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  1. I pointed this out in the other older thread. I’m thinking the only reason you’d want to use the deformers is to wear old clothing for Maitreya that are pre legacy, since very few creators are going to go back and rig for it on their older clothing. At that point, it’s probably better just to have a Maitreya body saved just for those occasions and to just wear that. But if you’re doing that...why wear a legacy? whispers New and shiny.... You could argue it’s an upgrade for hourglass and Freya, for reasons, but you’d go back to not being able to wear your older clothes, this time with no deformers so you have to switch back and forth. I do have the body, if anyone is wondering. The only thing I can really say is an upgrade are the breasts. They are very natural looking, maybe the best out of all of the bodies. Everything else...sidegrade. The hud is pretty slick, similar to Belleza’s. So not really an upgrade there. Then you have to knock off points when the server for the hud doesn’t work (which does happen), then you’re stuck. There are fine cracks in the body too. If you’re the type of person that can’t unsee a neck seam, you’ll definitely notice this. Its a nice body, just errr, it’s not the end all like people are trying to make it seem. Sidegrade is the most succinct way of describing it.
  2. You missed the point. By her pointing out “what if people asked where to find the Dutch LGBT places” she’s pointing out that there “Holy hell” wouldn’t be raised, not whether you would ask that particular question and that you should treat the OP like that kind of question.
  3. I’ve attempted to explain this many times before on this forum. I just answer the question in pm’s now because whataboutisms always rear it’s head on this topic and no matter how you try to explain it, people just seem to not get it.
  4. Blender is free, if you’re learning free is always the best option. ‘Nuff said.
  5. For all this hubbub, I've only seen a handful of people actually wearing it. If you go by creator support, you'd think everyone has this body and the number of users are ridiculously high. In reality, I haven't really encountered many people with it. This is a good example of hype and perception. Eventually, more and more people will get it just because they believe everybody else has it. It's a nice looking body, but ugh...the business practices of these people. I don't know if this says something about the creators or the people caving in to peer pressure.
  6. December 18- Florida man tries to pay for McDonalds with bag of weed.
  7. Sorry you had to go through that, the guy was a douche. Unfortunately, some people seem to think that everybody else is sundowning until they IM you. Then you must do what they want, when they finally took time out to speak to you. Well, look at it this way: you saw what he was early on. The worst is when they wait to show that side....
  8. Glad they handled that so quick. I logged in and was like....
  9. I've loved him since I was little! His lyrics are so cheeky, I always chuckle while I listen, Classic Disco!
  10. Isn’t Cincinnati chili made with cinnamon?
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