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  1. Perhaps you should move to another country. The Czech Republic has good ISPs, I hear.
  2. Richtea57 wrote: Ah, 42, coincidentally, I'm currently half way through the fourth book in the trilogy You have two more to go then.
  3. miinju wrote: How've already written, is a location problem the internet exchange points Frankfurt, or just before Britain is not available, DNS server names problem for Germany or Europe, lol. As I said, try Tor.
  4. Lori Paramour wrote: Call me a skeptic, but I don't believe for a New York minute they will run the new platform any better than they do the current one. Skeptic? More like a pessimist cynic realist...
  5. Freya Mokusei wrote: Even my intimate parts were hacked together. >.> In my experience, this is more usual in rl than sl...
  6. I though that, given the occasional thread here which might be considered better located in the ANSWERS section, participants in General Discussions who didn't normally look over there might be interested in what the kind cut-and-pasters who man the phones there have to cope with. Here are a few of the current unresolved queries: * Can I get SL on Kindle Hd 7? * My head its a different color! * What is the meaning of life? * Items appering in avis bum I have not adjusted spelling or punctuation. You might think that the third item on that list (posted by Randall Ahren, which might indicate a less than serious intent) might more appropriately be posted in GD, so I shall be keeping a close eye on how the SLamaritans answer the request. 42 is the obvious response, but it's unlikely to be found in the SL wiki, so might confound the good souls there. I shall post occasional updates when interesting queries are set to the Gentle Volunteers. [This is NOT intended to provoke "interesting" questions there!]
  7. If the problem stems from the way in which your login is routed from Germany to LL, have you tried logging in using a proxy which reroutes your login and changes your apparent country of origin? There are some free services which do this, as well as more reliable commercial ones. And there is always Tor.
  8. Lila Smedley wrote: Wow! The replies sound like a bunch of middle school age, mean girls! Well, chalk up one extremely successful role play for us then!
  9. Ah, I see what you are doing there . . .
  10. Personally I prefer to stay away from women looking for crazy relationships; it might be something to do with when I was chatting up a girl in a bar once and she said she liked men with red hair, like me. Then she invited me back to her place to see her collection of shrunken heads...
  11. BriaZz wrote: Could anyone give me some names of good parts for a computer? Like which motherboard or videocard? A motherboard should have a female name obviously, like Sharon (unless you are Israeli) or Elizabeth. It really depends how butch your videocard is; if you have a 2GB monster you should call it something like Chuck, or Randy, but if you have a wimpy 128k Intel graphics card something like Julian or Tristan would be better.
  12. Sassy Romano wrote: Your JIRA Fu is weak today. Resolved, fix version NONE. Status "Accepted" In other words, closed, couldn't give a rats "like a" donkey about it being a problem, not fixed, won't fix. Move along, LL doesn't care that it's an annoying behaviour. No, my fu is as strong as it ever was. I do know the difference between "Resolved" and "Solved" . . . . . . even if LL doesn't!
  13. You could do a regular comparison of your Friends List with your Calling Cards folder. When you are bored with watching paint dry, or grass growing.
  14. Innula Zenovka wrote: I'd prefer something that uses temp attach for the props, but that's not nearly so important as that they look good and use decent animations (not, for example, that free drinking animation that makes it look as if y ou're trying to smash the cup into your forehead). That sounds like it's an excellent simulation of the type of activity that my son is involved in most nights at university... [i, hope you don't mind, Innula, but I have taken the liberty of using your request as an example of the sort of thing that WOULD be acceptable over in GD; you can ask any questions about unpacking it in ANSWERS of course...]
  15. Perrie Juran wrote: LlewLlwyd wrote: My Grandad was a farmer who disdained the sort of progress monitoring that so delights modern day project managers. "A fence ain't a fence until it's done; you cain't 'av 'alf a fence or almost all a fence because the sheep dun know that it's a fence if they can get through the bit where it ain't a fence." My wife has the same philosophy. "Have you taken the rubbish out?" "I'm doing it." "Yes, but have you DONE it!" Does she also ask you, "If it's in yet?" To be honest, I have trouble remembering events that last occurred before the end of the Vietnam War.
  16. It says it was resolved in 2013, Sassy...
  17. Richtea57 wrote: LaskyaClaren wrote: Ima Rang wrote: LaskyaClaren wrote: This is almost enough to bring me back here. Almost. (It sounds as though you were a few inches from making it a sure thing. :matte-motes-evil-grin:) That's what she said. One reader laughed. :matte-motes-big-grin: Two. Many. [That is apparently the full extent of the Australian Aborigine counting system; it is a rational response to the possibility of falling asleep when they count their sheep.] [The downside is that they don't understand the only real joke in The HitchHiker's Guide To The Universe.]
  18. LL has run out of money, but doesn't want to admit it; this is because they have spent all their spare cash on expensive commercial software - rather than use Blender - to allow the ranks of developers that they have transferred from fixing the problems with the Forum login to play with new toys make themselves more widely employable by learning C# rather than LSL start working out how to make SL V2 as incompatible with the current SL as possible. Alternatively, LL has decided to suspend all payments to those forum participants who can't even remember the rule "I before e, except after c" that they should have learned when they were about eight years old, or who can't be bothered to spell SecondLife correctly, or use the spellchecker so as not to humiliate themselves publicly with a wild guess at how to spell appropriate. [if you want useful answers, post questions to the ANSWERS section; this is a Discussion forum]
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