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Found 9 results

  1. This week we are taking a field trip to Hammifari, an African safari themed zoo event that runs until May 21st. Don’t miss out! Hammifari is the latest creation of the Bellisseria Hammies, a couple/building team that oversee the Bellisseria Animal Sanctuary. They go by Hammie (Jessycajayne) and Varistentia Varriale. Hammifari has an open-plan setup, with the animals roaming freely. You can get up close and personal with giraffes, zebras, elephants, and more. There is also an elevated wooden walkway that lines the perimeter of the exhibit. It’s a great vantage point to enjoy the waterfall, trees, and surrounding nature. This event takes place on the Bellisseria Fairgrounds, a space the Hammies are quite familiar with. They tell us they have done many events here, such as “Zoo-Palooza 1, {and} a winter fantasy land we called Hamnia - a play on Narnia. And we also did a summer-long Water Park last summer, which will be returning for its second year this coming July.” Of their inspiration for Hammifari, the Hammies say “our main message to folks that come to see Hammifari or any other builds that we do, is a universal message to be kind to animals. To learn more about them and their needs, habitats etc. And to just generally help create a fun environment where families and anyone who also has an appreciation for wildlife can explore.” The event is only up for a few more days, so teleport over soon before it disappears! Video Production Credits: Draxtor Despres Hammifari - Zoo-Palooza 2 The Bellisseria Animal Sanctuary returns for their second annual zoo at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds this spring! The Belli Hammies decided it would be fun to bring the beloved community of Bellisseria a brand new adventure this year! They are heading deep into the African Savanna! The animals are out, roaming in the wild. There are no cages and gates to keep them in. So be mindful of where you tread! Hammifari will run from May 2nd to the 21st. Visit in Second Life
  2. The Winter Wonderland is open now at Bellisseria Fairgrounds from Nov. 28th - Dec. 4th, 2020. Enter the tunnel and explore the magic. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bellisseria Fairgrounds/160/218/23 Welcome Winter Solstice Celebration Tuesday, Dec. 1st. 10:00 am - 1:00 pm (slt) with Dj Bela Sponsored by Bellis Blues Cafe Photo by @Bela Tolsen
  3. Get ready for a multiple DJ event. A formal Winter Ball to be held at the Fairgrounds! Hope you can join us!
  4. The belli hammies are very excited to announce that on July 19th, the sanctuary will be one year old. We can barely believe it, holy carrot patches!! In celebration of this, we are building a Water Park. Dats right a .. water ... park! There will be custom water slides that twist and turn. Penty of space to get your virtual tan as you lounge in the sun. Tiki style bar areas for quieter moments, unless you find the booze .. then perhaps not so quiet! And as always, lots of treats because let's be real .. hammies do nuffin without food. This event will run at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds from July 13th - July 19th (<--- anni date- massive partay). A daily dj will spin from 12-2 pm slt. And of course, the park will be open for anything recreational that you'd like to do! Keep an eye out for updates and maybe even a little movie done up hammie style. The Belli Hammies 🐹 Oh! And in the meantime.. if yew get bored. Come check out our exhibition at the SLBB17 celebration! https://secondlife.com/destination/bellisseria-animal-sanctuary-camping-trip-sl17b
  5. Due to RL scheduling conflicts, we've had to reschedule this event. It will now take place on Saturday, March 7th : 12 noon - 2 PM SLT The Other Dating Game Saturday, March 7th at Bellisseria Fairgrounds 12 noon - 2 PM slt Hosted by Dj Far Proceeds go to Bellisseria Relay For Life ________________________________________ On Saturday, March 7th., we'll be holding a different kind of Dating Game at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds. The concept of this event is to have fun and also promote Bellisseria Relay For Life, one of the many teams of Relay For Life of Second Life. We're asking volunteers to sign up as contestants for this event. We're hoping we get enough to hold 3 games in total. More detailed information on this event below. Game variants: 1 Bachelorette vs. 3 Bachelors, 1 Bachelor vs. 3 Bachelorettes, 1 LGBTQ vs 3 LTBTQ contestants What makes this game different and why we call it the 'Other' Dating Game is the chance to opt out. Contestants will be on the stage and answer questions asked by the contestant in the 'dating' chair. Each round will last around 15 minutes, at the end of their time, the dating contestant will select their choice of date from the 3 eligible bachelor(ettes) hidden from their view on stage. Those not selected for a date will receive a nice donated gacha prize for participating. Prizes could be fun, silly or pretty nice. The selected single contestant will then come over and meet their date. But here's the catch! Maaaaybe, the date is just not for them and they'd rather opt out and make a nice donation to Relay For Life instead and remain happily single and go about their merry way. But fear not, if the dating contestant is left out in the cold, we have a nice gacha consolation prize for them for participating. If the couple decides to keep the date, then we'll send them on a date for two at the fairgrounds. A romantic dinner for two at the Italian restaurant, and a choice of a hot air balloon ride afterwards, or a lovely gondola ride around the waterways of Bellisseria. We'll need a total 12 contestants to sign up to play all 3 games. If you're interested, please do up a note card and send it in world to prudenceanton. Sign me up for The Other Dating Game! SL Legacy Name: SL Display Name: Gender: Dating preference: (heterosexual, LGBTQ, other, etc) Sign Ups must be submitted by 12 noon slt on Friday, March 6th. If we get a lot of sign ups, the drawing for contestants will be random. You'll be notified if your name is selected to be a contestant. Please join us and have some fun! And help us support Bellisseria RFL in Second Life. 🥰 Note: All contestants must be an adult and in an adult avatar. Questions and answers from contestants will be in local chat in text type, not SL voice. 😉 If you decide to opt out of the date by donating to RFL, the donation amount is solely up to the contestant's ability and generosity to pay what they may.
  6. Hello - does anyone know how to go abut reserving the fairgrounds and if you can get stream rights at least for your event? Thank you in advance Owl
  7. The First "Bellisseria Citizens Parade & Fair" hosted by the Blake Sea Marine Parade When: September 14, 2019 Time: 10am to 10pm SLT Where: Bellisseria Fairgrounds DJ's Live Singers Live Bands Live Marine Parades Fireworks Ferris Wheel, Horse Rides, Live Zoo, Balloon Rides, Magic Carpet Rides, helicopter rides Photographer / Videographers Tattoo Artist Painters If you can volunteer in any of those positions, please let me know so I can put you on the rez list. and everything is free.... So come early and spend the day at Second Life's newest Continent. IM SinaMax
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