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  1. I've come across numerous low cost items that turn out to be hidden little gems because a lot of people pass them over because they are either to scared or to stuck up to buy free or cheap items. If it looks decent in the photo and or has decent reviews I'll give it a shot. Once I get it if I know it is copybotted, I contact the original creator if possible and then I trash it and it's no loss because it was cheap.
  2. Honestly, over the years a lot of people in SL have become way to pushy in regards to RL info, some people even put in their profile that if you don't share your RL or "prove" who or what you are in RL then don't even bother messaging them for even a chat. I mean, come on, that is silly and way extreme. You can't even just talk to someone because you are so paranoid that the avatar in front of you isn't the same sex in RL? When I first started SL, not on this avatar but my original one way before this one, people could really care less about RL info, you were taken at face value even if you were standing there as a dragon. lol People were more interested in having fun, enjoying your personality, your intelligence, your sense of humor or emoting ability than they were about what sex you were in RL. When it gets so bad people don't even want to hold a conversation with someone that won't "verify" who and what they are it just shows SL has gone down hill in how most people relate to each other now a days in my opinion. A lot of people that put "voice and/or cam verified" or "I am the same in RL as I am in SL" in their profile come off as if they think they are "better" than those that don't. Personally, I just click the X and close those profiles because they sound like stuck up, paranoid, probably homophobic hypocrital sheep that love to follow the newest profile trend and no way in h*ll will I hop on skype to chat with that type of person. I don't care if your male, female, TS, TG, sissy, dog, cat, horse, etc in RL. I enjoying getting to know who you are on the inside, that is what counts overall. So, yes I think something like "The Acceptance Project" is a neat idea and I can't wait to check it out.
  3. You know, what is really bad, is that the person that logged in saying they were her RL BF, probably was actually her pretending to be her RL BF just so she could end a relationship she no longer wanted to be in. Seen it happen to several friends in SL actually. People do the stupidest sh*t in SL to get out of just being honest. They will come up with elaborate stories of why they can't be with you anymore or log in as an alt and pretend to be the RL friend of the person you're with and tell you how sorry they are to have to tell you, but the person you loved died........yes I said it, they pretend they DIED in RL. Seen that happen to two different friends in SL. Some people are just sick. Be glad you got out when you did, walk away and never look back.
  4. Trying to tell the handful of people all trying to IM and talk to you at once that you don't feel like talking ends up with you spending hours to try and get them to understand and by the time your done several get pissed, some unfriend you or yell at you and you are even more emotionally drained or tired than you were before you had started trying to explain and who the heck wants to go through all that? Now I just click the autoresponse feature in Firestorm saying I am "away" and sit back and try to find the relaxing peace I often log into SL for and respond later before I log off or notecard any messages and respond the next day. If anyone gets pissy over that, well feel free to unfriend me because everyone needs time to themselves sometimes, even in SL and spending hours trying to explain it kind of kills all that.
  5. Just because someone replies questioning your extremely graphic and honestly ridiculous list of requirements to "prove they are being submissive" does not mean they aren't of the lifestyle or that they aren't submissive. Submissives should question anyone that just outright demands such silly things. You are asking people to do very personal things for you and you have offered nothing in return, they aren't even your submissives yet, you don't know them and they don't know you, there is no trust built between you and them and you have done nothing to earn the right to demand or ask any of the "requirements" that you listed as a supposed Dominant. Not a single thing on your list in any way "proves" submission. Not a single thing you have said "proves" you are who and what you say you are, actually it tends to make you look more like a fake. Perhaps if you knew the lifestyle as well as you seem to try to pretend to, you would know that your behavior and actions are actually not looked upon with kind or high regard within the actual lifestyle community. You said "In this lifestyle, my requests are not deemed as a "laundry list" as you so dryly put it, but merely a domme's order.", actually your right, in this lifestyle your "domme's order" is more considered a lesson of what not to do for potential Dominants learning the lifestyle or a what not to take from a so called "Dominant" to anyone that wants to seriously serve in and/or learn about our lifestyle. This lifestyle is built on mutual respect, honesty, trust and love, your, personal ad, for lack of a better or nicer way of putting it, does not come across as having any of those things in it, nor does it come across as if you actually care one way or another if it does or not. A Dominants job is to teach, care for and guide their submissive. Yes there are of course fun little s*x games you can and will play with your sub, etc. But, first and foremost, it is not an "it's all about me" type of position as so many fakes seem to try and portray online. It is a lot of work and often a Dominant has to forgo their own pleasure or desire because what would be best for the submissive does not fall into line with what the Dominant is desiring. Maybe you aren't really into the actual D/s lifestyle because you sound completely ignorant of all that it truly entails and are just interested in the "all about me" fake RP or getting your hands on j*rk off material for yourself. >pardon the pun< It is no wonder so many young, still learning subs end up with so many horror stories from their trying to learn to serve a "Dominant" in SL if this ad you placed is any indication of the level of ignorant, high handed ways fake Dominants treat them. Also, if you don't want people leaving their opinions, then you should not have posted it on a public forum, especially one so well known for people giving their very honest, very blunt and often very brutal opinions. But you did post it and now you get to reap the rewards of having done so.
  6. Wait, wait...so are we upset because there are items scattered around a BDSM sim that people can have sex on if they chose to and we don't want them to be able to have sex so we can show that BDSM isn't just about sex or what? I am so confused. Why do any of us in the lifestyle need to show or prove to anyone else that there is a softer side to the lifestyle or that BDSM isn't just about sex? Isn't that pretty much up to each individual person or couple to choose to do if they want? There are so many sides to the lifestyle it will be impossible to please everyone and just because a sim says its not soley a sex based sim doesn't mean it can't have sex items around for those that want to have sex, it just wants to make sure that those that come there contribute more to the sim than a few grunts and moans on the equipment I think. I mean come on, it's starting to feel like people view sex and BDSM together are bad. lol
  7. If your looking for an RP boyfriend, you might try putting something into the RP area here in the forum maybe.
  8. It does get tedious when they always answer with the same old tired line "So and so is here to service Master/Mistress however they wish." That is when they need a firm reminder that them answering honestly and openly with their own ideas is what will please you otherwise you wouldn't have asked. As to what else to do with them, I like a lot of the ideas above. Changing the scenes, the board keeping track of who is doing what, when and most of all the system that dirties the house and scolds until they clean it...which by the way I want...where do I get it? lol
  9. I sat and watched every episode that has aired so far last night and I am not impressed. Neither do I think this will go well for Second Life as far as positive publicity goes, but then perhaps SL has adopted the "any publicity is good publicity" attitude. I do think that the " Jerry Springer meets the metaverse" comment is dead on and it is going to bring in an influx of the wrong kind of people after this airs. The show will find a way to twist any story to make our Second Life neighbors look desperate and comical and that is a shame.
  10. Oh congrats! Well your story would definitely be a positive one then. I was going through the questionnaire for the show and their questions are definitely geared more towards what can cause drama, which being a TV show, especially one based off that movie, it will obviously need that drama to retain audiences. Unfortunately, I think most of the SL/RL relationships don't fair as well as yours have. But I guess we will see.
  11. Bullying is bullying, whether it is online or offline, done by children or adults. Just because someone is being bullied does not mean they should then turn around and bully back whether face to face or through profiles. It never ends that way. LL rarely if ever does anything in regards to a resident bullying another resident unless it somehow got taken out of SL and into RL or unless one of the people involved is one of the SL Elite that spends enough money in SL that even the LL Gods have to take notice. So, you are left with three viable options (may not like them but they are the most viable options available). 1. Just continue to mute and ignore any and all avatars that pop up to harass you (and remove the nastiness you wrote in your profile as well because that just keeps it going. The best revenge is to totally ignore them, it will drive them nuts), which is what 98% of us have to do. 2. Make an alt and do not put anything in that new avatars profile that was in your originals profile (that includes anything that even remotely looks like something your original would say or do, the same types/styles of photo's, showing your groups, joining the same groups, setting your picks to the same spot your other avatar saved theirs at, your style of writing, etc.) Yeah I have been through this before, it's probably obvious huh. lol 3. Leave Second Life (which should not be an option since that means the stalker wins, but if you truly cannot handle it and the other two options have failed or you just don't want to try them it's the last resort)
  12. Hey guys hope everyone is doing well. So, I just saw on my log in page a new post to the LL blog. Apparently MTV's show Catfish is looking to hear from people in SL. I remember watching the movie that the show is based off of and I can only imagine the drama and problems that this could cause on top of I don't think it is going to be the most positive view of SL that LL seems to think it will be, I worry it will only cause more negative opinions in the media, etc. What do you guys think? I am posting what the blog said below. Thanks everyone ahead of time for participating! MTV’s Catfish: The TV Show brings together couples that have online relationships to meet offline for the first time, often with surprising results as the differences between online personas and offline lives are revealed. MTV is now casting the show’s second season, and they’re interested in hearing from Second Life users who have fallen in love inworld, and would now like to meet their love in person. If you’d be interested in being on the show, you can apply online here.
  13. I agree that if the customer "thought" it might match it is kind of up to them to contact the creator and ask first otherwise they are running on an assumption which never ends well. They should not have given a 1 star review based on their assumption of what the product was or was not. And, yes you could contact them and offer them a different item for them to change their review, but sometimes that backfires as well and ticks them off more. It's kind of a risk either way unfortunately. But I love your creations personally, I use them on my main account a lot when decorating sims.
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