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  1. I’ve only been messing with the Lelutka demo, but I’m pretty sure it has full specularity on the entire head. It even has shine control on the hud. So that would mean it’s using materials.
  2. Yeah, my job blocks anything “game” related, so the forums, dashboard, etc blocked, I think even Flickr is blocked. Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, Spotify no problem! My husband doesn’t “get it” he doesn’t hover. But he can play one of those video games where you run around punching trees and rocks to make tools, then punch some more trees and rocks to build more stuff for hours and tame animals. I don’t get that either, so we’re even. That’s usually when I log on to SL.
  3. Still waiting on my unicorn with a glitter mane too! Forgot about that...
  4. Yeah, I’m thinking 3000 L a week sounds about right. Also, the ability to convert and direct deposit Linden dollars into the currency of my choosing. It should be coded into the viewer. Matter of fact....why haven’t LL done this already after 16 years? See, this is why the numbers are down, they can’t even do little things like this for meeeeee. You’re slackin’ LL....slackin’!
  5. Get a job where all “games” are blocked. Get a spouse/significant other that hovers when you’re doing anything SL related. Bonus if they’re not into SL, they just show up randomly and say “Whatcha dewin?!” Or “I don’t get it” You’ll gradually wean yourself off.
  6. Hi Linden Lab, You should pay me for using Second Life. What does everyone think?
  7. It shouldn’t. It’s smash mouth, ire raising stuff. You’re handling it well.
  8. Let’s look at this another way. Person A is involved in a “relationship” with person B in SL. Not much personal information is shared beyond superficial things. They become close over time. One day person B says I want your address person A, I want to see you in person. Person A refuses. Who’s in the wrong there?
  9. I understand your point and maybe I’m one of those people that has a fairly easy time shopping. So I’ll try to address your question. Before I do though, I have to get this out of the way. I have to say this because it’s a pet peeve of mine. People tend to come on here and say SL women’s fashion is *****ty, but what does *****ty mean? It’s a serious question, not rhetorical at all. Obviously, I’m aware of people who have avatars wearing a micro-mini dress or just a harness. Forget about them. Where is the ***** line? Lets start with jeans. Is it because the jeans are too tight? Is it because they’re ripped? To me those are average women’s clothes and I see them everywhere! I don’t see anything *****ty about tight fitting jeans, same applies to pants. Let’s move on to skirts. Remember, throw a micro mini. What’s the appropriate length? Knee? Past the knee? I see various lengths all the time....everywhere. Dress? It’s similar to a skirt. Current styles are form fitting, some times they have cut outs on the sides but not always. Sometimes they look like this I don’t see what’s bad about that and I see things like that everywhere. All. The. Time. See where I’m going with this? So where to shop? You can find stuff at events, but it’s better to shop in main stores. Someone already mentioned Blueberry, but there’s also Just Because and they’re on the same sim. Tetra....CoCo....there’s lots and they’re popular stores. This may be considered a little bit of a cheeky answer, but try to stay away from stores with names like smutcoochie and ‘howear. Its really that simple.
  10. The thing is...is it really an underserved market?
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