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  1. to make mesh fit a certain body perfectly, you need the weights of that body, hence a dev kit is needed. everything else is doing it by trial and error, uploading multiple times on beta grid to try to get as close as possible. before the dev kits, we used the standard SL avatar to rig to and made standard sizes that would not react to sliders. this is something you can still do and try to play around to get as close as possible to your shape, then alpha out the parts that clip through your uploaded mesh clothes
  2. cape are very very tricky in SL. It's really like Wulfie explained. If you make it animesh it's just a lot more work . another workaround is to make a fixed pose with your arms down and make the cape lock that on wear. that's how I rigged my cape. but of course you sacrifice the shoulder movement for this
  3. hey guys, wanted to share a Substance Painter tutorial I made as I have been asked by many. There are many different workflows for Substance , this one particularly shows how I set up my textures with the help of the baked lightening filter and using embossed details. Hope it helps ❤️
  4. pet peeve: people leaving bad reviews on mp before even trying to reach out to the creator and ask for help or a fix. as so often it's just a simple mistake, or the person not understanding or not reading the description..
  5. you actually do not need money to start a business in SL.. to be back to the original topic. If you know how to do all this and you are sure there are many customers are willing to pay for it, that's exactly what you should do! I can only support that
  6. but to come back to the org topic.. I still would love to know what are the skills you are bringing to SL @riverjoy? that would be a good help for answers..
  7. not they are not just tints. Look I show you what the difference it. First snapshot is my actual made black texture, second one is used a white texture whit all lights and shadows and then tinted inworld to black. same goes for colour. third is the actual purple I made, second one is tinted into purple inwolrd using the same base texture. it is really not the same and loses all the details. all of these are shot with exact same graphic settings, same materials, same wind light. There is a lot of work going into making proper colours. it is not as easy to just slap a tint onto it, maybe it work
  8. colours don't work by just a tint , at least not for the most. you need baked in shadows, baked in lights. and those differ for light and darker colours and need adjustments because we do not have PBR in SL. so we use work arounds to make textures appear properly. If you use a tint hud and just tint the mesh, depending on the colour, it ruins the actual texture and I don't think that a creator would want that either, at least I don't.
  9. I was told it was a very creative platform so I joined in 2006 to take a look. Being a designer in RL, SL was ( and still is) and extremely interesting concept. I only stayed for a year in the beginning, met great people, and had already a little store selling system layer clothing. At this time the workload became too much and I left. A couple of years later I came back but mainly to meet people, to role-play and just enjoy some time in a fascinating virtual world until a friend convinced me to open a store again. It turned out differently than I had expected or planned and eventually became
  10. the poll had remained open and we gathered roughly 1800 responses with no significant changes . for those who asked where the responses where coming from... the poll was spread in various groups inworld, on FB and flickr. this is the last updated one:
  11. correct, though Legacy was not out yet in 2018. And it picked up very quickly
  12. as for FEMALE bodies, I have made a poll. This is the result after a bit over 1K entries, the poll is still open and has roughly 2K entries but without any significant changes of the results shown if you still would like to vote, you can do this here (doubles are getting deleted) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSckoLJvMOBkyut9VnE3DN0EhAsAByybJShD8tCBr3vCCckuag/viewform
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