic you should take away all free ways to earn lindens, which potentially results in a loss of players on Second Life. It's the only thing keeping poor people on the game. Hell, by your logic why have any free ways to earn in game currency at all? And I never said "give", But there should be ways to earn it in game without real money. Next you'll tell me a game like Warframe shouldn't have free ways for players to earn in game plat through in game trading. Which is why the game is so successful. Completely different game of course, but it still results in "enjoying the online en
  8. You're operating under the assumption that everyone can afford to buy things on SL with real money. Newsflash, not everyone can afford too, even if they do pay for the internet (which in and of itself is a drain on the wallet). Only glanced over some of the posts so far. Not for most of the ideas. However, I do think something like a "daily login" where you can have something would be nice (but why another currency? Just give +10L each day or something). It would at least beat the horrid mini games on Second Life. Personally I view that as the lesser of two evils. Personally I'm very
  9. 1: There's "personal posts" and then there's "IC roleplay". To begin with more often then not people post depending on their REAL emotions and feelings. Not a bad thing IMO. Quite good actually. 2: Does it matter if you're happy posting (or IC roleplaying) with someone and being yourself with them? If anyone looks down on you for it then I say sod them. Pick any "expression of yourself". Being gay, crossdressing, liking "weird" stuff, etc, etc. Just do what you like to do and be happy doing it. Or, you know, you can "confine" yourself to RP areas alone, but I've never had to do that and I
  10. Therein lies the problem. More often then not people flee in fear at some point. Some don't and those are the ones that are worth it.
  11. Look after each others happiness. Even if it's a struggle. Because you BOTH matter. Adapt with each other. Neither controls the other. Two way street. No I won't stop doing things with others. Yes I will make the time and effort for you. I'll also do my best to make sure you don't neglect others just because I'm there either. Don't abandon each other in the hardest of times. "I love you" is one thing. "I accept the worst of you" is MEANING it. Especially if someone is afraid of themselves and feels like they're not "good enough". I'm the kind of guy that will say "You're not the hear
  12. It can go like that. Just keep in ind relationships anywhere in any environment in any dynamic can be a struggle. I''ve had to question wherever it's worth keeping on going myself. I know it is even if it seems like it's not for the moment. Either way it is a good idea to make sure things go well online before RL.
  13. Making it about "Proper" is a bad approach to any topic. But yes, more D/s. That said it's not for you to decide what's "proper" for me or not. Personally I don't even do scenes at all. What works in scenes for others works in D/s for me. Trust and communication is a factor of course but so is SILENCE and IN YOUR OWN TIME. RESPECT that. Some people make the mistake of trying to "force" it (or worse, ditch others for not opening up "soon enough"). Even understanding people like me make mistakes like not pressuring others to reveal things (sometimes works. Sometimes backfires). if we lose s
  14. I used to had to get to know people first. I had to feel it in order to "feel it". Thing is people see the worst of others easily. People that want sex do want more then jsut sex, even if they think they want "just sex". These days I'm finding out it's a good way to get to know people. Sex is an activity. It's something someone LIKES and ENJOYS. If you NEGLECT that then that's on you for not making the attempt. It doesn't mean "just sex". It simply means "it's happening right now. Let's do other fun things after or even during". I got to know some people at flesh and fu
  15. It's called "BDSM" and "Coping in your own ways". If I mute for a week and wait for "the right time" it's for my mental health. I've had owners who have self doubted, hated themselves and been insecure which have kept me safe, sane and happy. Which I have made feel braver and more confidant about themselves by leading by example and asking the right questions. Got a sub to be less shy once too. ... We've been really happy together. Being blunt, it DOES work. If you don't care enough to be there in "unstable times" then that's on you. Accept the worst of others. Because there will be a tim
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