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  1. Right, so if she has the free version, its not going to alpha precisely because the alpha cuts are too big. It's going to be feast of famine with the alphas.
  2. Well, the first question would be, why aren’t you using appliers? The second is are you using a mesh body with a system head? If so, why not look for skins that still include system heads?
  3. It came out and was put aside by the creator so he could focus on Gianni and Gerald. So there wasn’t a real push for it. From what I understand, it wasn’t very good before and has been redone. So it’s basically an unfinished project that finally got finished.
  4. Now I’m confused. Do you have a free body or the retail body? You originally said you had a free body, but you just showed the hud of the retail body. Which body do you have and which version? 8.5 or 8.6?
  5. You can take a linden home and abandon it later. The catch with buying mainland, you have to find the parcel yourself and you also have to buy the parcel, either from LL or a private seller. Private sellers tend to jack up the price. You can buy through LL directly by filing a ticket or through an auction. The auction is it’s own little mini game where you’re usually going up against the private sellers that I mentioned before.
  6. This is correct. You also would have access to premium sandboxes. Where you don’t have to worry about griefers or clutter. The few people that you’d share it with are usually doing their own thing. So you can create to your hearts content until you find the right parcel for you.
  7. There are different versions of the body. I think the most current version is 8.6. It's possible that the clothes are for 8.5, which would cause clipping issues.
  8. It's worth a demo, it definitely looks nice and ticks all the boxes. As far as support? Well....
  9. Well if they’re hanging out on SL Secrets...it just might take them a week to clothe themselves.
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