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  1. janetosilio

    When you realise you are an idiot

    I think the important thing op is that you learn from your mistakes and you don’t make them anymore. We all make mistakes when it comes to relationships. I know I did and I made the kind that would be embarrassing to retell here. I was much younger when I made them and I know the red flags to look out for. Some people like to make it seem like it’s easy to make a love connection in SL. The truth is it’s not easy and it’s extremely rare. There are also predators out there that prey on people just looking to make a connection. You live and you learn.
  2. janetosilio

    Lines that annoy you most

    Oh! I haven’t had one of those in a looong time!
  3. janetosilio

    Lines that annoy you most

    I had one that cracked me up later, but at the time I was a little PO’d. *ding ding* Him: oh you have Flickr, nice! Me: I see you have one too. (It has about 6 pictures of not the greatest quality) Him: Yeah, What are you up to today? Me: Oh, I was shopping earlier. Just hanging out. Him: You should show me what you bought, maybe do some modeling for me. Me: Why would I want to do that? (short pause) Him: BECAUSE I SAID SO! Me: Not that kind of party my friend. Have a nice day. Him: Oh.... sorry. (I’ve moved away from him and closed his box) (10 mins pass) *ding ding* Him: Hey, can you follow me on Flickr?
  4. janetosilio


    I’m just curious. Is anyone using Houdini for mesh? If so, what are your thoughts and opinions?
  5. janetosilio

    Why is there so much high-poly mesh in SL?

    I’m just going to point out, this is what I’ve been saying for the past couple of months. If nobody makes a decent tutorial(s)on how to optimize and a reasonable work flow, the majority of creators are just going to use Marvelous and 3dMax for clothing and call it a day. Just because it’s easy. It’s the path of least resistance....it’s human nature. And pointing to a tutorial on how to make a low poly box isn’t going to cut it. Look at it this way. There are tutorials on how to go from Marvelous to Blender to SL and they are easy to follow and easy to find. Telling someone to learn how to mesh or making fun of them for using a particular pipeline is counter productive and it might even be a little alienating. Leading them to stick with what they know works. Something to think about.
  6. janetosilio

    Lines that annoy you most

    I usually respond like that or respond to weird with bigger weird. You can see the loading wheel spinning above their heads when you respond in an unexpected way.
  7. janetosilio

    To all Genus head users:

    Sadly, Genus Project skins only work for the Genus head. Dont give up on the head though. Just keep messing with the head shape. There’s a lot of play with the sliders, so you can look radically different with it. Ceka and I both use it and we look. Completely different looks!
  8. janetosilio

    Sculpts vs. Mesh && the Industry

    I know Love, it’s from A Wrinkle in Time. I thought it was a chapter title or a foreword or something. I remember it being in big letters somewhere like that: WHAT’S A TESSERACT?
  9. janetosilio

    Help!!! Knee-High Boot/Jeans Combinations?

    Also on marketplace, there’s a store called ROC where there are a pair of Doc Marten like boots and only 99L! I probably own all of them, they’re good quality too. The trick with layering mesh is a lot of experimentation. You can wear the boots with say a pair of skinny jeans or leggings no problem. A store like Blueberry has jeans that have been specifically modeled for boots, which is handy.
  10. janetosilio

    Help!!! Knee-High Boot/Jeans Combinations?

    Addams and blueberry just did a great collaboration with jeans boots and a top. I’m usually anti fat packs, particularly when they hide the best colors and patterns in them, but this one was actually worth it for the jeans and boots alone. The boots come ankle length, knee length and thigh length and the hud has great colors for both the jeans and boots. https://www.flickr.com/photos/addamssl/44026334374/in/faves-146578105@N08/
  11. janetosilio

    What is your preferred virtual world?

    Napoleon I think you’ve had your Waterloo here, ma ami.
  12. janetosilio

    I'm suffering another bake fail.........

    Good, you found it! I would’ve had a hard time explaining it while not logged on! I’m one of those people that can drive somewhere no problem, but give directions? Can’t do it!
  13. janetosilio

    I'm suffering another bake fail.........

    It sounds like something is borked. There is a wear default female avatar button. Use that, then take everything off and add all of your stuff one piece at a time. Shape, body, head, clothes and shoes. That should work.
  14. janetosilio

    Is "roleplaying" in non-RP areas really that bad?

    The whole “Nuh uh! My character would totally do X uncharacteristic thing (and succeed)” is why I’ve been wondering why dice rolling rp hasn’t really caught on in SL. Theres nothing wrong with freeform RP. But to me there’s always going to come a point where another character just isn’t going to allow something or there is just going to be an attempt at doing something dubious.
  15. janetosilio


    I know this person that spent $530 in imvu isn’t here most likely. But that would last me about a year on SL. $530 in 28 days? My god....