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  1. Look at the ring on my finger and get to work. Then glance over at him every once in a while and think “Damn, he fine.”
  2. Sadly, this type of thing is fairly common. The bright side is, most of the time those types tip you off pretty quickly.
  3. What has to even be in your mind to even search that? ”Know what I need? Some shoes and a **** chopper!”
  4. While my husband is watching football *arr are are* I’m enjoying this YouTube channel called Bedtime Stories
  5. Y'know....you don't even need a real spanker. Some guys greeting actually is: /me spanks you.
  6. Pretty sure E-body has butt physics too.
  7. Not to mention they don't have that much product in their store to even reach that amount!
  8. The funny thing about it is, sometimes they'll outright ask you why they are unable to undress you.
  9. All it needs is a few ground rules: someone to run the list of names (Not nominating myself) a deadline of when you can sign up a limit, say no more than 500L no items like a prim cube or something ridiculous like that no cast off gatcha items something like that would work
  10. 100%!! I’ve come to accept that anything can and will happen in group chats. It’s taken the place of local chat and along with it, it has attracted a lot of trolls. There are certain “repeat customers” that do that in different group chats. You don’t want to say “You’re trolling” but sometimes....they’re trolling. So when they start getting spicy, I just say well...good luck.
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