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  1. janetosilio

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Woooo!! Love iiiiit!!!
  2. janetosilio

    Mesh Heads (yes I know!!!!_)

    The Genesis Lab bento heads were like that too, very responsive to the sliders. They make/made excellent heads, they just kind of got lost in the shuffle and had very limited Omega support before.
  3. janetosilio

    Secondlife declining player base

    Ok, I can get behind that. I just think 30k is a little low for a cap.
  4. janetosilio

    Secondlife declining player base

    Not really painful. But uhhh what happens to users’ objects when you set the cap to 30k?
  5. janetosilio

    Secondlife declining player base

    30k sounds like an arbitrarily low number. Why 30k?
  6. janetosilio

    Secondlife declining player base

    100k Complexity is fine. Firestorm is set to something like 350k viewable by default. You’re walking around at a third of that. I usually drop mine down to 200k, just because it runs a little faster. I wouldn’t worry about being at 100k at all. If somebody can’t see you at 100k they aren’t seeing too many Avis anyway. Setting the cap to some arbitrary number probably would cause them to lose users. They let that genie out of the bottle a looong time ago and it’s going to be hard to put back. They did the right thing by making complexity an optional thing. That’s about as good as it’s going to get.
  7. janetosilio

    Mesh Heads (yes I know!!!!_)

    Welcome to the club girlie....welcome to the club....
  8. janetosilio

    When is catfishing really catfishing?

    That’s exactly what I was saying. I mean you can always keep your account and just block him every time he pops up. But really, what’s LL going to do? He lied to you and he was a *****. There’s really no protection against that. If that was a rule that LL could enforce...the whole population of SL would be halved. The only thing you can do is protect yourself by starting over or getting really handy with block and mute. Even then you’re going to be spending a lot of time trying to figure out if the person you just met is really him. That’s no way to live your second life. Just start over.
  9. janetosilio

    Mesh Heads (yes I know!!!!_)

    You’re going to have to get the corresponding skin from the skinnery to match the skin on the head. So peach head skin, peach body skin. Using a skinnery skin for the head and a glam affair skin for your body isn’t going to match up exactly even if you have a similar skin tone. You have to go to The Skinnery and grab a demo for Maitreya it should come with all the skin tones. Apply the peach tone and you should have a closer match. Then you can just go ahead and buy the peach Maitreya applier it comes in fit and tummy so you have a couple of options there.
  10. janetosilio

    Mesh Heads (yes I know!!!!_)

    It looks nice BelindaN! The neck seam issue for Maitreya is something they’re aware of and are working on for the 1.0 version. Every week you make you avi look better and better. It looks fabulous!
  11. janetosilio

    Mesh Heads (yes I know!!!!_)

    I’m well under 100k with a Genus head, Belleza body, hair, clothes and shoes. *shrugs*
  12. janetosilio

    premium membership is it worth it?

    It depends on what you are on SL for. If you like having your own dwelling, like creating, etc I’d say it’s worth it. You get a 1024 space included in the membership. Not enough LI to do what you want? You also get access to the premium sandboxes where you can also build and Rez and you don’t have to worry about trolls and the interesting things they tend to Rez while you’re doing something. If you do shopping events. You pretty much bump any non premium member in a tp. Which if you have to have the newest items is a good thing. I’d say it was worth it, it comes out to $6 a month.
  13. janetosilio

    Mafia Roleplay

    It does sound interesting. Is it period rp? I.E the 40’s or is it modern I.E. The Sopranos era mafia?
  14. The DMCA accusations that shut a few creators down a few years ago. That was 2013 I think?