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  1. very very beautiful! be still my heart! ❤️
  2. of cooouuurse i loves you tooooooo!! ❤️ *tight huggies back and a sneaky ass grope* hehe
  3. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you are HOT HOT HOT!!!! marry me??
  4. Wow!! looks like Charlie Sheen! lol yummy, btw... and i looooove those lips... very good look! kudos!
  5. VERY well said, Syo! ❤️ i know its been a "band aid" for me more than once... and it was helpful when it was needed ... but yeah, there is truly a danger when one seeks it as an escape and uses it for years, as i've seen with one too many "friends" i've made in this world... in which case, it then "replaces" real life...
  6. Hello sweety... just curious... what happens when you forget about this real life, come into 2nd life and have... as you say an "amazing life" and everything falls apart in your real life because you are hiding in 2nd Life... annnnnd you end up in a tent, and i'm assuming living in a tent, you wouldn't have internet access? What happens then? You will once again, leave this "amazing life" behind... same thing that happened when you were 18 and your father was trying to protect his little girl... I'm sorry, but this may not be what you want to hear... but trying to escape into a virtual world and "pretend" you have an "amazing life" is sooooo NOT healthy!! To avoid living in this tent, why don't you focus on your real life? Make changes... do what you must, and do as you will to MAKE things better YOURSELF... 2nd Life will NOT make your real life better... not if you are using it as an excuse and an escape...and its the REAL life that you live in... as a REAL person... Much love to you... and prayers and positive thoughts will be sent... blessed be... ❤️
  7. hmmmmm i will let my owner know about all of this, thank you SO much!! and to add, on a side note... we don't KNOW the attacks are going on until we get bombarded with IM's...
  8. We have tried that, thank you for the response.. but there were TOO many and TOO quick that attacked last night... my owner was getting bombarded by messages... 2 other owners were there and she wasn't even able to TELL them on Skype what was going on. We KNOW this is their stupid childish drama.. and we WANT them to keep it off of our SIM. However, when they attack like they did last night... it's kind of overwhelming.. even for three of the owners at the time! Soooo, we would like to know if there is another course of action we can take, if they REFUSE to stop coming to our SIM and attacking folks outta tha' blue.
  9. i am the manager of a privately owned SIM which has a club, and other amenities for loyal patrons. 2 of our DJ's belong to this role play crap called "Angels & Demons". It seems the family is in a conflict between these two DJ's, and the family comes in and attacks each other unbeknownst to the owners and/or manager. The convenant on the SIM says "NO ROLE PLAY HUDS ALLOWED, and no we will NOT be set up as a "safe place" because we do NOT allow this drama in our club. There was an attack in our club last night, the three owners were there, but the attack happened so fast, there was no was to diffuse it.. my question is, is this even LEGAL?? Is it against the TOS of 2nd Life? Can these adult children who obviously have nothing better to do with their time be reported to Linden Labs?? HOW do we stop it??
  10. *smiles* thank you.. and nooooo.. i have not yet... i do have a wedding coming on tha' 3rd of next month i'll be needing one for.. wish i could remember his name!! lol
  11. why shoud be hafta "pay to play"? in the other 2 virtual worlds i come from, you had to pay their premium 20 dollars a month even to WHISPER to someone else, much less have sex... one of tha' reason i love 2nd Life so much is you DON'T hafta pay to play... don't see why anyone should, in my opinion.....
  12. i've been a DJ for about 5 years now... personally, if i go into a club and the DJ doesn't speak at ALL, i'll leave... if i want to hear JUST a music stream, i'll stay on my Homestead and listen to my own. This is only my humble opinion, but I've seen over the years that it works, a DJ has to show THEIR own personality. I never talk over songs unless it's just music playing, i do about 30 minutes of music and then a an instrument song for my "voice break".. i pump up the crowd, i talk to them, i read local and respond to them... etc. Again, in my own opinion, this is the best way to get followers... let them fall in love with YOU! Granted, i do agree, most music CAN speak for itself, especially in the case of blues. I'll usually cut my voice breaks down on my blues sets. Alot of really good advice here as far as music and licensing, be VERY aware of that in 2nd Life. And last but not least, use YOUR personality, and i cannot stress enough... use your VOICE!
  13. Gettin' ready for our party on tha' Bound Elegance Nude Beach!! Contest board opens at 5 SL Time, most outrageous summer hat!! 2,500 linden on tha' board!!! Come join us!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bound To Excite/50/118/22
  14. Bound Elegance is nowwwww hiring ROCKSTARS!! RELIABLE DJ's and hosties needed, workers keep all tips! Come and join one of the craziest and friendliest families in 2nd Life!! Please contact mQQnie in world! Thank you!
  15. GREAT idea!! i've landmarked it! lol i've just reached my one year rez date here in 2nd Life and still havin' soooooo much fun exploring! This place will be very helpful! Thank you!!
  16. We have been called one of the friendliest SIMs in 2nd Life by a few of our patrons! Please come join our crazy family! We are hiring for DJ's & hosts, a DJ/host team would be perfect! DJs & hosts keep 100% of all tips! We will be hosting new fabulous Re~GrandOpening events starting May 26th! We have live concerts, our monthly Bacchanalia party, and our monthly (first Saturday of every month) RAVE party! There are many areas to enjoy at Bound Elegance, such as bd/sm, a babygirl room, games, a nude beach and more!! Please contact mQQnie in world for more details!
  17. ahhhhh haaaaaaaaaaaaa! I GOTS IT!!!!!! TY TY TY!! dunno who you are, but if i see you in world i'mma' give you a BIG 'ole squishy hug!!!
  18. Thank you very much Rolig! I have no problem at all creating a box prim, and putting the Maitreya applier script and the notecard with my texture, that is easy as pie... and then when you touch the little box prim, it'll give you a blue pop up menu in the top right corner with "tattoo" "underwear" and "clothing" layers. If i could sell my little prim box i'd be happy! lol I'm having a problem attaching it to me screen, it seems sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't work. I will read up on the Wiki though, thanks again!
  19. Okay, I'm not really sure where to put this, but very slowly taught myself how to make a prim box with the Maitreya applier script inside it, also inserting the notecard with my created tattoos. I wanna just sell the little prim box, but one of my lovers won't let me, she says it MUST be a HUD that the customer can "add" onto their screen and click for the layers to apply. I've done a lot of research and simply cannot seem to find HOW to make this HUD that you "add" onto your screen to apply the tattoo! Can someone help me? I looooove making tattoos, and i'm SO ready to make them and sell them, but I cannot just sell a "prim box". Attached is a pic of one of my own tattoos!
  20. i will miss Miss Imagin and Willowdale very much! I was finally able to achieve my dream of having a Homestead in 2nd Life, which is the ONLY reason I left Willowdale. Miss Imagin is a very fair landowner, and she does her absolute best to keep her tenants happy, and her land running smoothly. She is a very kind woman, and her properties are absolutely beautiful! If you are looking for a home, this would be tha' place! She also let me stay in the group after i left so i could continue getting her notecards I loved receiving so much!
  21. We have a plot of land on Sunrise Suites, they may have some rentals. It's not ON the Blake Sea, but it has access to the Blake Sea... we've gotten there on our speedboat a few times, it was fun!!
  22. all i know is after we moved into Willowdale, paying a listed price for a listed amount of prims... our prims went UP drastically one day, i was confused until i heard form a friend about LL increasing our prims.... and i know our rent did NOT go up.... isn't this what you were referring to in your original post QUEEN **bleep**? you are pissed because prims were freely given by LL but the landowners charged you for this increase in prim... and like the last poster said, if you don't like it... move somewhere else... problem SOLVED!
  23. first of all, i'm sorry this happened to you.... my partner and i live in Willowdale, and our land manager was gracious enough to allow us the free prims at no extra cost... i'm sure there are some landowners out there like this...
  24. Trans-Siberian Orchestra _TSO Saturday, December 17th, 8:00PM Bound Elegance Lightning Productions tribute to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO) on Saturday, December 17th, 8:00PM in Bound Elegance. The Christmas season is here with TSO in the snowglobe stage playing their super sounds and lights including the famous Wizards in Winter, Christmas Nights in Blue and Christmas Bells. Come on down to Bound Elegance and enjoy TSO entertaining your eyes and ears with old friends and new! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bound%20To%20Excite/72/121/22
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