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  1. janetosilio

    To necropost or not...

    You’d have to ask the ragers.....
  2. janetosilio

    Voice or Text?

    I used to be all about voice. Dogs barking, people yelling at their kids, shootouts, too loud, too soft eventually wore on me. I turned off the sound completely about a year or so ago and haven’t looked back. So yeah....text.
  3. janetosilio

    To necropost or not...

    I thought about writing over and over for about three lines. Hey, I’m Canadian....polite and understatements are our thing.
  4. janetosilio

    To necropost or not...

    I wouldn’t fly into a rage if someone necro posted. I just think it’s easier and probably more relevant to start a new thread, because many of the participants probably aren’t around anymore or if it’s technical, it might be outdated. I’m also a fan of stickying threads where topics occur over and over. Particularly in the avatar section. There are a handful of topics that this forum sees over and over and over and over and over that would be better to just be moved into one thread to save searching and random thoughts that stir people into beating a dead horse.
  5. janetosilio

    What makes you block someone?

    I usually don’t block people. If they want to mess with you...those type of people have alts. Mostly it’s the people that spam groups with their template clothing. That’s because of spam reduction reasons.
  6. janetosilio

    Looking for realistic long dreads for men

    Those dreads are from unorthodox and they are unisex.
  7. I ran SL on a GT 240 up until about three years ago. I’m pretty sure that’s less powerful than the graphics card an Xbone has and could still do ultra settings. A fair would make everything slow down to a crawl. Still, everything looked nice.
  8. I haven’t noticed much furry hate. I have noticed some people do the whole, “I’m a furry, why do people hate me?” during a conversation where that never even came up. Other than that, haven’t noticed much.
  9. janetosilio

    Take a word leave a word (game)

    River Spree
  10. janetosilio

    What are you listening right know.

    It’s such a stalker song, but it’s so good
  11. janetosilio

    Take a word leave a word (game)

    Hard Candy (her last great album)
  12. janetosilio

    Take a word leave a word (game)

    Deacon Blues
  13. janetosilio

    Where are all the black people...

    Also, I’m not sure about the lack of high speed Internet, time, money or literacy (!) being factors. That sounds a little....odd. A country like Brazil (a large country with large black population) only lags behind the US as far as people with internet, and yes inexplicably people that live in favelas....have high speed internet. Even a country like Nigeria has over 50% of the population with internet. It probably has something to do with lack of marketing in Africa in general. This had more to do with where black people in SL hang out. It’s a hard question to answer, because there aren’t really large clusters on one sim. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a black presence on SL. Which....is kind of a good thing. This leads me to the next thing. Being black isn’t a monolithic thing. A black person from Brazil isn’t going to be the same as a black person from North America or say France. I’ve also tried pointing out being black does not necessarily mean having a dark, dark skin either. That’s a trap A LOT of people fall into. I’m black, French-Canadian and biracial. That’s hard for even people from the US to wrap their heads around. So I’m sure when I choose a lighter than black as coal skin, many people overlook the fact that yes my avatar is black. A few things to think about.
  14. janetosilio

    Valerie Inshan (Redenblack)

    En ces moments difficiles, je tenais à te faire part de mes sincères condoléances.