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  1. Quinn Lysette wrote: an update i did some investigatin an the emails aint gettin sent out any way to fix that ? Don't send them in the first place.
  2. Richtea57 wrote: I'm sort of spoken for. almost literally on occasion. I think that is classified as being spoken AT . . . [Other prepositions are available.] [Although ESLers probably won't be able to tell the difference.]
  3. My Grandad was a farmer who disdained the sort of progress monitoring that so delights modern day project managers. "A fence ain't a fence until it's done; you cain't 'av 'alf a fence or almost all a fence because the sheep dun know that it's a fence if they can get through the bit where it ain't a fence yet." My wife has the same philosophy. "Have you taken the rubbish out?" "I'm doing it." "Yes, but have you DONE it!"
  4. LaskyaClaren wrote: This is almost enough to bring me back here. High praise indeed! [in case you didn't realise, Laskya, Rich is the epitome of the n00b we WANT to attract to the cleaned up GD.] [but I wouldn't advise getting too close to him, as a) he's English and b) he has a thing for dominant women.]
  5. You should consult a German guy called Manny Hans, since he is a wizard at getting the right lighting settings. As everybody knows: Manny Hans make light work.
  6. There is NEVER a ***bleep*** moderator around when they are needed!!!
  7. valerie Inshan wrote: LlewLlwyd wrote: valerie Inshan wrote: Haha ! je jure que ce n'est pas de ma faute !!! Swearing is against the ToS Val! Je ne déteste pas m'assoir sur les ToS, de temps en temps... Do you know what! I am so bisexual bilingual I didn't even realise that you were writing in French.
  8. Benson Gravois wrote: Somehow the market place has switched to all French and I can't read anything, how do I fix this?? Learn French.
  9. valerie Inshan wrote: Haha ! je jure que ce n'est pas de ma faute !!! Swearing is against the ToS Val!
  10. KarenMichelle Lane wrote: Good morning Hippie. Pass the toastie marshmallows please.... And how the evening ended up for one of them: She didn't "like" the marshmallows
  11. Muletta wrote: 1 Corinthians 6:12 Exactly! In the same way that soldiers are legally permitted to kill, whereas civilians are not. I would have said "in general" but you might have got confused by the kernel of my argument and asked why the South African Army used to have white officers with black privates. Or why many navies had Sub Lieutenants before submarines were even invented.[pace Leonardo da Vinci]
  12. genius656 wrote: My account banned if I can find out the cause and whether it can be recovered. On the basis of the minimal evidence you offer, I would suggest that perhaps it might have been because of a misunderstanding.
  13. KarenMichelle Lane wrote: Why in heavens name was any of this threads previously posts pulled? Maybe because hypersensitive incomprehension led to them being RICked, with the moderators exercising no quality control over the disciplinary protocols?
  14. Dresden Ceriano wrote: ...Dres *apologizes for misspelling your name* Actually, I like it!
  15. Pussycat Catnap wrote: Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Dresden Ceriano wrote: Pussycat Catnap wrote: And not in the 'subtle ways you need to understand women empowerment to get' but in ways like ending up with a 'dolcet sim' as a neighbor... or 'Gorean slave' concepts - the extremes of hateful misogyny. I just want to point out that, although I'm sure there are quite a few misogynistic, dulcet aficionados, the fantasy itself, though quite extreme, has nothing to do with misogyny and doesn't even necessarily have to be hatred-based. ...Dres I actually have yet to come across a sim that is male only, yet there are multitudes of female only ones. I love how some people keep saying SL is male dominated and sexist.. Yeah, us guys have it made in SL. Not. I think I mispelled Dolcet or however it is spelled. Frankly I do not want to google it to find out because I don't need the accompanying images on my screen nor the term added to things google thinks are relevant to my random searching about just about anything... The fantasy of cannibaling women while having sex with what parts of their bodies you have not yet eaten, and keeping them alive through that horror... though, is entirely hatred-based. And the fantasy, of Gor, about women as weak and naturally sex-slaves, the fantasy that ALL women will submit once raped, even if they "thought" they were lesbian beforehand, is also purely hatred-based. Oh and I did recently pass a male only venue. I didn't pay it much mind though because there are plenty of female only venues and there is nothing wrong with this in either direction. Its not the same as a 'gentleman's country club' in RL which is objectionable NOT because it is male only, but because it is a place where business and other non-casual connections are made that is male only. So just having a social space that is male only. There's nothing wrong with that. But that's not what I was referring to, and I don't think, though I might be wrong, is what the person who's subtopic I was somewhat joining was referring to... The land in SL that I just sold, was my second choice back in 2011 when I first bought it. The first choice, while sitting there getting ready to buy it and measuring out the space... happened to have a very large dolcett club as a neighbor. As soon as I realized what that place was... I went back to looking for land. The reason I was looking for land in 2011... was after leaving a blighted M-rated plot, that I had bought months earlier after I had a 'rape them with a plunger and use a firehose on them in the shower' neighbor move next door to my prior second attempt at A-land... and set his build up 'open air' to mine... (and that guy is still there, in a particular adult sim, where he has added a hanging noose with sex-poseballs and an anime picture behind it of 3 nude women with nooses on their necks and the one in the middle is about to be hung...) So... if that isn't misogynist... Some people need their definitions checked with a brick. And then there's the story of why that one plot was my second attempt at A-rated land... Sadly the plot I did buy in 2011 was perfect, with great neighbors, but to keep it that way I had to buy some 16000m of land on two sims... and I just couldn't justify that much tier anymore. Now I'm hidden in a little tiny skybox somewhere, where I can't see outside, so if one of those hate-freaks moves in, I won't care. What a ridiculous argument! You would presumably suggest that I have a deep-seated hatred of pigs because I enjoy bacon sandwiches. And maybe you think cows have a grass fetish . . .
  16. Dresden Ceriano wrote: I think you're definitely using it incorrectly. LLewd was referencing your nationality, not your race. And anyway, it would be self-deprecating; the Scots are only the Welsh that tried to swim to Ireland, but got lost. [Apart from the ones that are the part-descendants of Scandinavian rape and pillage]
  17. Magnus Brody wrote: Magnus Brody wrote: No, I don't think FIFY! I think that's what you originally posted, and edited 3 times. Hmmm, I can't find anything in the ToS about it being a disciplinary offence to edit a post. In fact, perhaps you might consider doing so to yours so that they make more sense, as your formatting of quotations leaves much to be desired in terms of cogency.
  18. Magnus Brody wrote: It's Magnus, with a G and an N, no R and no C. What ARE you talking about? Or perhaps you are having an identity crisis?
  19. Madelaine McMasters wrote: A bank is the best place to get lots of money quick as long as you have a big gun. FIFY! [Even ignoring the fact that most of the hypersensitive whingers - if the cap fits, wear it - have tissue texture integument.]
  20. I agree Pam. In fact, I would take it further and suggest that a set of guidelines specific to General Discussions should be stickied, reiterating the point of the GD forum, but also (for the mods benefit as much as participants) the differential treatment of posts which contained contentious opinions - which is what this forum is supposed to be about! What might be considered flaming elsewhere in the forums is the lifeblood of a discussion-focused forum, otherwise you might as well rename it a "Me Too" forum. Questions asked in it should NOT have simple answers which might easily be extracted from reference sources elsewhere in LL's web properties, but should demand personal opinion. Disciplinary offences should be things like: * Offering an opinion without justification * Posting a non-cogent argument * Indicating agreement and adding nothing else to the debate * Posting LOLcats [OK, that last one might seem a bit harsh, but generally such images offer little insight into an individual's viewpoint.]
  21. Magnus Brody wrote: No, I don't think Condemned by your own words! (You ARE blond, aren't you, Magnus.) [PS Blond isn't a race either.]
  22. Derek Torvalar wrote: Magnus Brody wrote: LlewLlwyd wrote: Magnus Brody wrote: It was clear to me that you did not accuse me of being Rab C Nesbitt, rather you accused me of spending a great deal of time in a country which regarded him as the "acme of wit" which would be a generic stereotyping of me by nationality or by the nationality of those I associate with, which as stated previously, was a racist remark. Racist because you rely on the fundamental underpinning which is racism, this being "The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race". Not all Scots regard Rab C Nesbitt to be the "acme of wit" and to suggest, as you have, is a racist stereotyping. Methinks the lady doth protest o'ermuch. [PS The Scots aren't a race; they don't even want to govern themselves.] Methinks you are an idiot, that doesn't mean I'm right. Methinks you have made a racist remark and built upon it, that is readable and clear. Mewonders what you'll be called next week. Forgive me for interjecting here but I believe you are misusing the term 'racist'. Correct me if I am wrong. You, of course, are not wrong. Calling the Scots a "race" would be like suggesting that the inhabitants of South Carolina were a race apart.
  23. Magnus Brody wrote: Mewonders what you'll be called next week. Anthony Rose sounds good to me, although it doesn't really matter, since: A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
  24. Magnus Brody wrote: LlewLlwyd wrote: Magnus Brody wrote: I think we could be a little kinder If you want kindness join the Salvation Army. Perhaps join the human race? Down on our luck we all hope for kindness, we never expect it, but we don't need to join a religious organisation to hope for it. I much prefer honesty to kindness. And repenting at my leisure rather than running the human race.
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