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  1. i will miss Miss Imagin and Willowdale very much! I was finally able to achieve my dream of having a Homestead in 2nd Life, which is the ONLY reason I left Willowdale. Miss Imagin is a very fair landowner, and she does her absolute best to keep her tenants happy, and her land running smoothly. She is a very kind woman, and her properties are absolutely beautiful! If you are looking for a home, this would be tha' place! She also let me stay in the group after i left so i could continue getting her notecards I loved receiving so much!
  2. We have a plot of land on Sunrise Suites, they may have some rentals. It's not ON the Blake Sea, but it has access to the Blake Sea... we've gotten there on our speedboat a few times, it was fun!!
  3. all i know is after we moved into Willowdale, paying a listed price for a listed amount of prims... our prims went UP drastically one day, i was confused until i heard form a friend about LL increasing our prims.... and i know our rent did NOT go up.... isn't this what you were referring to in your original post QUEEN **bleep**? you are pissed because prims were freely given by LL but the landowners charged you for this increase in prim... and like the last poster said, if you don't like it... move somewhere else... problem SOLVED!
  4. first of all, i'm sorry this happened to you.... my partner and i live in Willowdale, and our land manager was gracious enough to allow us the free prims at no extra cost... i'm sure there are some landowners out there like this...
  5. Thank you Ayesha & Qie!
  6. and Alwin, for the price i pay for my stream, there is no WAY it's a "connection" problem... lol
  7. thank you, Ayesha... i know how my stream and my SAM works...i was also under the impression it's 2nd Life... just wonderin' if a tech would answer and maybe we could find a fix...
  8. ALICE COOPER UP IN ABOUT 15 MINUTES!!!!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bound%20To%20Excite/85/147/23
  9. AND we are having a halloween costume contest!!!!! soooooo, wear your best!!!
  10. NEW LANDMARK FOR OUR HALLOWEEN FESTIVITIES!!!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bound%20To%20Excite/84/145/23
  11. kicking off our Grand Re~Opening Week @ Bound Elegance toooonight!! Tonight (Thursday October 27th) at Bound Blegance.... http://maps.secondlife.com/…/Bound%20To%20Excite/179/32/3005 we have DJ JammiJim with his hostess Ayla from 4 to 6 SL time, then DJ Jo with her hostess Kou! y'all stop on in and say hello! it's Movie & Trivia night!! <3
  12. Our Bound Elegance Halloween Grand Re~Opening festivities begin this Thursday!! Stay tuned for more details!
  13. i'm new here too, but i've come across Indulge Gentleman's Club...... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Adventureland/33/204/23 they have voice escorts and text escorts, etc....
  14. Thank you! i actually managed to find y'all yesterday while on my seemingly neverending hunt for places to go! lol The people there were VERY welcoming and very friendly, i took my Lover back when He logged on, and we've both landmarked it and will be back i'm sure!