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  1. welllll, this conversation took SOME kinda turn and i have NO idea where i am now, but thanks y'all for the giggles!
  2. very very beautiful! be still my heart! ❤️
  3. of cooouuurse i loves you tooooooo!! ❤️ *tight huggies back and a sneaky ass grope* hehe
  4. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you are HOT HOT HOT!!!! marry me??
  5. Wow!! looks like Charlie Sheen! lol yummy, btw... and i looooove those lips... very good look! kudos!
  6. Second Life kinda got boring for me.... i am a VERY social person.. i love to chat.. be silly... sing.. dance... be silly... .lol When i first discovered the virtual world (it was 3DSex.com) was in 2012.... i was in EVERYONES faces.. chatting.. hollering.. giggling... singing... dancing.. it was a whole new beeeeuuuutiful world to me! When i came to Second Life, went shopping i think... and i tried the same.. uggghhhh... boring a*# people who never even LOOKED at local from what i can gather... i've been in a time or two since then... found a club that was very sociable... i liked it... danced, had fun... orgies.. DJ'd... DJ'd at orgies!! lol became assistant manager then found out the woman i thought was my friend was a backstabbing conniving b*Tch.... now i only come in to get f*#ked by strangers.... *shrugs* not so magical and personable and fun for me anymore when people don't want to talk to you....
  7. VERY well said, Syo! ❤️ i know its been a "band aid" for me more than once... and it was helpful when it was needed ... but yeah, there is truly a danger when one seeks it as an escape and uses it for years, as i've seen with one too many "friends" i've made in this world... in which case, it then "replaces" real life...
  8. Hello sweety... just curious... what happens when you forget about this real life, come into 2nd life and have... as you say an "amazing life" and everything falls apart in your real life because you are hiding in 2nd Life... annnnnd you end up in a tent, and i'm assuming living in a tent, you wouldn't have internet access? What happens then? You will once again, leave this "amazing life" behind... same thing that happened when you were 18 and your father was trying to protect his little girl... I'm sorry, but this may not be what you want to hear... but trying to escape into a virtual world and "pretend" you have an "amazing life" is sooooo NOT healthy!! To avoid living in this tent, why don't you focus on your real life? Make changes... do what you must, and do as you will to MAKE things better YOURSELF... 2nd Life will NOT make your real life better... not if you are using it as an excuse and an escape...and its the REAL life that you live in... as a REAL person... Much love to you... and prayers and positive thoughts will be sent... blessed be... ❤️
  9. ohhhh yeahhhh lol just call ME unicorn!! ❤️
  10. hmmmmm i will let my owner know about all of this, thank you SO much!! and to add, on a side note... we don't KNOW the attacks are going on until we get bombarded with IM's...
  11. We have tried that, thank you for the response.. but there were TOO many and TOO quick that attacked last night... my owner was getting bombarded by messages... 2 other owners were there and she wasn't even able to TELL them on Skype what was going on. We KNOW this is their stupid childish drama.. and we WANT them to keep it off of our SIM. However, when they attack like they did last night... it's kind of overwhelming.. even for three of the owners at the time! Soooo, we would like to know if there is another course of action we can take, if they REFUSE to stop coming to our SIM and attacking folks outta tha' blue.
  12. i am the manager of a privately owned SIM which has a club, and other amenities for loyal patrons. 2 of our DJ's belong to this role play crap called "Angels & Demons". It seems the family is in a conflict between these two DJ's, and the family comes in and attacks each other unbeknownst to the owners and/or manager. The convenant on the SIM says "NO ROLE PLAY HUDS ALLOWED, and no we will NOT be set up as a "safe place" because we do NOT allow this drama in our club. There was an attack in our club last night, the three owners were there, but the attack happened so fast, there was no was to diffuse it.. my question is, is this even LEGAL?? Is it against the TOS of 2nd Life? Can these adult children who obviously have nothing better to do with their time be reported to Linden Labs?? HOW do we stop it??
  13. *smiles* thank you.. and nooooo.. i have not yet... i do have a wedding coming on tha' 3rd of next month i'll be needing one for.. wish i could remember his name!! lol
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