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  1. Well yes, the Urban Dictionary contains the sum of all human knowledge. For example, you can lookup your (RL) first name, every name seems to have an entry created by admirers and/or detractors of a random individual with that name. "Useful."
  2. Better yet, shake your booty!
  3. I'm up for some good frolicking! Who's with me?
  4. Could have meant shrew, or shroved, or Shawshank..
  5. "Probably". But also, it really means "all of us", not "them". Love it!
  6. I was amazed to see it, because not only had I missed the plans, and the new llFuncs() on the Wiki..I even had used the llChar() library function just months ago! Would have taken a different path if they existed!
  7. Pre-history, being a "multi-continent" species was close to being multi-planet!
  8. This is the best POV surfing picture I've ever seen!! Great job!!
  9. I did a forum search, and did not find any posts saying that the new llOrd() and llChar() functions are live. Maybe it was only announced in release notes (besides Rider's proposal quotes in Molly's other posts)? Please let me know how this was announced.
  10. Y'all are obviously not telepathic or you wouldn't need to use this thread..
  11. I think having every thread "threatened" by a White Knight is very Monty Python-esque, but like Python, the joke is 40-50 years old now.
  12. I think in addition to DJ and Host, you should also be a couple dancers and a few customers.
  13. I think "running over / through people with a vehicle into their homes" is the new "quicksand" plot device!
  14. If these forums (not this topic) don't prove to you that aliens are real...maybe you're the alien?
  15. In the 80's, I saw a famous UFOlogist give a presentation at NASA (JSC near my home) for anyone interested - but mostly for a smallish audience of mostly local NASA folks, local consultants, etc. Anyway, he showed "new" enhanced pictures of "structures" on the moon, but also classics like faces on the rocks, . To me, it was like trying to see what a cloud looks like. Not "fake", just imagined still. So yeah, in the face of "evidence" I was a skeptic.
  16. The aliens are our children. "Let me make it plain, you've gotta make way for the Homo Superior!" - "Oh! You Pretty Things", David Bowie.
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