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  1. Josephine you have the best dessert pics in the entire world😀 Its not fair though looking at that at 3:30 pm at work! To celebrate the beginning of spring and Masters golf tournament in Georgia I thought a peach cobbler would be a nice treat!
  2. Sending warm wishes to our neighbors in the South experiencing cold weather (stay warm!) Spring will be here soon:)
  3. Happy Tuesday Kids! Thanks for the updates Hippie and Clover. Phase 2 in this battle with the silent Covid is beginning with the reopening of business. We will need to continue to use smart practices to help us. Keep smiling and positive attitude towards ourselves and others. As Neil Young said keep searching for the heart of gold (harmonic playing cool)
  4. Hands Josephine a Dunkin Donut to go with her coffee (you can have the lemon iced smiley face one) After listening to some really good jazz switches the channel to George Winston's piano concert It snowed a bit today so thought December album appropriate😀
  5. Thanks for sharing the eagle cam Clover😀 For many of us we did not know grow up seeing bald eagles except in zoos because of DDT. In 1963 there were only 417 reported pairs of bald eagles in the lower 48 states, making a huge recovery after DDT was banned to over 11,000 pairs in 2007 when it was taken off the endangered species list. Attached is a map that has all 48 lower states pairs numbers in 2007 https://www.biologicaldiversity.org/species/birds/bald_eagle/report/index.html#SD
  6. Good morning Monday everyone stomach is growling from Josephine's photo Also saw 2 pairs of Bald Eagles down by the river, it's that time of year😁
  7. Thank you for your post Hippie, my condolences and prayers to all who knew Uccello. Stay safe during this difficult time
  8. Good advice Hippie, I think I saw that lady on I-95 north of Fredericksburg. To handle these type situations I was able to pick up some surplus hazmat suits from Breaking Bad TV show😁 Stay safe everyone!
  9. Happy Wednesday! Probably a good day for some Far Side Humor😁 and the new fist bump emoji
  10. Happy Wednesday Everyone Spring Equinox is just around the corner! 11:49 PM Eastern Time March 19th
  11. I had to look up Covid Eileen on google now that is cool. You Gen Xers were silently cool trying to deal with bridging the divide between analog and digital worlds, and Boomer parents still clinging to their landline phones, rolodex cards, dewey decimal system, and record albums. (millennials please google those items). Here are just a few X generation things that were cool: Kurt Cobain Ripped Jeans Tiger Woods Friends (TV show) Raves
  12. While dealing with the corona-virus outbreak maybe a friendly fist pump could be substituted for the hug emoji😁 New research shows a fist pump transmits 10 times less bacteria than a handshake. Plus you look really cool and hip with the Xer and Millennial crowd!
  13. The addicting part of SL is not knowing the next adventure you will have or thing you learn. Plus avatar watching and profile reading at crowded sims is sooooo fun!
  14. Human avatar attached to my university sim trying to create a virtual classrom back in 2006. I remember not very name choices at that time so took the last name Aabye. When the university closed the sim in 2013 I left SL for a year and deleted all my inventory (very smart move NOT!). Anyway, missed it and came back in 2014 tabula rasa (blank slate). Had to start completely over and learn the ways of mesh, and how to traverse all the sims I missed the first time, it has been fun😁
  15. We Boomers are annoying that is a given. But, our generation invented the computer and internet so give us a little slack Plus we invented Disco and Tang
  16. Excellent discussion on SL player usage. Ironically William Shakespeare asked this same question in his play Hamlet when he stated: "To be in SL, or not to be in SL, that is the question."
  17. Amen to that sentiment. Most of the over 40 crowd in SL that I meet are interested in quality relationships, not quantity. When you are over 50 in SL the best part of meeting the under 30 crowd is watching their reaction to telling them your age😀 Typically a long pause and then (that's not so old!) and then usually RL beckons. Even better though is meeting people in their 70s who are active building things, running businesses, or just having pixel fun. They inspire you, and make us 50 somethings feel young😋
  18. For those who like to fly airplanes in SL, or would like to learn, Hollywood Airport at the edge of the Blake Sea. There are always pilots and planes taking off from there. https://secondlife.com/destination/hollywood-airport Unity Airlines routinely runs airplane flights out of there that you can be a passenger and travel to exotic locations,
  19. Hope you have a wonderful New Years Eve! Beauregard and Princess celebrated a little too hard already and are pooped!
  20. Merry Christmas Forum Readers! Everyone is excited for the big day!
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