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  1. Magnus Brody wrote: It was clear to me that you did not accuse me of being Rab C Nesbitt, rather you accused me of spending a great deal of time in a country which regarded him as the "acme of wit" which would be a generic stereotyping of me by nationality or by the nationality of those I associate with, which as stated previously, was a racist remark. Racist because you rely on the fundamental underpinning which is racism, this being "The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race". Not all Scots regard Rab C Nesbitt to be the "acme of wit" and to suggest, as you have, is a racist stereotyping. Methinks the lady doth protest o'ermuch. [PS The Scots aren't a race; they don't even want to govern themselves.]
  2. kiramanell wrote: LlewLlwyd wrote: kiramanell wrote: by the time SL2 gets to the point where there's as much available as in SL now, we'll be 5 years further ahead. Hold your horses! You're getting a bit optimistic there... Not sure if you're being sarcastic, but the 5 year estimate feels reasonable to me, I have many top-notch homes, and furniture, and what not. First SL2 has to be released; and then I project it will really take several years ere the same level of variety and quality, akin to SL, will be available. And that's assuming it will gain maximum traction from the get-go, that is. I project SL V2 will launch two years late, will have disastrous faults, and will take the existing SL down with it. No, that's not sarcastic.
  3. Magnus Brody wrote: I think we could be a little kinder If you want kindness join the Salvation Army.
  4. BloodyKitty230 wrote: I'm not sure how to explain why people wouldn't like me I think the clue is in the name . . .
  5. Magnus Brody wrote: unfriendly, arrogant and superior. At least you got the last one right. [PS You messed up the formatting of your post so not just noobs are going to be confused by it.] [PPS I have been asked to clarify that I am not accusing Magnus of actually being Rab C Nesbitt; or any relation to him.]
  6. Derek Torvalar wrote: Magnus Brody wrote: i am frankly sick and tired of your continual spam here. To be clear, I have no problem with people coming to the forums to ask their questions, I just think they should be doing it in the appropriate place. Hey Magnus, perhaps you could help, and, where relevant click the link at the bottom left of every post here if that post is inappropriately located. The Community Guidelines even exhort participants to help the moderators by doing so: Report inappropriate content for moderator review Moderating a discussion site is a daunting task; our forums alone see in excess of 10,000 posts per week. You can help by reporting abuse when you spot it. If you see a post you feel violates the Community Participation Guidelines, or our Terms of Service, then please click the Report Inappropriate Content link that appears in each post, and let us know why you feel the post is inappropriate.
  7. kiramanell wrote: by the time SL2 gets to the point where there's as much available as in SL now, we'll be 5 years further ahead. Hold your horses! You're getting a bit optimistic there...
  8. Dresden Ceriano wrote: Starbie Serenity wrote: How do I place my profile or my group into a notecard so that people can click it and either join my group or friend me from my profile? Thanks Starbie If a person is too stupid to right click a notecard you've sent then and pull up your profile themselves, why on earth would you want them on your friendlist or in your group? ...Dres We're getting into Groucho Marx country here . . .
  9. LaskyaClaren wrote: Well, apocalpytic predictions of the demise of the General Discussion forum here have been an established genre for at least as long as I've posted here or in its previous incarnations. It looks to me like as though its time to move on to elegy. I remember saying, maybe a year ago or so, that obviously the new forum community liked it "quieter" here, and that that preference was their right. I'd congratulate them on establishing the Peace of the Grave, except that there is almost no one left to accept it. Maybe I'm wrong, and maybe there is a community here that extends further than the four very familiar old faces who've bothered to post on this thread, but I'm not seeing it. Llazarus, Deja, Celestiall, and especially Derek, thanks for taking the time to do so. I wish you well in your new demesne, which seems to be pretty much your own to do with as you see fit. See you on the other side, as they say. Sometimes you have to tear down the house to rebuild it. [Damn, that sounds like a validation of Ebbe's doomed-to-failure SL V2]
  10. Magnus Brody wrote: Thankfully, I have spent an entire life needing no medication whatsoever When was the last time you consulted a physician? Magnus Brody wrote: largely find it unfunny I am not surprised, your reputedly having spent a considerable amount of time living in a country where Rab C Nesbitt is considered the acme of wit. Magnus Brody wrote: not worry too much about how perfectly English it is. Perfectly English? That's an oxymoron, at least it is to a Welshman. Or perhaps that isn't quite what you were trying to say...
  11. DejaHo wrote: And they have a half dozen teams in the NHL, as well. I understand that they may also have a team that (very) occasionally wins something called a World Series. They gotta be first world if they are big enough to be the best in the whole world I suppose.
  12. KillerSp3nc3r wrote: nothing was purced That's reassuring. Or should it be . . . That's reassuring.
  13. Starbie Serenity wrote: How do I place my profile or my group into a notecard so that people can click it and either join my group or friend me from my profile? Thanks Starbie Why would anybody want to join your group or friend you?
  14. Magnus Brody wrote: Now it seems, unless we follow your rules of what is acceptable or post in fear of being grammatically corrected Either you are taking things a little seriously, Magnus, or you need to change your medication. Or both.
  15. Muletta wrote: LlazarusLlong wrote: Why would you want that hair? It looks terrible! It is only suitable for a pre-teener who can't read the words, just looks at the pictures in one of those over-priced girl magazines funded by makers of training bras. And who apparently thinks it's cool to repeat letters in words, use typewriter fonts of non-standard sizes, unnecessary excessive punctuation and demonstrate a poor grasp grammar. Please teach me about English grammar here. Is it really correct grammar to begin a sentence and a new part of the text with "and", in English, like you do here? I ask, because in my language, it isn't, so I just wondered. You are allowed to do it if you know that you should not. And I do.
  16. DejaHo wrote: All I ever wanted was to be a successful troll. But, no. Instead I was labeled a pornographer, a pedophile, a **bleep**, a pimp, a poet, homophobic, a racist; and those were only from the LWL. All I ever wanted to do was troll. What a fail. It's because you posted an image of yourself in a dress. The LWL restrict their insults if they think that you might actually have a feminine side. Having XYY Syndrome myself, I have never been accused of that.
  17. LuminousElf must be from Newcastle. They call everybody "Pet".
  18. I would prefer it if LL would reduce the video memory requirement . . . . . . or maybe you (and they) would prefer it if the "shared experience" was restricted to those who could afford the most expensive equipment?
  19. Linden Lab wrote: Though we don't currently have an update on what started the change in behavior, we are working on indentifying and addressing the cause. It might be more useful to identify the cause; just changing the tab settings won't help that much. Presumably you have logs of changes made to the login processes. Or maybe you don't.
  20. I don't want an L, but I'll buy an X or a J if you have any. I'm losing to my wife at Scrabble [tm] at the moment, so I am willing to make a pretty high bid.
  21. HarrisonMcKenzie wrote: Yes. Scholar. I have a university degree in Japanese language and culture, spent 3 years in religious studies, practiced Buddhism in a temple, spent 7 years event planning for cultual groups, networked with employees at the Japanese Consulate and a community association, have traveled twice to Japan, and am an English language teacher. Yes, I am a Japanese cultural scholar. And do NOT use that racist **bleep** tone with me, because that is exactly what I am calling into question. As soon as someone says Japan, everyone assumes they are some Naruto loving virgin with no friends, and I have no gone and proven exactly why no one wants to talk with to the OP for having a Japanese name. It is because some people on the internet are petty, racist, elitist dicks who want nothing more than to crap oin other people for having interests. You have been to Japan a whole TWO TIMES. Wow! [inter Alia, I have made separate visits to both Disneyland AND Disneyworld; do you think MIT might give me a Doctorate in Leisure Studies?]
  22. Cerise Sorbet wrote: It's totally understandable that the OP would give pu in disgust, given that LL has chosen to weclome the troll and bully behavior in this forum. It's clearly time to archive and close the section, if they can't be bothered to control it. Using euphemisms for abusive coprophilic insults (albeit very badly misspelled) is not acceptable under the Community Guidelines, Cerise, which is something I would have thought a longstanding contributor to the Technical Forum would have known, although of course this is the General Discussion forum, which has a different mandate from LL, which may be confusing you. You may wish to note that we in GD would be delighted if all the noob questions could be relocated to the forum you frequent, so that you could be annoyed by them, rather than we who wish to use this forum as it was intended. Rather than close the section, I call on the Community Manager to ensure that the Moderators become more proactive in relcating inappropriate threads away from GD to the sections which are willing to provide answers rather than discussion.
  23. HarrisonMcKenzie wrote: Canada is a first world country. Please can you provide verification of this, Derek, or perhaps Laskya.
  24. tonytarheel wrote: I have not checked to see if I have less items than I should. Perhaps you actually should check to see if you have FEWER items than you should.
  25. LaskyaClaren wrote: Possibly you and Mr. Llong are the exceptions to what I am talking about, however, because I think you have both gone out of your way to set yourselves up as "outsiders" here. On the contrary, although perhaps you are not aware of it as you have been absent rather than lurking, Derek and Mr Llong have established recent reputations as insiders, working hand in glove with the Community Manager, Xenophobia Linden (I can never remember her real name) in her initiative to clean up the forums, and in particular to ensure that the General Discussion forum contains threads which relate to its purpose as described in the Forums summary page, not to act as a dustbin for lazy noobs to dump their simple problems in when there are Cut and Paste experts enthusiastically waiting in the ANSWERS section to point out what could be found in a minimum of time, assuming you can spell , or even use a spell-checker.
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