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  1. I have a 2 part question on this one............................ 1) Will be working on reducing the megabytes to run the program 117 megabytes is a lot of weight to carry with a mesh rental truck 2) Will we be updating weird emoticons at around 300px by 300px this way if someone should lose connection we can give a sad face
  2. There were a few Casinos I visited often without premium services today is different
  3. So here is what I have wondered about, I am renting a 512 parcel open to the public, traffic is descent until today I can't 'access' to the tranquility region, I have friends that hang around there even they tell me they can't enter that region. I still have 3 weeks parcel rent there, does anyone have info on that region, are they modernizing that region, if so a little heads up would have been nice
  4. I've been using the default viewer that was given from the start of signing up, I don't have music issues, I don't have mesh issues, or moving issues
  5. Many of visit a certain region to hang out not literally if us ladies wish to stay clothed, is using 12,000 prims give or take a few, why must they do this, we have suggested to the person that runs this to cut back on these prims over the years and still will not answer, 12,000 prims on top of the 30 people lot of us tend to crash, we do wish to be there have a great time so can Linden Labs enforce to cut back on prims if many suggest to do so UPDATE: Why do we even have these blogs, we just want simple solutions simple answers all we ever get is answers making us feel stupid and yes we do
  6. Since many of us prefer the prim tanned skin, will Linden Labs create adjustments in the torso section, if we wear the physics it tends to flatten out in areas so to have the option of 'adjust firmness' would be great for many of us whetther it being rounder or less rounder, some of us wish to look more hollywood
  7. all i did was set my video graphics to 'faster' going into 'advanced' made a change of the '# of non imposters' to 25, thos wondering there ya go
  8. I don't understand it really, I've been using the default viewer that came with signing up, what is it with other viewers that makes it that much better, I don't have issues with it at all
  9. A certain group out there anyone can join, the problem is this group even with the group has started the event they still put out notices, it'ss very annoying, so I try to turn off the recieve notices yet it will not uncheck, they seem to give notices every 20 minutes even with an event that started, same with the movies, notices even during the movie, Club Carnage is getting to be a pain. What's on your mind
  10. seems if we take too long to find the image we want to upload we get logged off, I don't see why if we are looking for the image, our movement pauses, but if we take too long to find it, the screen fades and a message appears as darn you've been logged off, will this be updated so that when we upload an image that we don't go pause, we should be able to take up to 5 minutes before we get another chance to upload the image
  11. From the getgo, if we take too long to upload a picture we get logged off, been using v.3 from the very beginning, and yes I know of the other viewers, I do not wish to see someone as a bumblebee others saying they look like a blob, v.3 is given at first born, I see no reason to switch over
  12. Chat with a friend of mine Rosa Rolls, been friends with her for ages, that's who I rent from, 4096 or the 8000 plus there is no way I could afford that amount of land, premium account on top of the 10 USD on the CC bill nope won't do it and yea it is mainland
  13. Where I have been over the ages space of 40 meters below ground, better yet, visit Rouse look underground....................... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rouse/10/241/33
  14. Some land owners are too quick on the draw, they will just assume we are not grownups just because we are looking like an alien, I myself have had this experience while going to a simple event, they did not see my SL profile pic first or when i signed up, these people need more training they can simply right click us for more info
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