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  1. We have been called one of the friendliest SIMs in 2nd Life by a few of our patrons! Please come join our crazy family! We are hiring for DJ's & hosts, a DJ/host team would be perfect! DJs & hosts keep 100% of all tips! We will be hosting new fabulous Re~GrandOpening events starting May 26th! We have live concerts, our monthly Bacchanalia party, and our monthly (first Saturday of every month) RAVE party! There are many areas to enjoy at Bound Elegance, such as bd/sm, a babygirl room, games, a nude beach and more!! Please contact mQQnie in world for more details!
  2. ahhhhh haaaaaaaaaaaaa! I GOTS IT!!!!!! TY TY TY!! dunno who you are, but if i see you in world i'mma' give you a BIG 'ole squishy hug!!!
  3. Thank you very much Rolig! I have no problem at all creating a box prim, and putting the Maitreya applier script and the notecard with my texture, that is easy as pie... and then when you touch the little box prim, it'll give you a blue pop up menu in the top right corner with "tattoo" "underwear" and "clothing" layers. If i could sell my little prim box i'd be happy! lol I'm having a problem attaching it to me screen, it seems sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't work. I will read up on the Wiki though, thanks again!
  4. Okay, I'm not really sure where to put this, but very slowly taught myself how to make a prim box with the Maitreya applier script inside it, also inserting the notecard with my created tattoos. I wanna just sell the little prim box, but one of my lovers won't let me, she says it MUST be a HUD that the customer can "add" onto their screen and click for the layers to apply. I've done a lot of research and simply cannot seem to find HOW to make this HUD that you "add" onto your screen to apply the tattoo! Can someone help me? I looooove making tattoos, and i'm SO ready to make them and sell them, but I cannot just sell a "prim box". Attached is a pic of one of my own tattoos!
  5. i usually just try politeness... i say something like "smiles, thank you" and most times, for some reason, i'll not get another PM...i'm guessin' they think if i'm very polite, i'm not a dirty little wh*re.... lol IF they continue to push, i'll let them know I have a Daddy who treats me VERY well, along with my chain sister, and i am very happy in my relationship as it is... and then again, thank them for their compliment. Usually when you are polite back to them, they aren't as ugly or mean... if you respond being ugly and mean, you'll prolly get it directed right back at you. If they turn into extreme disrespectful buttholes for some reason or another, you can quickly block them. My first week here, I went to Sin City, and some guy accosted me, he was ugly and mean and rude and with it being my first time here, i was very shaken... BUT, i got out my lollipop smasher and beat his butt around tha' SIM.. it was soooo funny! THEN i blocked him! lmao
  6. i will miss Miss Imagin and Willowdale very much! I was finally able to achieve my dream of having a Homestead in 2nd Life, which is the ONLY reason I left Willowdale. Miss Imagin is a very fair landowner, and she does her absolute best to keep her tenants happy, and her land running smoothly. She is a very kind woman, and her properties are absolutely beautiful! If you are looking for a home, this would be tha' place! She also let me stay in the group after i left so i could continue getting her notecards I loved receiving so much!
  7. We have a plot of land on Sunrise Suites, they may have some rentals. It's not ON the Blake Sea, but it has access to the Blake Sea... we've gotten there on our speedboat a few times, it was fun!!
  8. all i know is after we moved into Willowdale, paying a listed price for a listed amount of prims... our prims went UP drastically one day, i was confused until i heard form a friend about LL increasing our prims.... and i know our rent did NOT go up.... isn't this what you were referring to in your original post QUEEN **bleep**? you are pissed because prims were freely given by LL but the landowners charged you for this increase in prim... and like the last poster said, if you don't like it... move somewhere else... problem SOLVED!
  9. first of all, i'm sorry this happened to you.... my partner and i live in Willowdale, and our land manager was gracious enough to allow us the free prims at no extra cost... i'm sure there are some landowners out there like this...
  10. Thank you Ayesha & Qie!
  11. and Alwin, for the price i pay for my stream, there is no WAY it's a "connection" problem... lol
  12. thank you, Ayesha... i know how my stream and my SAM works...i was also under the impression it's 2nd Life... just wonderin' if a tech would answer and maybe we could find a fix...
  14. AND we are having a halloween costume contest!!!!! soooooo, wear your best!!!