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  1. The idea is not foreign to me, increasingly, I know people seek out "virtual communities" and actually do establish genuine connections with other people. I do not find it rare, I just want to know how the relationships people develop in these sort of communities differ from Real World interactions, if they differ at all. I came into SL hoping i could make friends and share experiences with other residents but I have'nt had much luck.
  2. Thank you so much for your response, it was very thorough. Specifically, I find it very interesting when you say, "You can't spend time with other people and not be changed to some extent. It is not the platform that causes the impact but the people you meet who influence you." I liked this very much, I think I will incorporate some version of this quote into my essay.
  3. Thank you guys for all your feedback, I do appreciate your honesty and advice. I recognize that it is difficult to ask these sort of questions when i have not put in a significant effort to explore Second Life. If these questions offended any of you, I apologize. My intentions are sincere in getting to know this virtual world, alas, time is against me. I will dedicate myself to exploring what second life has to offer for the next five days, hoping to get a small glimpse of what it can be. Again, thank you all; your comments have been very useful. If any of you guys want to add me as a friend f
  4. Hello, I noticed that too. Is there a way we can friend each other via these forums so we can know when we are online?
  5. Hi Dillon, I appreciate your honesty and politeness. I agree with you, the questions I'm asking should be asked after I have a better understanding of Second Life. It's rude to just enter into community and start asking questions without you having observed the dynamics that encompass these spaces. I have a lot to learn but I am extremely short on time. I'm taking a summer course and this final essay is due next week. It would be disrespectful to think one could know all there is know about second life in such a short time span but I have to do what I can. At this point, I have to settle
  6. Hello Cindy, Thank you for the advice. I know having a blank profile is kind of a red flag. I haven't put much effort into developing my profile yet but I will spend the majority of this weekend trying to fix that. I'm just a little disappointed in myself for not doing this sooner lol
  7. Is the way you interact with people in Second Life different than how you would talk to people IRL? Did you start playing Second Life in hopes of making friends? Are you part of any groups in Second Life? And thank you for responding to this thread Fionalein, I appreciate it.
  8. Hello everybody, I am new to this game and haven't had much experience in meeting other people. I was just curious as to whether people actually create meaningful relationships with other residents. I was hoping some of you could share your stories of some of the most memorable moments you've experienced in Second Life. What is you're favorite aspect of Second Life and why do you continue to play it? What kind of impact has Second Life had in your real life? As you guys can probably tell, I'm a college student and I am writing a research paper on this virtual community. I would love to ma
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