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  1. thank you ChibiDragon! I am now at Japan Tempura Island. Is there somewhere I can look look to change my appearance?
  2. There is still a lot I need to learn about SL. I need to start at the beginning and need your help. What do I need to begin? How do I change this noob look?
  3. Whoo hoo! Thank you all for the good ideas and suggestions! Sorry if I said anything to offend anyone I didn't mean to. Although I speak English, my community has many people who do not and I picked up many things from then but also learned much Chinese. If i'm commenting inappropiately please let me know.
  4. Hello I'm back! I want to thank all the sisters and brothers who took the time to read and comment on the Asian presence in SL. Our questions woke a lot of people up and I think it will give us a chance to keep the lines of communication open. Second Life seems to be having some issues...I think they are financial ones. and if there is any way of helping would EXCEPT for paying one penny more. Please don't tell me about an offer that gives us us a few cents back on overpriced clothing . And why is there so much "fat clothing"? No, I'm not throwing shade it's true. If people want their avat
  5. Take 500 Ester Vitamin C. One when you wake up, one before you go to bed. hope you're already better!
  6. Ai-ya! I just saw your message and thanks! I'll see if I can still find it!
  7. I don't know what the last few messages were about! It took a while before I realized you were just joking. Back to Ronaldo!
  8. I keep waiting for summer to hit. I promise I'll never complain about the heat. Wait a minute --the heat today made me dozy for a few minutes!
  9. Yes! I though Chinese sims had all been shut down! The Chinese sim has been closed down but many are just empty midnight - till around seven - eight in the morning. There's a twelve hour difference between us.
  10. Thank you! We'll be looking better and better! I never even heard of Izzies, Monso,Argrace and Ayashi!
  11. What Caucasians avies look Asian? We can use whatever fits our style!
  12. Ok, there is interest in older residents.. This is good and we have to support them! But there are some - Asian, Black and others - they are not seen as old (unless you also want to be fat). Hire us to look all the ways we look!
  13. If there's not a fuss, live your live and goddess bless you! But those who do have issues let's discuss what they are and how to fix them. crying and whining won't change things things but we can improve things a little or a lot!
  14. with a photo pinned under their neck.
  15. let's create a forum for 'dead threads'. At the end of a month (or two) we clean the thread.
  16. Go to one of the German sites and see if the will start a group to join recent German members with long time residents. Join a dance group, club, clothing class. A lot of non-Germans will be interested too. Good luck!
  17. I'm back! I was slow for a long time cause I could not write with my right hand. now I can...slowly but I can. I can write rather, type. If you are Asian...or if you just have a interest in Asian things and culture, let's get together and talk!
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