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  1. Would you trust anyone who looked like Tom Hanks in Philadelphia - later on in the movie when he was wearing suits two sizes bigger than normal to make it look like he had lost weight because of his AIDS. I thought he started off looking cool in a grey shirt (unusual to see them in rl, except on students who can't afford washing powder) which matched the cowboyish patches on his jacket and pants, but when they disappeared I realised that they were just artefacts of lag. [Despite his decades in the business he has never been on a presentation course, has he.]
  2. At last, something fat chicks are good at! [/me takes a leaf out of Bourne's book, selects a fake passport and a wodge of foreign currency, cuts and dyes hair, puts stone in shoe to create limp, and buys bus ticket for Paris then catches a boat to somewhere else on the continent where he can hide from the excoriation of most of the population of the forums.] PS Natalya, don't I know you from somewhere?
  3. Caitlin Tobias wrote: I just use the tabs on the top of the page, to go from the default BLOG to the Forum on my phone, so I am not sure why you should go to the bottom for it? From a communications point of view I completely understand they are letting you log in, by force, into the blog section first, as this is where news and updates are published and so - hopefully...- people will read those first before they e.g. start threads on why they cannot login... Anyway, this is how it looks for me on my phone, I can quite easy switch from the blog to the forum. Your battery is running out Caity! You need to recharge it quickly . . .
  4. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: They are trying to add shapshots to their feed, not their profile.. Can't do that from anywhere but inworld. Originally, but I was actually replying to Sasshh, who had a different problem
  5. valerie Inshan wrote: I do appreciate your altruistic efforts here, I really do! There's nothing altruistic about my efforts; I am trying to get Ebbe's job when he moves on at the start of the new golf season, and proving that I could revive a dead thing seemed a very relevant cv point.
  6. Caitlin Tobias wrote: I thought this was a real GD topic, as OP was vague, half ranting and not really asking a question. Though it would have been better on a friday. Agreed! Perhaps we should petition the mods for it to be moved back . . .tomorrow! [To confirm, I did NOT ask for it to be moved. Oz must have . . . ]
  7. valerie Inshan wrote: (but I kind of miss Wasted's posts sometimes when the forum is so boring - that is, all the time...) Hey, I'm trying as hard as I can to improve things here. And anyway, you smell to coffee!
  8. valerie Inshan wrote: Maybe the OP is worried about his Mom discovering he belongs to a bunch of BDSM/gang bang/zoophilia/etc. groups. More likely it's something more embarrassing, such as the "I think Linden Lab has a coherent business strategy" or "Hooray for the excellent LL Support Line" Groups. Or perhaps the seminal "Wasted was misunderstood" Group?
  9. Perhaps, if they are interested in participating in the forums, you could point them in the direction of this spell, grammar and style checker. [You might want to check it out yourself, actually . . . ]
  10. gunmaker wrote: id like to throw my steaks in and simply request the old secondlife merge with the new secondlife by exporting all users cache files and records of land and work it in sections to the new grid. also the teen grid meh, without the teens you have a bunch of old farts and a bunch of teens acting out against old farts, interating into one unigrid seems far more intertaining and less likely to encourage trolling. I presume, from your multiple solecisms, that you belong to the ignorant younger generation. [Do us a favour, Linden Lab, reinstate the Teen Grid and send all those who failed English 101 there, regardless of age.]
  11. Monty Linden wrote: Sony certainly blows us out of the water revenue-wise. But we may actually beat them profit-wise... And you STILL can't afford to employ competent support and marketing staff! Or perhaps ignoring your customers is the mechanism by which you make profits . . .
  12. Marigold Devin wrote: No one will like everyone in this world Hippie does! [Well, except for me, I have heard.]
  13. Monti Messmer wrote: Hello, how would one hide groups ? Monti Shoot them, cut them up into little bits, put them in a box and bury them in a big hole. [Ooops, sorry, I thought by "groups" you meant the Kardassian family.]
  14. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: The etomology of the word 'turkey' for the large American wild fowl reveals that it was actually the English that named the bird Turkey in the 1550's. That was 200 years more or less before any residents of the colonies started to self indentify as American. That happened, as we all know, due to the shabby treatment and gross exploitation that the colonists received at the hands of England which led to the Declaration of Independence. :smileywink: Those English ***bleeps*** eh! I don't know why we ever allowed them on to our island. I suppose it must have been because we were too busy writing obscure poetry. I am glad, though, that we encouraged the more boring of their religious fanatics to sail off westwards, taking male netball with them. I am disappointed in the way that they have nancied up rugby though - helmets and shoulder pads, really! [i love that you have misspelled etymology, by the way; I presume it was intentional...]
  15. Pamela Galli wrote: Looks up at forum name... ETA (Which used to be General Discussion.) I have decided to treat threads which should be in GD as if they WERE in GD, whatever forum they might have been placed. [Especially if it attracts more constructive attention from Lindens, even especially grumpy ones!]
  16. ChinRey wrote: How about "Second Life is a shared experience and the pope is an atheist." ChinRey wrote: Second Life is a shared experience and guaranteed bugfree. ChinRey wrote: Second Life is a shared experience and everything you read on the internet is true. That's MUCH better! We need more cynics realists here in GD.
  17. Dresden Ceriano wrote: Are you hiring? ...Dres (Or are you suggesting that ultra-perverted, homosexual activity is part of either of your or your alter-ego counterpart's vast knowledge base. After all... that is my area of expertize.) Don't limit yourself Dres. You could be the boys' consultant on year-long Mardi Gras celebrations. [They don't have much experience of them in Cleethorpes.]
  18. Listrix wrote: I'd recommend getting a job, although it's not as easy as it sounds. Acquire some skills that you might need, look around for a job and start working. That way you're not bored and you'll be getting 'free' L$. After work, talk to some close friend's that you've made and go shopping. And when you can, go to a venue to listen to a DJ or live performer. I don't think Poenald was asking for advice, merely enquiring what floats people's boats. [i, however, would recommend that you take some time out to read and understand a book on grammar.] Listrix wrote: I think that sums up pretty much everything that people do. Ignoramus! You haven't even started scratching the surface of SL's potential activities.
  19. Dresden Ceriano wrote: Drew Bhalti wrote: I'm hoping somebody has a transscript. I've checked the typical places and not finding any. Give them time, I'm sure once it's transcribed you'll be able to find it in all the familiar places. ...Dres Once Peter Grey has "adjusted" it to remove untenable facts, ridiculous promises, and inherent contradictions, as well as inserting even wilder promises, denials of history and a few gratuitous self-congratulatory references. [Hi Treasure! Seen any good spiders recently . . . ?]
  20. Perhaps she doesn't like wannabe ornithologists. [Perhaps she is semi-literate and gets them confused with amateur proctologists - what do you think, Dres?]
  21. Berlin Mesmeriser wrote: so what is the right forum Perhaps the OTHER one you posted in about your problem. You do realise that cross-posting is at the very least frowned upon, and potentially actionable by LL as spam, which might get you banned, which would solve your problems at a stroke. Berlin Mesmeriser wrote: how on earth can it be that SL doesn't have working support ? They are a consumer computing company; why should they be the only one that wants to spend money keeping their customers happy when they have absolutely no need to - and you signed up to a ToS that makes that absolutely clear.
  22. Mick Mercy wrote: If someone has created a program that can find your hidden groups and let other people know, what else could that person do. Cure Cancer? Nuke terrorism out of existence? Land a helicopter on Kim Kardassian's ass? Persuade politicians not to lie. Coach the Oakland Raiders to a winning season? Make Jim Carrey funny? Find out when SL is going to be closed down? I am sure the list goes on and on . . .
  23. Where's that SarcMark when you need it? Ah, there it is!
  24. Richtea57 wrote: Answers section? There's an answers section? Possibly LL, but only here; presumably somewhere there's a dedicated Sock Theory forum. You can't be sure at all. Crikey, I'm not sure about anything anymore. MWI suggests that there are an infinite number of dedicated Sock Theory forums. [unfortunately, none of them have the answer to where the missing socks can be found.]
  25. Richtea57 wrote: Developing a huge crush on myself..."He will never be left on the shelf. 'Cause Kevin he's" etc. Narcissism is good! At least you can be sure that SOMEONE loves you...
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