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  1. Looks like Kacey and I got some new neighbors today - got to have a chat with them when they show up!
  2. @BelindaN, I must be doing something wrong, still no guys hitting on me
  3. Love your expression here! Oh, and now I know who you remind me of - Ewa Fröling (here in Fanny & Alexander, a movie they used to show on TV every Christmas ) Something about the eyes and eyebrows - and the first name of course
  4. Oh, I just HAVE to join in on this red dress thing - lol - feeling a bit dramatic today!
  5. /me takes a deep bow - Thank you!!! Oh - so much easier now with mesh, guess yours was every bit as good! Oh, please - shut up - It started with a jedi robe, a full perm bandana and a pearl earring... And grrrr, I always post my pictures prematurely - the finished picture (with some added postprocessing are <HERE> on my Flickr...)
  6. Inspired by @Skell Dagger & @Saravendi (...and Vermeer )
  7. Oh, we’re just posers In true movie tradition, it was only apple juice in the bottles and glass... And the hand - he was just being a gentleman trying to prevent my dress to slide up during my posing
  8. Rosa Scotia, a lovely small island: One of my first attempts at landscapes - captured with the windlight and sun position that where at the location when I visited, no postprocessing.
  9. Swimming with the sharks, feeding the flamingos and posing with the pigs - just another normal day on the beach really
  10. Well - I can attest that it works - followed Sara's System for less that 24 hours and look at my abs - lol!
  11. Serenata en Sevilla (and now I'm done posting for today - I promise!!!)
  12. Guess Sara was not too impressed with my guitar playing though - but, hey, I only got this thing hours ago
  13. It's not only me who hates it when the weekend is over and we have to leave for work...
  14. But meanwhile time flies; it flies never to be regained.
  15. Who cares anyway - there are spring sales going on!
  16. Still plenty of designers out there making mesh clothing in standard sizes for the classic body - and you can get templates for your body corresponding with those sizes from the marketplace to get them to fit quite good. In many cases the clothes comes with an alpha mask to hide parts of your body, so they might even be easier to fit than mesh clothing on a mesh body... Look for the standard sizing logo on the posters/ads for the clothing https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Standard-Sizing-Package-Male-Female/3717612
  17. Thanks, he’s the one from the surveillance cam the other day
  18. No surprise that you have the hottest picture - every time, every theme 😁
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