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Found 55 results

  1. LL was making a push into eSports fandom with Sansar. This wasn't playing eSports in Sansar. It was watching pro players play Overwatch. That deal apparently collapsed: "Update: Sansar does not have a formal partnership with the teams or the Overwatch League. Sansar conducted preliminary discussions with the San Francisco Shock and Houston Outlaws to create VR watch spaces, but the previously announced activities are not moving forward at this time as there was a misunderstanding." Any later world on that? Anything going on with Sansar? I'm looking for news stories and not finding much. Sansar's official Twitter feed announced a contest to build an "escape room" sim. US$5000 prize. That's about it for May.
  2. downloaded sansar win 7, will not install keep getting message sansar timeout waiting for window to open any ideas please
  3. I guess not many people have realized that one can get the "Sansar" experience in SL with one simple stroke of one's finger on the Keyboard. It's called "M" for "Mouse-look". No special equipment needed, no tethering to a chair or cable or equipment, no dedicated 10x10 foot space required in your home, nor any extra expense since the tools are right here at your disposal. "M" or 'mouselook' also would change how SL'ers would view sims and their experiences would change. Suddenly, you can walk through homes, doorways, hallways built to actual avatar scale... Suddenly that scale furniture and space seems a bit more immersive... Isn't that what you want? Immersive? Right now, I can fit an entire coffee shop, restaurant or nightclub in the upstairs room of my default Linden home - using avatar scaled furniture and items. Perhaps consideration by SL'ers and Lindens and Sim owners and creators alike could start designing and optimizing Second Life itself for this "VR" like experience, which is at best a joke... Maybe even create sims that utilize "Mouselook" as the only way you can view the sim, which would open up new 'experiences' SL-style that would breathe more life into it. VR is still in it's infancy - let it develop a bit more before throwing out SL yet...
  4. Its not much i know, but bear with me, its my first 24 hours in Sansar and I wanted to try to create my own experience/statement. It was easy to implement sound and quite a lot of freebies to start with. It was fun! And easier to both dress the character and build/place stuff in world than in SL. So a great newbie experience for me I like that the character is in one piece and not head, body, hands feet and ears separate to fuzz with lol. It will be exciting to see more char customisation. Tho the sound when I run around on the sand sounds like im running in high heels on a pavement that a bit annoying but easy to solve. Loading screens are a bit harsh still but im sure they´ll fix that. And im doing everything on my laptop on a vacation so my connection is less than good.
  5. Downloaded Sansar today.. I heard a lot of stuff about it but I dont really get it. Is it a new SL where you can create things? It kind of reminds me of a glorified IMVU without the cool stores to buy things. What exactly is LL trying to achieve with Sansar? It seems to me MILLIONS of USD were invested in a project that just doesn't seem justified enough. I can't stop imagining how more wonderful SL would have been if that money was spent on .. SL. Are we just the cash cows to finance Sansar?
  6. Exclusive first pictures from Aech's Garage, the Ready Player One movie experience in Sansar!
  7. Comparing Sansar and High Fidelity (A Second Look)
  8. 2077, the new sci-fi experience by C3rb3rus, is an amazing environment to visit.
  9. The special Scavenger Hunt edition of the long-running livestream series "Atlas Hopping with Berry and Drax" takes place this coming Saturday, January 6th at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time/Sansar Time! Come join us in the first-ever scavenger hunt in Linden Lab's new VR-capable virtual world Sansar!
  10. Tune in (or even better, join us!) as Sam and Boden of Linden Lab launch their new show, Sansar Top 5, and visit the amazing Skye Naturae Virtualis and four other experiences in Linden Lab's new VR-capable virtual world Sansar.
  11. Some thoughts on my time spent in various virtual worlds over a decade...
  12. Editorial: Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg responds to overwhelming requests for new features in Sansar:
  13. Forbes has published an overview article on the new fashion market in Sansar:
  14. Atlas Hopping with Draxtor Despres and Strawberry Singh in Sansar, Episode 18!
  15. I just spent 30 mins or so exploring Sansar, without VR. The load times are horrid and I'm was using my newish i7 Alienware with 16gigs of Ram. Also, I want to throw up! I don't get motion sick easily or at all really, but first person view made me extremely motion sick, like green in the face, laying in bed while writing this, with a nauseous tummy, sick! So sick that I just closed it and uninstalled it. I know it's in its early stages and SL has changed a lot since the beginning, so it's logical that Sansar will too. I was in first person because I had to squint to read or see anything in third person...I have a 23in monitor, I shouldn't have to squint. 3rd person also felt choppy, like playing Morrowind 3 or something very outdated and running poorly on a new system. So both of the ways to view Sansar are unsettling, awkward, and leave a lot to be desired for me personally. I looked at the Sansar control webpage but did not find a way to zoom in when in 3rd person, but I could have missed it. Did I? It honestly reminded me of an updated and very pretty There, an old virtual world, but there was still more to do in There. I read the post about the "exciting" news about using the stupidly expensive Marvelous Designer for making clothes for Sansar. But I question if there would ever be a huge market in Sansar for clothing? If you are walking around in 1st person or in VR, you don't even see yourself and since there is not really anything to do there but look at things and talk to people, would you ever invest money in clothes there? Even if I got past it making me motion sick, I don't think I would put a single penny in it. I buy a lot of clothes and things in SL because I am "living" a virtual life there; going on dates with my wife, decorating my home, spending xmas with family, going skiing, or clubbing, killing zombies, or a million other things; there are clear reasons to have lots of different outfits in SL. I'm super curious about people opinions on the matter, creators and consumers. I'm a hobbyist content creator in SL; I make things I need or want, my family or friends want, or just for the sheer joy of building and creating. The professional tools and skills needed for Sansar make it discouraging and pretty much impossible for me; Maya and Marvelous Designer cost way more then I'd be willing to invest in a hobby or entertainment. I know Blender is an option, but it's something I am still learning and I find it a huge pain in the butt. The beauty of in-world creation tools is I can be spending time with my loved ones and friends while working, minus tabbing out to do something quick in PS, but if I'm on voice I'm still engaged with them. The thought of spending hours with my nose in Blender, an audio studio program, and who knows what else sounds more like work than fun to me. I know I'm not in the target audience for Sansar, I don't have a VR system nor have future plans to buy one. Also, I find walking around virtual places with very little interaction possibilities extremely boring! I want to "live" my virtual life, not just look at pretty things. The Star Wars experience was beautiful, the textures really stood out and looked amazing, but it only entertained me for 3 minutes max and there is no draw or incentive to revisit it. I wonder how long it took to create the whole experience? Is creating all of those models, sounds, textures, voice overs, and other assets worth a few minutes of mild entertainment? What is their ROI (return on investment)? I wonder how creators are planning on bringing visitors back after the first visit? I would think that the novelty of each experience would wear out quickly, it did for me. Just my two cents...and I still feel ill from the motion sickness. One day I might take a peak again, maybe...but doubtful. For now, my experiment and step into Sansar is over.
  16. (If you're not familiar with the Uncanny Valley, please read the Wikipedia article.) Human acceptability of images of humans has a valley between "cartoon" and "indistinguishable from reality". As images get close to photorealistic, any tiny flaw breaks the illusion. This subtly upsets some people. SL remains on the artistic side of the uncanny valley - avatars look good, but not convincingly human. Here's one of the Sansar avatars with the new clothing. Are we in the uncanny valley yet? This is a real problem. Pixar deliberately dials back the realism of their humanoid characters to avoid this problem. The best movie animation techniques can reach the far side of the uncanny valley with convincing human characters. Just barely. Unreal Engine is getting close in real time, at least in rendering. When you get close to photorealistic, the motion has to be right, too, or the result looks awful. So do the facial expressions and eye movements. Is Sansar there?
  17. Looking for some fashion for your Sansar avatar, but don't want to break the bank? Here's nine free or inexpensive tops for male avatars (including an ugly Christmas sweater!).
  18. The Fashion Release of Linden Lab's new VR-capable virtual world Sansar has launched!
  19. Sci-Fi Party tonight at the Star Wars production art exhibition in Linden Lab's new VR-capable virtual world Sansar!
  20. A first sneak peek at next week's Fashion Release for Sansar!
  21. Avid collector Greg Aronowitz conducted a personal guided tour of his Star Wars production art collection at Sansar's Hollywood Art Museum this morning! Be sure to watch either Draxtor Despres' or Strawberry Singh's YouTube livestreams (at the bottom of my blogpost) to see the tour and hear Greg tell the stories behind various objects in his collection. Very interesting stuff!
  22. The new Hollywood Art Museum exhibition of Star Wars production art is a stunning achievement. If you’ve never been to Sansar before, it’s absolutely worth setting up an account, going in-world, and seeing all the items on display in this wonderful virtual museum!
  23. Ebbe Altberg, CEO of Linden Lab, joined us for Episode 16 of Atlas Hopping in Sansar!
  24. A controversy has erupted among Sansar creators over a planned feature in the next release of the Sansar software!