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  1. Can't blame a girl for trying! No i totally think you made the right decision and I think that it worked exactly the way it was intended. Congratz on your new castle. That is going to be so much fun to decorate. Just make sure you come trick or treat in Belli.
  2. no, cause then Turkey day and then Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Festivus and then NYD..you might just have to give up and come back
  3. I actually think there is a group for Belli singles... Not a service really but hey...i have made so many friends and met so many new people just being part of the community I am sure that this group would be no different.
  4. no cause it's just bongs and beanbags and black light posters, some doorway beads and a really huge rug with a questionable stain....
  5. Bellisseria = the summer of love in the Haight
  6. If this situation happens....it would have to involve cheating for a person's stuff to still be there, you just left, the new girl/guy shows up..so now she/he has a left over man/woman, left over furniture...leave a half eaten ham sammy on the counter so she/he can have that sad leftover too...good riddance to sad rubbish..
  7. I think that is absolutely your right. Everyone has to decide for themselves and I would hope that anyone who felt they were not getting value for their dollar would decide how to spend that money in a way that makes them happier.
  8. LL making this change is not a targeted attack at you or anyone else, and it's not being done to make things less fair or trip you up or deny you the one of many homes. It's for server health as has been explained on official, pinned threads for quite some time. It's not about being unfair to you or denying you something or well...about you.
  9. It's 12:32 EST right now if that helps with all the time zones.
  10. No there would still be upset users because the house they got didn't meet their standards, wasn't in the area they wanted, didn't have the right bushes, not enough bushes, too many bushes. Then they would return the house they didn't like and try to get another, blame LL for that too and then complain that they've been defrauded, baited, switched, battered, fried, etc.
  11. I had a loftroom for years and i kinda loved it...no it didn't have the neighborhood feeling of Belli and no I wouldn't go back because i love my house. BUT I really did love it and had a great time converting it into something amazing like the guy in your example Attitude makes a world of difference in how you look at things I think.
  12. you can always make more fence so it makes more sense
  13. Well the moles are from all over the world. If LL follows the best practices of change management in major IT companies and i'm sure they do to some extent, then they have several people assigned to each area of work. Only one of those people from each area needs to be present for a go live into the environment. So I am sure they have at least one member of the necessary teams that works during SLT work hours but other team members who work hours that make sense for their region. If that made sense?
  14. he has said a coupla times it's a team, it was just that 1 person from the team was gone that day
  15. Nor do i see them allowing an IRA parade down the middle of main. These things are clearly political and clearly part of an ongoing schism that has received a lot of press recently. It lives on today despite Good Friday and it is still an open wound that living parties can clearly remember. I don't think there are many British who are still sore over American independence. I could be wrong...but...
  16. @Mollymews @Female Winslet Please never stop doing this
  17. I thought that might have been why you turned up in a search for Harley without using the word Harley in any of the customer facing advert.
  18. What a refreshing change to see something so positive and happy. Sometimes the only thing you can do to really put things into perspective is count all the good things rather than dwelling on the bad. I love everything about this thread....and now for something completely....appropriate....
  19. https://imgur.com/gallery/GfNQ6lZ
  20. If you are still waiting for a home, why on earth would you complain that someone is thinking of releasing one back into the wild that you would have a shot at.... nose to spite face
  21. hey that's an idea. you could complete the square in the back yard around a tree and make it almost a sitting area, like those wrap around tree benches
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