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  1. Macro Voss wrote: I want to be able to put clothes on them. Once again, you are doomed to fail as a result of your lack of understanding of Second Life's culture. 99% of participants spend their whole time inworld trying to remove clothing from other avatars.
  2. Macro Voss wrote: You can't get through life just in your undies! lol Says who? [Llazarus is actually a Victoria's Secret model]
  3. Quinn Lysette wrote: from over seas somewhere Presumably you are from the USA and are assuming she is Canadian?
  4. I think they probably got it... ...although maybe you haven't yet.
  5. That's ridiculous. She is much too short and her boobs aren't big enough. It'll never catch on . . .
  6. Hey Dakota, nice to see a Linden in the forums. By the way, did you have to log in several times because you were logged out by the system, and have to try several times before you could finish a post? Or perhaps those things don't happen to Lindens, which might explain why LL does not seem interested in fixing those annoying problems which recent "development/maintenance" work on the forums has caused...
  7. OzwellWayfarer wrote: Obviously, this is going to sound slightly rich coming from a merchant, but if people want SL to endure, the very worst thing they can do is stop buying things and renting land to "wait and see" what comes in a few years. Maybe those who want SL to endure should just give lots of money to merchants for nothing. It achieves the same end.
  8. For clarification, I non-loosely define a professional as any individual who does something for money. As any good dictionary confirms. Especially since graphic design is not a profession, which obviates the other meaning.
  9. I go away for a couple of weeks and these forums fall apart. Has anybody managed to obtain any Linden comment regarding the continuing problem, information that is sadly missing from the JIRA, or are they laughing about their most recent deterrent to participation being so annoying?
  10. Phadrus Karu wrote: For hobbyists without plans to commercialize their work, price might be the sole motivating factor; but the hobbyist demographic isn’t what we’re talking about here, the professional/semi-professional content creators are. You sound like Ebbe voicing Peter Gray's words in the corporate attempt to flush your scorned "hobbyists" out of SL2. Do you not realise that 99% of the content creators in SL started as "hobbyists", whatever they might consider their status now? And why on earth would non-loser "professionals" bother creating in a world that, even if you give it 200% of the effort that you would a normal "professional" designer job, barely allows you to scrape a living?
  11. I see that in my temporary absence - yes, Jordan is very nice at this time of year, thank you for asking - people have reverted to using General Discussions instead of the Answers section (or Technical, or Land, or . . . ) as exemplified by this thread. Ho hum, the Mods are going to be getting fed up with me again, asking for transfer of inappropriate threads from GD to all points of the compass; I would be grateful if others could avoid offering their cut and paste answers here and suggest that more accurate and prompt responses are likely to be offered in more relevant sections of the forums where the charity ladies work. Thank you for your attention.
  12. You could always go over to the real General Discussions forum and initiate a thread about a "hypothetical" situation (perhaps which might have happened to "a friend") which you would find unacceptable, and then provoke comments from others, where they might express opinions on anti-social behaviour, and suggest that some such thing might have happened to you and invite interested parties to contact you for the full gossip. Be warned that you may not find everybody there in agreement with what you consider unacceptable behaviour, so be prepared to argue your case.
  13. valerie Inshan wrote: Still looking for more French clichés! ) You could have a lost Parisian taxi, complete with non-French speaking driver, crash-parked on the pavement. And several pied-noirs hassling customers trying to sell them "leather" ware made from genuine human skin from the Congo. And a redundant middle-aged English advertising copywriter sipping pastis while making notes for his fourteenth book about "charming" French plumbing and even more "charming" French plumbers..
  14. Syo Emerald wrote: Some people here seem to like suggesting false information. such as: Syo Emerald wrote: It will probably be handeled like now: With different region and content rateings. which is pure supposition with absolutely no basis.
  15. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: He also said “It could be years before you decide to use this new thing instead of SL”. "Could" is a wonderful weasel word much loved by spinmasters such as Peter Gray, who could have written the script Ebbe seemed to have such a hard time reading, and could presage entirely meaningless words. For example, he could have said "LL could keep SL open for twenty years", or "LL could close SL down on 1 June 2015" without committing himself or the Lab to anything at all, and without actually lying. Statements like that are completely content free, and could be happily ignored as wasting potentially useful cognitive time. {Although that could probably apply to 90% of what he said at VWBPE.] PS People in SL think nothing of complaining about paying 1-2 L$ even as much as 10 L$ for something that doesn't get delivered or work as they expected or be replaced if they delete it or . . .
  16. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Hey, it was only 18 hours later... I had the reply tab open and forgot about it while taking care of her.. Who knew ginger ale had to have the "correct level of flatness" apparently i was making it to flat.. You have my sympathies Drake. I have one that transformed into a psychosomatic diva two days ago when she turned seventeen.
  17. Medhue Simoni wrote: tax is always a tax on the consumer. Agreed, unless it's payroll tax, or various other governmental legalised theft transfers. Medhue Simoni wrote: It doesn't matter where they collect it from. Oh, but it does. Administratively, a transaction tax is a nightmare, and potentially avoidable. Taxing aggregated receipts is much simpler and more reliable, particularly if you are going to have to "register" to be able to make sales, which seems likely under the new order.
  18. Magnus Brody wrote: is there nowhere one can escape the annoyance of others' children? I'd be happy if I could just get away from my own!
  19. Medhue Simoni wrote: Ebbe has yet to tell us how much they are going to tax the consumers for buying our stuff. What makes you think he is going to tax the consumers? It's much more efficient to collect value added tax from suppliers.
  20. valerie Inshan wrote: You have kids?????? now this thread sounds promising. *opens a bottle of Chardonnay and relaxes in her recliner* Looks like we have even harder times to come.... Since we're masochists, we'll tap feet in excitement until your progeniture comes on line! Aww, how grand that willl be! Unfortunately my wife issued them with rose tinted spectacles at an early age while I was out digging money from computer dumps. So they are quite nice. Except to me. Unless they need a chauffeur.
  21. Caitlin Tobias wrote: I wonder....what the heck is a Family mc? It's the McDonald's equivalent of a KFC bucket, I think . . . . . . or maybe a gangsta toasta rappa who doesn't use rude words . . . . . . or maybe a biker's club - they prefer their virtual **bleep**-substitutes to be called "motorcycles", I believe.
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