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  1. Desperate for Dependable Staff

    We also have a second club, Beauty's Edge, a formal lounge with DJ's and live singers. Maybe you might be interested?
  2. Desperate for Dependable Staff

    Teamwork is how we operate at Blade's Edge and we're a very close group. Join our family today.
  3. Desperate for Dependable Staff

    Blade's Edge BDSM Community is much more than just a club . Check us out today.
  4. Desperate for Dependable Staff

    Dues to several out with extended illnesses, we're extremely short handed. Contact Casidei Resident inworld!
  5. Desperate for Dependable Staff

    If you are less than 30 days old, exceptions could possibly be made. Why not contact us?
  6. Desperate for Dependable Staff

    We're very laid back. You won't have to spend 15 minutes reading a list of rules. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is accepted. Contact Casidei Resident INWORLD for more info.
  7. Desperate for Dependable Staff

    Summer is almost over and things are going to start getting busy again all over sl. A great time to start a new job.
  8. Aug. 28 - Sept 1 is BACK TO SCHOOL WEEK at Blade's Edge. It's that time again. They leave every morning. Back to bedtimes at night. That glorious time of year when we get our lives back. It's our annual BACK TO SCHOOL week at Blade's Edge. Kids back in school and mommies and daddies can come out to play again. So let's celebrate! All week long! Great themes. Unbelievable prizes.
  9. Desperate for Dependable Staff

    Our current events begin at 4pm but we're ready to expand and move into daytime events.
  10. The most unique formal club you'll find anywhere. Events Mondays and Wednesdays 5pm - 9pm. We invite you to check us out. A beautiful with the intimacy of an upscale cabaret and lounge. Dance on the edge of beauty brought to you by some of the best DJs and Live Artists in Second Life. Let your search for beauty begin and end at Beauty's Edge. *Attire Smart Cocktail, Semi-Formal, Formal Join Group: secondlife:///app/group/7deb7810-40a0-1b3c-fb5f-57f0a1e3f042/about Facebook: