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  1. Hat, dress and gloves/bangles are gachas from Meva called Audrey (of course), necklace/earrings from CentoPallini. Bought what I could find of the gachas on MP... SAS - Synergie Black Dress bought on MP - comes with Omega gloves and a hat I didn't like that much, in addition to the matching purse...
  2. ... says the woman that a while back had this wonderful picture of her wearing a sheer top and a hat (like on the profile pic?), which were one of the real eyeopeners for me regarding how elegant it was possible to be in SL (and really got me into hats :D) ...
  3. Oh!!! I've been looking for pants like these, but with a yellow stripe - please tell me where to find them And again, that effortless elegance of yours - cannot even find the words!!
  4. Inspired by the "What Inspires Your Style and Fashion in SL"-thread (where I totally forgot to mention my Audrey Hepburn & Givenchy obsession), I went through some of my Audrey/Givenchy-inspired outfits and did some quick snaps...
  5. I guess I do like Eva - I tend to go for things I would wear/like to wear or do wear in RL. Now and then I manage to let go a bit and do something a little bit more experimental - but mostly I keep close to RL... As to where inspiration comes from, both in SL and RL I guess, my main source is lookbook.nu - where I follow a select few, and regularly browses styles like 'parisian', 'chic', 'street', 'casual' etc... And this girl - I love her
  6. Out shopping for sushi in Paradox Ivory's new sim...
  7. uh oh... And I'm not the only one - saw a least one other angel there Had to go to Lutz afterwards of course
  8. Happy International Women's Day wishes from Norway as well!
  9. Late to find this thread, but I'm ready and have joined the groups Love this!
  10. Came with the Lara Croft outfit from Xtra Ordinary More like "grrrr" & "hmpfff" and a lot of those other words that get censored in here, but thank you for the chocolate (even though the good bits were taken )
  11. Kind of reflects how I feel today actually! Be sure to have chocolate ready if you approach me
  12. While I was waiting to catch a ride getting out of this darn deserted place and go down to see if there was more action down by Talli's...
  13. Ever been here? Go here and jump into one of the pods to get transported up. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zimminy/189/73/21
  14. "... world domination ... masterplan... moaahahaha..." Just to show what you can run into in Rieri-Town - a weapons dealer with a full showroom behind their fancy sales offices... I answered earlier from my phone, and felt I cut them a bit short - that place is really fantastic! No fancy grungy urban decay or futuristic sci-fi fantasies - just a superdetailed, modeled-from-google-maps-realistic up-to-date big city area. Here you can find everything from sushi bars to laundries to corporate offices to a traditional temple/park, highway overpasses and canals. Photo ops everywhere!
  15. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSOC/73/183/29 Rieri-town, a suburb/part of Tokyo. My goto place for urban nondecay photos
  16. This is so... nah, don't have words and there is not enough hearts and thumbs up or smileys to express how much I LOVE this picture (and the caption)!
  17. Hmmmm, do we have the same stylist ? In this case, I'm sure we have - YOU (Could not pass it at Uber after having seen your photo!)
  18. Just to get things straight - today was just the audition for running . There also was one audition in January (where @Akasha Sternberg made the cut and became Miss SL Germany!), and tomorrow the complete list of candidates will be published... Then the serious stuff begins, with 5 runway challenges, 2 photo challenges and a live interview before it ends with the grand finale 2. June... Not at all sure why I'm doing this, but anyways I put in my application at the last day, and got accepted (for the audition) - so now I guess I'll just wait and see where this takes me... (been a total blast s
  19. Thank you for your support, Sara! And with that outfit right there - you should have been on stage (and I in that chair )
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