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  1. Poenald Palen wrote: " remove outdated references to Desura and Authorized Resellers; explicitly address our intolerance of harassment of Linden Lab employees; and clarify the arbitration provision in accordance with applicable law. " That part was at the start of the TOS. So, no harrassing LL employee people, Desura isn't owned by them for a long time now and I think they killed Authorized Resellers thingy programs to do with the $L, right?
  2. Sassy Romano wrote: but the original object owner gave someone who clearly shouldn't have been trusted, edit permission. There's a big DUH! in there. There's really no need to add features to protect people from their own stupdity, lessons are there for this purpose. Can you tell that i'm not exactly sympathetic? would be nice know who did it though so could be like whyyy or remove the edit rights so they dont do it again
  3. Sassy Romano wrote: More fool the dope who left their house modify for anyone to mod. Or was it a case of them just putting prims right next to it which is different, just return objects. In answer to your question, no. lame... but they textured the house itself with ad textures, every part of it
  4. some one with edit rigths griefed a house on private land by covering it in ads be nice to know if is a way to check who did it
  5. Was teleported to a private adult rated sim with out being told (I still don't know how to check rating of sim and where I was teleported was just water had I known I would have never accepted the port) They brought up a past negotiation that was dropped between me and someone else for a cannon that decided to do it any way and repeatedly said it would be for free Blackmailer claims I stole the build and owe 2,500 L$ This didn't add up or sound right and they ignored every copy and paste of their "husbands" post where he said it was free The blackmailer said to give them the L$
  6. Canoro Philipp wrote: you can not share IM without the consent of all participants of the message, but you can warn your friends about what happened. kay
  7. real question though is it against the TOS to give out copies of the IM to the black mailers supposed friends cuz im sure if they knew and are not in on it they wouldnt be that persons friend anymore
  8. i just hope its easy to transfer from SL to sansar i like my avvy
  9. Bobbie Faulds wrote: I'd use harassment and would AR...no telling what new residents they're scaring cause they don't know all the TOS yet. i filed under Fraud L$ or USD
  10. i copied the IM (did that as soon as they said doing so would get me banned because that is what tipped me off that they were just trying get L$ from me and not copying it would probabaly mean i wouldnt have proof of the black mail if anything more were to come of it) so what else do I do besides send an AR ?
  11. Alwin Alcott wrote: in that case you must belong to the 0.001% of the residents in sl that isn't able to have a bankaccount or creditcard, ALL others are able to buy directly from LL. If you have a bankaccount you can connect paypal or skrill. I dont know wtf skrill is and I don't trust paypal my experience with paypal is that upon SIGNING UP I got hacked I didnt even mention anywhere i was making apaypal account , fortunately for me that i hadnt verified my account yet or im sure i woulda lost a ton of money like my sister did ... charged $600 twice to google play out of the blue , sh
  12. i have adblock i never see ads on youtube unless im on mobile
  13. you will be missed by many :matte-motes-frown:
  14. comming from garry's mod or more specifically a cinema server with in Garry's Mod it would be nice to have option set up a theater in second life and watch stuff with people here as well would be amazing if TV could also use kissanime and kisscartoon and soundcloud
  15. [16:24] Kirsten Blackheart: Group Notice Sent by: Kirsten Blackheart RIP my love It is with a very sad heart that I tell you, that my beloved Paddy "Saltydog" Goldsworthy (Dog001 Resident) lost his battle with lung cancer on June 9, 2015. I want to thank you all for your generosity and your kind words of encouragement during his brief, but fierce fight with cancer. I would like to have a memorial service for him, sometime soon.
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