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  1. If you know the name of the object, you can just do area search and edit it or return it back to your inventory.
  2. Yes, do it. Lot of tutorials already and some really nice changes from 2.79.
  3. You already know I’ve been trying to get you back into it. It starts with a cube in SL and it starts with a cube in Blender too.
  4. I’ve heard this many times over the last few years. The guy that got me into creating, didn’t make the leap to mesh. The sandbox days definitely were magical. If you can build with prims, you can build with mesh. The new blender 2.8 has a nicer UI, give it another shot. There’s definitely a hump to get over, but once you do, you’ll be back where you were a few years ago.
  5. If you’re using blender, try the lattice deform modifier? I think maya has it too. import your mesh into the scene with the new body and then lattice deform it to fit the other body. It would be a little faster than using straight proportional editing. Once you have the general size and shape you’d just need proportional editing to touch up errant vertices.
  6. I’m itching to play with it....it should come out of beta in June right?
  7. The books are really good. He’s been holding Winds of Winter hostage for about 7 years now. Hopefully he finishes the books before he dies. There’s another author that wrote a good series that has yet to be finished, the Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss. First two books are great. Been waiting on the third since 2011. I read some interview where he said he wrote himself into a corner. I’m pretty sure GRRM has written himself into a corner a few times at this point, there’s a lot of storylines to tie up. A feast for Crows is probably going to go down as the weakest book, if you can push through that it gets better.
  8. The best thing would be for LL to hire someone to make tutorials or ebooks like they did with Strawberry Singh, but someone to just do tutorials. Honestly, you really don’t need much besides blender and a 2d graphics program to make mesh. But....of course a series could branch out into using other programs. The problem is whatever someone does is going to be picked apart. There’s a woman that does basic clothes making tutorials from beginning to end. That’s good except there’s a lot to pick apart: she doesn’t use cycles, she uses and old version of blender, she uses an old version of avastar, etc. I wouldn’t call it the best practices but the basic concept is there though. Having an official LL person for that would go a long way.
  9. I just want to know, was he made in Blender?
  10. /me watches this thread like
  11. You can get Empire nails, which are omega and have a bunch of nail styles. Theres also Gorgeous Dolls which come in a variety of styles. And there are also Ascendant nails. You have a lot of choices for Maitreya hands.
  12. It depends on which body you have, but I’m assuming it’s Mod. It sounds like a scaling problem though. The good news is you won’t need anything more than gimp and the normal generator plugin. First thing you want to do is find a good image of a skin texture, preferably a square image, preferably one where you can see the pores. Save that and fire it up in gimp. Duplicate the skin tile twice. This is going to be your normal and specular map. Pick your first copied layer, run the normal generator. Play around with the filters (I like sobel) until you find one that gives you a nice depth. Normal map is done. Pick your second copy, except this time you’re going to suck all the color out. There’s a few ways you can do that: grayscale, desaturate, decompose rgb, decompose hsv. If you have the g’mic plugin, you have some extra ones too. For simplicity’s sake just do desaturate, now you have a black and white image. Bam....it’s a specular map. The thing to remember about a specular map is white is highly reflective, black is not reflective at all. Your black and white image should do, but you can play around with it and make it more black or white. You can also adjust the specularity in second life. Now, resize your image to 512x512 or 256x256. You could do 1024x1024, but it’s not necessary. Export as a png or targa and you’re done. Bring it into SL and you’re good to go. If you have a mod body, it’s actually a bunch of mesh parts. So if you slap a normal map on it, it’s going to look icky no matter what you do. So if you just put the map into the body it’s going to scale it up everywhere and you’re going to look....bumpy. In edit mode, select face THEN insert the normal map into each face and scale it down on the horizontal and the vertical. 70-75 works on a human avatar, in my experience, but play with it until it looks good to you. Just make sure it’s the same value for the horizontal and vertical scale. This is going to be tedious, but you’re going to do it for each face of the body. Then do the same thing for the specular map. One face at a time. That should give you a better result.
  13. Also “This is a new profile, but I’m not new to Second Life” Meaning “I have such a bad reputation/burned all my bridges, so I started this new account to do it all over again!” Yey!
  14. U lik that bby? Send me ur pics 2
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