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  1. I know I have kind of been spamming the thread this weekend, but I just have to post this:
  2. Setting up for a quick headshot and the result:
  3. Searching for @Orwar's tongue-out-sticking goat - no luck so far
  4. Going through my gatchas, I actually found somewhat similar to the Akane - Tableau Vivant \\ Summer Hairplay - Sundowner. Here I lie, staring at the roof, wondering if it is actually possible to get hold of that hair nowadays (should have gotten "Blonds", not "Naturals") or even better if Argrace would remake the Akane : )
  5. Just shy of 100 pair of shoes/boots - 150+ sets of hairstyles, most of them blonde Argrace took down all the hair a while back and started kind of from scratch again - but I have seen they bring out the old styles in upgraded versions, so you'll probably hope for that. Do not know of other hair with that style, been looking for something like that myself...
  6. Out for some late (SL) night fun (Doing some advertising at the same time ) Fun gimmick from FashionNatic - you can edit the text on the back
  7. And my new Bakaboo-outfit functions well as camouflage in an arcade - I'm blending in quite well, don't you think ?
  8. It wasn't only you that went hair shopping tonight, @Talligurl - I guess I am one of the few with more hair than shoes I blame it on @Zeta Vandyke and @Kotelle that I ended up at Foxy's again And this one was looking very smug when he learned that the hair was from Foxy
  9. We of course took it for granted that all you guys were out and about doing all kinds of Valentiny (Valentinish? Valentinesque??) stuff 😉
  10. "That Valentines thing? Never really been that into it..." "Naaah..."
  11. Just know when to stop - I guess I went a bit tooooo far (But I'm very pleased with the result, so if anyone needs a american desert style location please feel free to visit "Follow Your Arrow")
  12. As the proper(-ish) woman I am, it is of course always up until nature calls (Then it obviously is up to your (slightly unwashed) minds to decide what nature calls about )
  13. But was able to get a decent B/W headshot out of it....
  14. Thank you - and i forgot to say it in the first post, you look abs stunning as always- even when working out!
  15. It was 6 o'clock, right? Oh, well - I'll wait inside... At least I have this big boy to keep me company
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