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  1. Thank you, Scylla! I wish more people would think like you!
  2. No, I'm totally different SL and RL. As I always say, I only roleplay here, so I want to run away from my real life while in world. I keep my avatar as thin as I am because I like it that way! But my avatar is beautiful, I would never create her as ugly as I am (enough bullying in RL). She is also much younger than me and has the personality I wish I had if I was not so shy RL.
  3. Me. I don't like voice. English is my second language and I have a hard time understanding spoken english. Other than that, I like to play with my female and my male alt (I'm female). I believe it's a game, I roleplay and I'm not really interested in the real person behind the avatar I'm talking to. But I do talk, if needed and if I'm able to understand the person.
  4. can I have an application, please?
  5. Thank you Rolig Loon, I'll try those steps and search for classes in world as well. I tought clothes would be simple to make.
  6. Hi, sorry if it's in the wrong board. I've never created anything, and I'd like to try to make masculine clothes, specially for aesthetic and gianni. But how to do it? Is it better to do mesh or in applier? Do I create both in the same way? Is there a good tutorial to help me start?
  7. Sorry for such a vague question. I'm interested in learning how to build in Second Life. I've searched some tutorials, but there are too many and I really need something from the beggining to the advanced level. I'm not sure what to try first, so this make my decision even more difficult. I know how to program (java and php) so I already tried some scripting. But I'd like to know how to build some furniture to add scripts, and also I'd like to know how to make skin and mesh bodies. I know I'll need blender to make this, is it right? Anyone know a good tutorial with the basics so I can lea
  8. Você consegue entender se eu postar em portugues? Eu entendo ler em espanhol, mas não sei escrever nem uma palavra. Bom, vamos tentar. Mesh é assim mesmo, você precisa primeiro entender o básico para ir se acostumando. TMP, Maitreya, Freya, etc, são os modelos de corpos, você pode usar demos de cada um deles e ver qual você gosta mais. Assim que comprar o seu preferido, então vai aprender sobre as roupas. Alguns corpos são compativeis com Omega, outros tem seus próprios appliers. Precisa ver o tipo que comprou, e comprar sempre o applier compativel com ele. E outra coisa:
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