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  1. I know, right? PC's don't even have "toggle" switches for power buttons anymore. A button activates the shutdown process.
  2. I still do, but have "whole home" protection (from power co.), and also UPS's for my electronics.
  3. Motor bearings? SSD! Up next: failure to park your hard-drive head will crash it!
  4. Nooo..if I reboot too much, my boot sector will degrade!!'
  5. Remember back when people didn't turn off their PC because it could wear out the power switch? 😹
  6. I like single quotes, double quotes, grave accents..not sure what you called the paired "one is upside-down" quotes. Quotes have great kerning!
  7. Telepathy = reading other's thoughts ("reading someone's mind") Precognition = predicting the future D'ya see how the two seem somewhat..different? One does not include the other, or preclude, or encompass the other. I saw the discussion on how the wiggly argument would try and use one to explain the other. Humbug, and even dare I say, Hogwash! Luna provided a description? Hmm.
  8. Well now, yes but..the ability to know all past, present, and future outcomes, really treads into the siddhi realm. You don't like "just telepathy"? (Ok ok, context..)
  9. You are conflating simple telepathy with precognition (a specialty). Good job! (Yes, I saw the context.)
  10. Wait, it's not all people suffering from adverse reactions to vaccines? Great!
  11. I only mentioned CF in the context of your statement "don't think disease spreads genetically". Because to me, you are always right!
  12. Ah, short-term goals! Example: Cystic Fibrosis (I knew someone with it who survived to 40 with it due to modern science).
  13. You mean, it wasn't tested on just 5 kids, a sick dog, and a mule? Egads!
  14. So..will evolution win (those who die young will not spread disease genetically via breeding) or will science win (extending young lives will result in more disease as they breed)?
  15. Fun fact: If you accept a website's cookie, then they know if you have been vaccinated. It's in the EUA! Or the EULA.
  16. I find the regular kind, sort of lonely.
  17. Idea: an IoT button to press!!!! (Connects to your home wireless, only press to confirm 2FA for SL.)
  18. IKR? I'd blame LL though, if past emails (or lack of) is any indication. Sorry @Silent Mistwalker, for not seeing your coverage on emails.
  19. This may seem specious, stupid, or both, but: I do not consider the only 2FA method is sending an SMS. Email a one-time link, click on the link. For those of you who are without SMS / cell message service, what horrible dystopian future can come from this alternative using emails instead? - Wait, you don't have email? Now I'm stumped.
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