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  1. I am learning all the time. The problem is that I learn absolutely nothing useful here.
  2. Muletta wrote: LlewLlwyd wrote: Muletta wrote: It is ANZAC Day tomorrow, April the 25th...not today. And what do you think the day and date is at this very moment in Australia and New Zealand? [The blinkered small-minded vision of forumites never fails to surprise me.] In Australia and New Zealand, it is already April the 25th now...I know. I just wanted to make you a bit confused, only for a split-second. If I succeded, you would probably never admit. But at least I did surprise you, I see.... :matte-motes-wink: I am unsurprised at how stupid forumites are; what astonishes me is their preparedness and propensity to demonstrate it in public.
  3. Muletta wrote: It is ANZAC Day tomorrow, April the 25th...not today. And what do you think the day and date is at this very moment in Australia and New Zealand? [The blinkered small-minded vision of forumites never fails to surprise me.]
  4. Kelli May wrote: I think it's also possible, given Turkey's size and Gallipoli's position, to be in Turkey and still not be within 1000 miles. To give our American cousins an idea of scale, Turkey is even bigger than Texas! [it reminds me of when I visited a farm in Texas; the rancher boasted to me that he could drive all day and still not leave his land; I replied that unfortunately I had a car like that, too.]
  5. Pamela Galli wrote: Recently read a book by an Australian author, mentioned Anzac cookies, so I looked it up. Never heard odmit before then. Hmm, if you had chosen Polly as your avatar's first name, Pam, then you would have been Galli, Polly.
  6. Kelli May wrote: *makes best guess, knowing it's somewhere in Turkey. Checks map scale to actual location* Within 300 miles; is there a prize? The prize is knowing that you are one of the 1%. Or rather, realising that you are not one of the 99%. [Note that Athens (Greece) Plovdiv (Bulgaria) and Bucharest (Romania) are all also within 300 miles of Gallipoli; maybe the "close enough" attitude contributed to the failure of the campaign.]
  7. 25 alts and counting, Marigold? I'm almost envious.
  8. Schmooples wrote: Galipoli is in Turkey or to be more precise. the European part of Turkey It's also one of my favorite films ^v^ You may be one of the 1%. You may not. You may not be able to locate Turkey on an atlas. Most here wouldn't. [star Wars is one of my favourite movies, but I still couldn't locate Tatooine using the Hubble.]
  9. But I bet 99% of you couldn't confidently stick a pin within a 1,000 miles of where Gallipoli is. (HINT: It may sound Italian, but it isn't...)
  10. Richtea57 wrote: I'm not fussed about the premium bonds, should I ever get anthing, they'll post it anyway. By the time you win anything the stamp will cost more than the prize. Oh and more dismal news; Top Gear will return, but on NetFlix... Still, there is always Dave.
  11. Oh dear, you and Morrisons aren't so bright are you? Even a three year old girl can see that bread looks more like a giraffe! PS This site will help with the Premium Bonds. PPS You'd do better to cash them in though; the prize fund is linked to Bank Rate, which means that now - and for most of the last decade - there are just two £25 prizes each month. That is worse odds than the lottery, where if you buy a ticket on a Monday you stand more of a chance of dying by Saturday than winning the jackpot. PPPS Sainsbury is doing two for one on 1L Latte flavoured ice cream tubs; pour a splash or two of Jamesons over a bowlful and you have a grown up summer version of an Irish Coffee.
  12. Tifani Seoung wrote: Is this a conspiracy to get me to raise my post count? I'll think about it if you give me a quarter. A conspiracy requires at least two parties. So frat houses must be full of plots. And with your current post count you're in the gutter, looking at the stars.
  13. Kurt Jiagu wrote: Ahoy mateys , Santo Domingo is looking for roleplayers , the usual for a sea port of the 1700`s What, an 80% probability of death from illness within 12 months? Kurt Jiagu wrote: the emphasis is on having fun Right, the main illness being syphilis . . .
  14. DejaHo wrote: Heavy stuff, brother. You need the 'light' more than I. Ask for the light. . .
  15. Sounds like you might fit right in with the similarly anti-social inhabitants of the General Discussions forum. Participation there is an excellent way to make friends. And enemies. It's Friday, as well, so the more weirdly provocative the posts, the better.
  16. Bobbie Faulds wrote: Well, the admins where I am have better things to do. I create clothes, the GM does weapons, for instance. All of us hate wading through the logs, especially if there's been fighting, when we have a call on a rule break. Wasting my valuable time reading open chat logs....ummmmmm,....only if you pay me a good sum....daily. I have RL too. Ya know... stuff like cooking, cleaning, and my crafing...yes, I'm an avid knitter. Working on this beautifly lace scarf right now, that I'm sure you don't want to hear about.... Your post does nothing to negate the validity of mine.
  17. heraldprophet wrote: Verily, it is not for you to judge You are right; I should leave that to my friend Juj Mental.
  18. Bobbie Faulds wrote: As an admin in an RP estate, why would we want to document all the local chat? This thread is not intended to provoke speculation regarding the nefarious activities of admins. I could make some suggestions though: inquisitiveness, seduction, jealousy, blackmail, revenge . . . Should I continue?
  19. Bree Giffen wrote: You can plug a USB keyboard or pair a Bluetooth keyboard into the PS4. You can also shoot eight 9mm slugs into a PS4. If that's what you want to do.
  20. Better if, as Paul Simon suggested, they called it Al. That's "virtual" without the virtue.
  21. What a ridiculous question. Next you'll be asking if Thanksgiving happens on the fourth Thursday in November because in the week before lots of families buy turkeys and make travel arrangements. There is a difference between causation and correlation. And causation can be time-retrospective.
  22. Well, you can, but it's difficult. Much more difficult than posting simple questions in the correct place, ie ANSWERS.
  23. Maybe the new world is going to be completely unmoderated. "Sans" = French and Middle English for "without" "AR" = SL for "Abuse Report"
  24. LlewLlwyd


    Drake1 Nightfire wrote: I am amazed that a Romanian eurobeat singer-songwriter, TV celebrity, dancer, philanthropist, former model, fashion designer, and coach from television music competition franchise X Factor winner is on SL. Well, actually, I wouldn't be so amazed. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: A woman who is happily married to Razvan Munteanu who is the Vice President of Citibank in Romania. Actually, perhaps I would be surprised, since that woman is probably holidaying semi-permanently in Los Angeles and buying up the contents of half the shops in Rodeo Drive.
  25. Bree Giffen wrote: You just answered a question! Are you OK? I lied misleadingly, but potentially plausibly. It's my new approach. Well, if they are going to waste MY time . . .
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