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  1. Also Christopher Walken....Just Christopher Walken.
  2. You’re not petty, I do it too. I think it’s actually more petty that someone hides like three patterns behind a paywall. I think they would probably sell more if they did a pattern pack too. It falls into the “is it 1299, nice? Nah....”
  3. The only way IMs are getting around is if someone in the conversation shared it. From there it’s like Game of Thrones....everybody knows. That’s why when somebody starts telling me about someone else, I never add to it, because if I do I’m aware it could end up in a log somewhere.
  4. No, see, that’s why it’s annoying! They have the uuid, they already took the picture for the vendor. It really wouldn’t hurt to just sell it separately. 90% of the work is already done.
  5. Right! I’ll settle for a fat pack of patterns though. But you’re right single patterns would be ideal. I pass up a lot of stuff because of the fat pack exclusive thing.
  6. Thing is...the patterns are the one you really want because how many Roygbiv rompers and leggings can you buy? A couple of creators do pattern only fatpacks....which I’m more than happy to buy. I just wish that trend catches on. Paying 1200 for basic colors plus three patterns? CANCELED!
  7. That’s exactly how I found it: googling how to do stuff in SL. I never felt the need to participate because it seemed to have its own zeitgeist. It still does to a degree, but not like it used to. Forums are not the preferred mode of communication anymore, just like Usenet and BBSs back in the Wild West of the Internet days. They still exist, but it’ll never be what it once was. It’s great because it tends to be more permanent as opposed to the chat based things that have surpassed it. Its still a great resource though. I enjoy popping in throughout the day to see what’s going on. It’s not too taxing on my phone either, since I work from a gov’t pc there’s just certain things I can’t do during working hours, so that’s a bonus. I pretty much jump from forum to forum including Reddit throughout the day on my phone.
  8. He spent a couple hundies to look like he looks now!!!
  9. This idea actually has legs.....I’m pretty sure some script kiddie could cook something up that does this.
  10. This is the problem right here. Earlier you said you see guys with “E-girlfriends”. So you seem to understand that it’s not serious, but you seem to want a “proper” relationship. Can’t have it both ways. If you want an “E-girlfriend” that shouldn’t be all that hard. Which leads me to the next thing. Asking for volunteers implies you’re a pretty low effort kind of dude. Even “E-girlfriends” don’t like low effort guys. If you’re looking for something “proper” that’s even more so. Low effort is bad news.
  11. Try playing a machismo, dorito and Mountain Dew code Red fueled game like Call of Duty where just hearing a female voice drives them into a frenzy. God forbid you’re actually good and have good stats.
  12. TLDR; if you feel ripped off, it’s your fault!
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