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  1. There were a few Casinos I visited often without premium services today is different
  2. So here is what I have wondered about, I am renting a 512 parcel open to the public, traffic is descent until today I can't 'access' to the tranquility region, I have friends that hang around there even they tell me they can't enter that region. I still have 3 weeks parcel rent there, does anyone have info on that region, are they modernizing that region, if so a little heads up would have been nice
  3. I've been using the default viewer that was given from the start of signing up, I don't have music issues, I don't have mesh issues, or moving issues
  4. Yea problem most of us are having now, since another update rolled in we can't even log in until we update, once we do update we still can't log in with the update, I had to search for the SL blog online then log in
  5. I don't understand it really, I've been using the default viewer that came with signing up, what is it with other viewers that makes it that much better, I don't have issues with it at all
  6. Chat with a friend of mine Rosa Rolls, been friends with her for ages, that's who I rent from, 4096 or the 8000 plus there is no way I could afford that amount of land, premium account on top of the 10 USD on the CC bill nope won't do it and yea it is mainland
  7. Where I have been over the ages space of 40 meters below ground, better yet, visit Rouse look underground....................... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rouse/10/241/33
  8. Some land owners are too quick on the draw, they will just assume we are not grownups just because we are looking like an alien, I myself have had this experience while going to a simple event, they did not see my SL profile pic first or when i signed up, these people need more training they can simply right click us for more info
  9. Here is the thing tho, just a few days ago I could enter these sims, now I try to visit the same sims suddenly I must meet criteria
  10. The problem with it there are probably 15 different viewers for SL so 15 people are going to us differently, when we signed up for SL there was already a program that came with it, if we all were using the default viewer we would all be seeing everyone the same
  11. If you have a premium account you'll have that chance to teleport to those sims, also to note from what i read along with the premium accound you could be billed 14.95 per month, I too used to visit those gaming sims suddenly waa waa can't do it
  12. Give it time SL could end up like a certain social network that nearly bankrupt 'Tom' til it was bought out
  13. Same here, I read that if you sign up for a premium account its I believe 15 dollars per month