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  1. Thanks Rachel, I will try those suggestions. I'm the alt of my main avatar with no home, so I go to my main avatar's premium house. I've also tried opening the hud in a sandbox with no luck. I will try your other suggestions. The only other hud I'm wearing is my AO. I take that off and see what happens. But my main avatar's Maitreya hud works fine with no issues. It appears that the premium home areas are set to group only for scripts. The hud works fine at Maitreya. Thank you again!
  2. Hi: I just got the Maitreya body 5.3 a few days ago. I've been trying for days now to get the hud to open without success. Any ideas?
  3. Since the newest version of Firestorm came out, any group notice I get with a notecard or an LM, even if I say to delete it, goes into my inventory. I just spent 15 minutes cleaning all this junk out of my inventory. I asked Firestorm and they said LL put this in. How do I shut it off??
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