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  1. CoffeeDujour thank you... my cliff just got worse..
  2. I can try if you'd like. I'm new though. This would be my first job so you can train me to be exactly what you want.
  3. I'm confused. You want to spoil them or they spoil you? Because I'd love to be spoiled.
  4. I just wanted to let you know I am interested!! I will apply tomorrow, my username is Rawritsnicci
  5. Hi! My friend and I are in need of jobs and I was wondering if anyone was in need of a stripper or dancer? We would like to make linden as fast as possible since real life money isn't easy for us to get right now
  6. Hi! I'm new and I would love to be a hostess!
  7. Hi I've been wanting a job on secondlife so I can make money?
  8. Hello everyone. My name is Nicci and I am 24 years old and as you can see by the title this really sucks. 6 years ago when I was 17-18 and a senior in high school I had the best year of my life. I'd go to school and be with my friends then I would come home finish my homework and log on to see my best friends in the world. My amazing now ex boyfriend Aserion, my great friend Jokie who helped me be the person I am today , my beautiful "daughter" Gertrude who was the sweetest girl i ever knew and my friend shave the most amazing business man ever. You can really tell I loved them huh? Well when my father did more research on the game he thought it was too sexual for his 18 year old daughter and took my account away. It took me years to get over the pain of losing my friends and I ended up forgetting all about second life. Until a few weeks ago. I wanted to show my now boyfriend a place where he could live out his fantasies so I showed him secondlife and the memories came flooding back. I finally got my account back today and I am hoping to make new friends as lovely, generous and thoughtful as they were. You see my real life really sucks. I'm broke I have no job no friends beside my boyfriend and pretty soon I might be living in a tent. And until then I would love to make some friends and pretend my life is amazing. I look forward to meeting all of you and hope that I can give you the companionship you want and deserve. Thank you for taking the time to read this. -Broken and in need of friends
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