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  1. when there are home things going on, or guests coming over I take part in that. but let's say there's a t.v. show i don't like, or I already saw, we do separate things.
  2. they can do it one time. everybody deserves to be an ass one time.
  3. In New York it's winter, so looking at your photo is sending a little heat my way! and your shoes are kicking!
  4. I'm so glad to see you all answered! Thanks! Well there used to be many Asians here when I was a kid sneaking in to play. And there was a Chinese sister who had the company DrLife. And she's coming back! So Asians, get ready to stand tall!
  5. It's a shame that you go through any ish when you are just trying to join the group, meet people and have fun like anybody else. And when I hear the advice "you should look for a family to join", I wonder if that's something White people do. Cause I'm Chinese and nobody ever told me about a family, much less invited me to join one. When I first joined i was on over a month before I saw another Asian, and he was Japanese. I have nothing against Japanese but I'm Chinese and just wanted to meet Chinese people. But it was a month or two before I met any Now, why is that? I started wondering
  6. What about countries that are seen in the welcome area? Anyway, and Asians were here. Now they're not. I think we should ask why, and be told what has happened.
  7. There are certain radio stations that are played in rooms where groups from SL get together to listen and discuss the topic. Just pick something you are interested in, ha.
  8. Ai-ya. I'm Chinese-American and only read a little Chinese (but I'm learning). And my teacher doesn't teach the mainland script, it's a little different.
  9. I'm speaking mainly of East Asians, in particular Chinese -- the kind you see everyday but rarely in SL. Chinese are not even shown in the grouping of new comer countries though we have been in and participated since the beginning. Some of the most popular companies in the past like DrLife were Chinese owned and created and brought SL to other countries. What happened? Even here in the U. S. where Second Life's company is based, Asians no longer are seen and represented. Many, like me, speak fluent english and those who don't use translators to get by. Many of us who want to be real memb
  10. I lost my memory, which made me lose friends. My name was ririkim though I am Chinese. Now I am KamSingYang. I wrote here in the past but I don't know what name I used.
  11. there are jobs you can get, so far i've seen barmaids and dancers advertised. there are others, just get a nice hair and an outfit. good luck!
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