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  1. /me Humbly points to the new website I created about 1 month ago: 👉 www.metabloggers.com Still working, still alot to be done.
  2. Deeding land means the owner of the land is a group. Setting land to a group means the avatar is the owner of the land, but shares land with a group. I'm not sure why you need to deed land to a group. Deeding land allows you to own 10% more of land for the group, but it doesn't give you more prims. In the long run, if you can't buy that 10% more of land in the same region, it's not necessary to deed the land, because you will not have more prims. Here is the thing. If an avatar owns 5120sqm of land in 1 region has the same prims than a 5120sqm of land deeded to a group in the same region. Deeding land to a group would allow you to buy an extra 512sqm (in your tier level) of land and if you use that land in the same region, then having more prims. If the system returned your objects it's probably because you had "auto return" enabled in the land, and objects which are not rezzed in the same group. As an avatar, the system never returns the objects you own, but when land is deeded, the owner of the land is not the avatar: it's the group. So weird things can happen. Set all your objects to the same group that will own the land before messing up with land. You have only deeded the 1024sqm plot of land. You still have to deed your 4096sqm plot of land. You have deeded the 1024 sqm plot of land. (set all your objects to the same group that will own the land ) Deed the 4096sqm plot of land to the group. That will give you a contribution of 3723sqm of land. Now you will have 931sqm + 3723sqm land donated to the group. Buy another 512sqm plot of land in the same region by deeding it to the group. Don't use "buy land", but use "Buy land for group". 465sqm will be donated to the group. That will give you 931sqm + 3723sqm + 465 sqm = 5120 sqm Remember that deeding land doesn't give you more prims, owning more land give you more prims. !
  3. Update Since the only person interested couldn't afford my price, I have set this region to be abandoned next tuesday at midnight. Regards
  4. I have a Grandfathered Full Region for sale. It's been a commercial region established since 2008. We are moving our business to mainland and we would like the region to disappear with all our memories, but I can accept the 900$USD Monthly Tier: $195 USD Tier Date: 27th Asking Price: $900 USD + Transfer Fee ($600 USD to keep grandfathered tier OR $100 USD for standard tier) Total Price: $1500 / $1000 USD I can't sell it until the 24th because a business is still running but I could accept to leave the 23rd if it is very urgent Send me a notecard inworld if you are interested. I live in Europe so western time zone. Thank you
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