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  1. I assume "Dsellers" are going to use "Dbags" to sell their last-minute gachas in.
  2. I assume this means no gumball machines.
  3. Mebbe, just mebbe..stopping gachas means make room for selling NFT's!
  4. Thank goodness, those annoying gatchas that clog up the MP will get their due!!
  5. Remember the beer-drinking good old boys, taking target practice at zombies for the local news? I think it was intended for that scene but not sure it made it to the movie. The other funny, not-scary song from the movie was when the mall zombies were initially shown stumbling around, falling into fountains etc. As I recall, that piece had Tubas (I and a DOTD movie fan who introduced me, played baritones in HS band). Not sure that song's on the soundtrack!
  6. What, did they just kick people off, upon turning 19?
  7. As do "normal" and "natural" ;-). Exactly!!! (You caught my post before I trashed it, thinking the post was unnecessarily negative. Sorry!)
  8. In my experience, doing it is a lot more fun than just talking about it. Telepathy, I mean of course.
  9. One of my favorite songs, finally I found it online!
  10. I like the idea of sharing a quantum alignment between neurons with everyone. Even if we couldn't tell.
  11. I'm smole, I hope they service smole folk!
  12. That's one of my hopes!! That is much more than most performers could hope for! Lately I've been reviewing the meta-music that drives my past, how it connects to the actual source music I'm trying to use..made me tingle to discover those connections. ("Why do I like this song? Ouch, ear worm, let's not"..*overlay ear worm with source music*..."Ahhh, a connection!" *tingle*)
  13. Does this kill the COVID if you shine it up your nether-regions?
  14. So, should we put you down as a "conditional supporter"? * licks pencil and squints at notes on clipboard *
  15. I would only want it, if it were Dolly Parton's version PRE-SURGERY. *uses eye bleach due to seeing her recent Playboy re-enactment on Fox News*
  16. Not surprised one bit (being Dave Brubeck).. I am embarking on a personal, musical adventure (compose songs for my own YouTube videos). If I play all the instruments, do I still benefit from the "group" telepathy? Or, only if I am "legion"?
  17. If you thought that was exciting, "resonating" with other people is a blast!
  18. No, I already had the YouTube channel in my subscriptions. Because of the general news the guy supplies. However, I totally ignored the video until the thread.. because... it will not impact us.
  19. /rename_thread "make fun of people with obsolete PC knowledge"
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