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Found 18 results

  1. We are excited to launch our new private region called Euphoria Falls! A place to explore, socialize and live. We offer beautiful public beaches with waterfall lagoon, an adventure into a huge cave that exits on top of a mountain with a few surprises along the way. Euphoria Falls also offers ziplining, tubing through white water rapids on the top of the mountain, paddle boarding, underwater swimming, public campfire and bar. Surrounded by beautiful skies, strong brilliant red sunsets and serene sunrises, you can also relax and enjoy the starts and giant moon in the evenings. We also have our first three rentals ready to go! More to follow so stay tuned. Available now are our Beach Houses A, B and C! Stunning modern houses on huge private parcels with full control and security. All rental also include a pre-assigned skybox area to build. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Euphoria-Falls-Beach-House-A/23605605 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Euphoria-Falls-Beach-House-B/23616181 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Euphoria-Falls-Beach-House-C/23625501 Coming soon! We have cliff top houses with high diving plunging into private grottos, beautiful mountain top houses surrounded by trees with the best views you can imagine, cave camping with glass decks overlooking the ocean below and for the naughtier ones, we have dungeon rooms to rent! Visit Euphoria Falls Now! Come say hi and join this creative and fun new community!
  2. Hello everyone! Canary Islands is hiring staff for their brand new secondlife roleplay destination resort ! These all have a weekly salary and we are a drama free zone. This is a roleplay resort Available Positions: Hotel: -Hotel Manager Concierge - Bartender -Waiter/Waitress Airport: -Airport Supervisor Spa: - Massage Therapist / Hair Dresser -Front Desk - Yoga Teacher Restaurant / Cafe - Waiter / Waitress -Restaurant Manager Islands: Boat Transporter Please Contact either through social media or inworld. Thank you! Inworld: Maliikali Instagram: @Qfficial.vl
  3. I’m looking for a romantic place (would like it to have a hot spring) where they will let you put down objects (like candles or rugs). open to other ideas for a romantic date. thanks
  4. Escape to the inviting environment and soothing sounds of Cann!bal, a tropical paradise that has been in development for over 10 years in Second Life. Now on its own estate and spanning four adjacent regions, Cann!bal has been a work of love by Chotaire Seelowe. Here’s a description of the inspiration for Cann!bal in Chotaire’s own words: “I've always loved beaches in real life, so when I came to SL in 2006, I randomly started searching for terms like "Hawaii" or "Bora Bora" and found "Bora Bora Isles," a Polynesian beach that was actually built by the owner. I realized that it is a rare sight to find an estate where the owner actually created the content and didn't just buy it from random stores. It impressed me. And I had this feeling, if I only tried hard enough, I could even make something more realistic, something even better. Never in my life have I enjoyed programming, but I realized to create something really unique I would have to learn scripting as well. That's how I became a scripter. I got my own region for Cannibal Island to showcase all of this and become my own landlord. Then, when mesh got introduced into SL, I had to accept that one person can't do it all, so I started showcasing other people's builds too. This is how I got in touch with other creators and we started to cooperate. I still work for many of them. Today Cann!bal Island still pretty much looks like it did in 2011, except that due to weekly updates everything is much more polished and always makes use of the latest technology offered by Linden Lab.” Chotaire clearly loves the challenge of invention that Second Life offers and appreciates being able to create environments that can then be seen by other Residents, and experiences that will stay with them for a long time to come. Take the teleport to Cann!bal Island and see it for yourself -- you might even lose yourself in its lush environment or perhaps in one of its many dance clubs! Video Production Credits: Draxtor Despres Cann!bal Take unbelievable photos on a total of 4 breathtaking virtual beach regions. Enjoy a multitude of exciting tropical activities, or just watch as their dynamic region windlight day cycles control the region-wide lights. This estate has been under development for more than 10 years and offers countless attractions seen nowhere else on the grid. Visit in Second Life
  5. It is from the Marketplace, one of the images you see when you log in there. When I click on it, it takes me to the destination guide. But I can't find that beach in the destinations. Maybe it's from another angle, maybe it's not in the destination guide.
  6. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Samodiva/235/172/99 Comment - how do you like it
  7. The Villas at New Ibiza is a new resort on Second Life that provides the ultimate package of peace, party, and paradise! The Villas were created out of a need for a vacation sim in Second Life that offered premium roleplay experiences at no additional cost, for the sake of forming new connections with other guests and TVANI team, as well as for making new experiences for the adventurous and sociable people of SL. https://thevillasatnewibiz.wixsite.com/thevillasatnewibiza Message Junejewels to book now!
  8. Hi my name's Sage and I want to talk about the garden I'm building, it's not quite finished yet but it hoping will be very soon. It's a magical place where you can find hidden and romantic cuddle places where you and your partner can relax and enjoy. It's also a place for fun and a few laughs, with an open concert area and beach. Among this beautiful garden and beach there are amazing photos for you to observe, from both second life and real life. Photos from second life mostly taken by my husband and the real life photos taken by me. Come and see it when you get a chance, we would love to have you here.
  9. Furzona - The Home of Bass is truly one of the best of the best clubs in SL within the furry community. Furzona has been around for many years, with having a hiatus and coming back within the past few months of 2020! We have been gaining many furs, humans, and all sorts of fun, amazing people that come to FZ as patrons and enjoy our atmosphere. Feel free to stop by and check us out! "The original & best furry dance club. We offer a unique SL clubbing experience found no where else." We pride ourselves in our exclusive content, DJs, music, and atmosphere! Stop by sometime. Check out our website: https://www.furzona.club/ Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bikini Bay/208/175/1501 Some photos taken to show our club and atmosphere: Grand Re-Opening! The Mainframe (located upstairs!) Photos of Iggy (me) hosting!
  10. I wanted to share one of my most favourite places in Second Life; Majilis al Jinn on the Sands of Time sim. This is a spectacular build. Every time I visit the sim I discover new hideouts and hangout areas. The attention to detail, style, and overall architecture are just breathtaking. I highly recommend that everyone check it out at some point if you haven't come across it already. It's particularly wonderful for those who like to take photos. You will find heaps of places to use as a beautiful backdrop for your shots. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! TP: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sands of Time/45/209/51
  11. Hi, I'm holding an opening event for the release of the next issue of Destination Romance Magazine (Issue 6 - Feb 2019) on Thursday 14 February 2019 all day. Further details about the event and magazine will be available inworld at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midnight Cove/214/81/22 or via the web site: http://www.destinationromance.weebly.com Just in time for Valentines Day! Yayy! Peteey
  12. Honestly, this is by far the most creepy place I have found this year for scary photos. Now, of course, I am always looking for more but, this one is really cool. And there is a hunt going on right now, so you should totally check that out! Ironwood Hills Haunting
  13. Hi, I'm new and I'm starting second life as a petite avatar yabusaka wise. so are there any areas that have petite social hangouts or events? Thank you kindly any information is deeply appreciated.
  14. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ludington/7/208/452 This is a cute little half-sim of a piece of roadside America. Unfortunately, it's on a tiny island, unconnected to anything else. SL has many good pieces of roadside America. Maybe, between the junk-filled continents and the isolated islands, SL should have an intermediate stage. Little themed privately owned areas, with SL-owned buffer sims between them to set the theme.
  15. Hello, I am new here on site and its great but I have some problems with teleport. When I choose to teleport to some destination I always get some error message that I cant teleport. Especially to adult destination. Please if you can help me about it. Thank you in advance. Regards.
  16. Come along and try this Romance sim portal to the best Romantic Sims in Second Life and ask any questions you'd like about Romance in Second Life to the owner of Destination Romance Magazine. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eaton/9/45/598. From 3-6pm SLT tonight Saturday 20 May 2017. Come along now or visit anytime in the future. - The best Romantic sims in one place to view & visit - Read the latest issues of Destination Romance Magazine - Dance to Romantic music with the dance intan - Cuddle on the couch - Play the romantic piano - Grab a free rose - Ask questions about Romance in SL to Peteey, the owner of Destination Romance magazine - If you have a Romantic product, service or sim come along for a special offer to advertise in Destination Romance Magazine Hope to see you there! Peteey
  17. The Library of Landmarks a public project created and curated by Saul Goodie. The mission of this library is to collect, organize and feature quality locations from across the Second Life grid. Please enjoy the selection of Landmarks; each category has 4 featured landmarks with quick links - simply use the map to teleport! Click the FOLDER button to receive a folder of Landmarks related to the category of your choosing. If you feel you have a Location worth admitting to the Library, please attach the Landmark to a notecard with an explanation and drop in the Suggestion Box on the Library Front Desk. We encourage submissions of all types, even if they do not fit the displayed categories. You can also use the Suggestion Box on the Library Front Desk to: recommend new categories, report dead or inactive landmarks, request feature spot highlight, or request landmark removal, and misc. questions. : Current Displayed Categories : MUSIC CHILL ART SPIRITUAL COMMUNITIES ROMANCE CAFE PARKS EDUCATIONAL STEAMPUNK SCI-FI ** FANTASY INTERACTIVE ** ** = Under Construction ::The Library of Landmarks was established in January 2017 by Saul Goodie. The Library was built with the help of several Residents who are forever remembered through a plaque outside our front door. ::
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