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  1. 2FA for transfers. From the Viewer. If it is "too far" for YOU- sorry, but my opinion is just as valid.
  2. I was hoping you could answer that! I don't understand what you were hoping to find. Do people kiss differently? Have you tried "Black Google"? I heard there is a "Black Twitter". Option #3 - your interpretation is racist.
  3. I see the "etc." but here's a scenario: someone logs into your account, not to purchase L$, but to give all your L$ to a series of "straw" (including random) avatars..some of which will give the L$ to the real thief's account.. require authentication for L$ transfers, or not?
  4. I see what you did there. LOL Hmm..since Tilia is a different company than Second Life, aren't discussions about Tilia technically..off topic?
  5. When did Lucky Charms become the same as Bumping Uglies?
  6. Is place where giant stone crushes things, yes?
  7. Lulz. What, are you fishing for arguments from a year ago? Classic!
  8. Use case: Request friendship until llIsFriend() returns TRUE!
  9. That means.. integer bFoe = ! llIsFriend(sKey);
  10. Don't make me hurt you. Can we all call you "Omar"?
  11. Argh it was Rupert Sheldrake. My bad. He mention Laszlo less often.
  12. I think when teleporting "breaks" on occasion, you don't see avatars gleefully exploring the local areas and getting to know their neighbors. Nope, when that happens users often give up and log out.
  13. Hey kids, just remember to use your Second Life Telepathy for "Good", not for "Evil"! Make the moderator's job easy!
  14. Yeah, my guru quotes him all the time.
  15. Maya doesn't have that exact meaning for me personally, but yes - illusion, false goals, wrong intent, veil, dreams of ego satisfaction etc. But just "ego" and "selfish intent" are enough if you have "siddhis", to be a "demon"..yet Maya is involved yep. Gotta hide / cover the right approach (of not being a demon). These "demons" performed the same worship (sadhana) as the yogis, but with selfish and impure intentions. Segue: Just like there could be "good telepaths" and "evil telepaths".
  16. Build up charisma, as you become a "yogi". Use it for evil, and you are a "yogi demon" (or asura).
  17. ..or posting under 2 different accounts / alts and getting the same Forum responses!
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