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  1. The poses from stun poses are exactly what I was looking for - thank you so much! 😊
  2. hello you! I wonder where people buy their standing still AOs? or are they just photo poses animations added to the AO? Can someone recommend a shop?
  3. Hey you 😊 i just bought a shape on MP, now i'd like to have the right skin. according to the notecard it's a pumec gacha skin, that's the first obstacle 😕 can't find the skin in the store, does anyone have an idea?
  4. I fixed the problem, my hands and feet wasn't working correctly. So I got a redelivery of my Maitreya Body, changed hands and feet and now the Skin applier is working 😊
  5. Hey 😊 I use the Maitreya Mesh Body Lara and bought yesterday a Skin from The Skinnery for my CatWa head and the Maitreya Skin applier. The applier works on my body, but it won't apply on my hands and feet… I wear the Maitreya bento hands V4.1 and the flat feet V4.1... am I doing something wrong or need I something else to get it on my hands and feet? Sorry for asking such a stupid question but I had a SL break for years and I there are a lot of changes in SL, I feel like a newbie 😄
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