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  1. In the branch of Hinduism which I studied, and was taught, "telepathy" would be an example of a siddhi (or "power", "ability", etc.). And a pretty minor, boring one. To paraphrase, "unless [you] know the entire past, present, future, and all infinite possibilities"..(it may not impress some people). Because, to quote, "there are infinite possibilities in the nature of consciousness".
  2. That's cool! Fetid = spoiled, but fetus is similar..kind of like an undeveloped conjoined twin that controls you..(a la "basket case", etc.)
  3. No! But I know "feted" from "fetid"! The FIC comes up once in awhile in these new Fora too..
  4. They ain't gonna join the Feted Inner Circle with that approach, Second Life is not a Beauty Contest. Except when it is.
  5. That happened with my earliest friends..hope I can get lucky and make more!
  6. Humans have been doing that forever, Ann. Unfortunately it's a spurious power we don't know we're using. Moving my body with my mind, right now!!
  7. I had one like in your picture, on prime park land - I abandoned it for Belli.
  8. A voice morpher that re-orders your words like Yoda-Speak would be cool!
  9. Premium home / ability to own land Stipend Premium sandboxes Bragging rights Support LL *Edit* Most important reason is, I think you have to be Premium in order to be a member of the FIC!
  10. Yes, great fun, watching people who think no one is looking!
  11. I have 12 Alexa's, 3 different types throughout my home. I am currently buying retro clocks and tube radios to put in every room..maybe use instead of Alexa, on occasion for radio etc. Get off my lawn!
  12. I saw "Harry Potter" wand remote controls are still out there, controlled by gesture.
  13. The revenge should be interesting!
  14. So..a free system, devalued, means..LL is going to pay us!!! I'm in!
  15. Unpopular idea: trolls drive discussion and innovation.
  16. Does the title mean, "Is it OK for a non-premium account to post in the forum?"
  17. Could be MC Hammer..
  18. Ain't that a shame? I mean, it's not like we don't have faith in science..
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