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  1. I live in a residential sim and would be thrilled to login to see someone in my house. It would break the monotony. In my 'About Land,' I even make it clear that anyone is welcome inside.
  2. I totally get the idea of "good manners." I'm just stating the reality of Second Life. Land owners are under no obligation to give any reason for kicking you from their land. I did a Google search for <edit: the place you mentioned> rules and there actually are some that are quite vague and leave much room for interpretation. That alone reads to me as: We can remove you for any reason. I'm glad to hear they were kind enough to explain their decision, even if it wasn't the response you were hoping for. Many people get no reason at all.
  3. The phrase "innocent until proven guilty" is an American one, if I am correct. Second Life is not America. Anyone can kick you from their land for any, or no, reason. They have no obligation to tell you why. They could kick you for wearing ugly shoes. I know this may not seem nice or fair, but that's just the reality of the situation. You can ask the landowner. Hopefully they can give you some insight so you might avoid that behavior in the future (if you in fact did do anything wrong). Otherwise, just forget about that place and move on =)
  4. I'd rather sellers just put them in the right categories. I actually use the feature to search for stuff. If used correctly, it can be very helpful.
  5. Well.. I don't actually know lol. I think I had the slink hands and feet for some reason before I bought Maitreya. I never considered taking them off. But I took them off and low and behold, the Maitreya feet are just fine.
  6. Omg, it just struck me that the answer is obvious. If my feet aren't showing, why not just remove the slink feet?
  7. What I'm using: Body: Maitreya Hands/Feet: Slink I'm wondering if anyone can suggest where I might find some tights/stockings/etc that fit these. This is the problem I'm running into. I'm assuming it is due to my Slink feet and these stockings are sold by Maitreya. I hate wearing shoes though, so I'd love to find a solution where I can walk around barefoot with something like these. On a side note, can anyone recommend a brand for applier underwear? I'd like to put on some underwear as a layer so when I undress to change, I'm a little covered up at least. Sorry, I'm not a pro at mesh, so any assistance would be appreciated.
  8. If you punish the buyer, you will probably see an overall drop in sales for the whole of Second Life. Potentials users will soon realize that they might throw down $25, $50, $100 and not only not get an item, but also lose their money. Why would they go to your store and risk paying real life money for something they might not get anything for? I am not ashamed that I'm what many gamers call a "cash cow." I have no problem throwing money at games I love. But I have never, ever ran into a situation where I gave a game/virtual world real money and received absolutely nothing. If I found out Second Life might take items from me and keep my money, I'd stop putting money in the system. Right now, I view spending on SL as a gamble, but I calculate the risk and make a decision. If LL became involved in taking items and money, that would be a game changer for me and I'd probably stop spending money. I haven't been around long enough to know how to spot fraudulent sellers and I don't want to be punished because I didn't know any better. The ideal solution would be for the fraudulent seller to get caught and for the item to be removed from the buyer with a refund and explanation as to why it happened. Then the fraudulent seller should be banned. Or if you are feeling lenient, give a warning system.
  9. When you go somewhere, check out their welcome area walls. Sometimes you will see groups and events and places listed. This will give you more updated, relevant leads because these are people who are usually actively advertising their places. You will come to see some names show up a lot and hopefully you can find some interesting things.
  10. A shot of espresso mixed with a vanilla protein shake. I usually have a about 2-4 of these a day. At night? Usually just water.
  11. Someone posted in the forums suggested camera values. I entered them and my whole SL experience changed for the better. I didn't even know how badly I needed this until I chanced upon it on the forums. I'll never go back. I agree. It's very obscure. Sure, it's easy enough to change, but I think the average newcomer has so many things they are confused about, that FOV is really far down the list, if it's even on the list at all. It would be really cool to be introduced to some presets during a tutorial. Press a button and BAM you have some cool presets.
  12. The limits are in place to help protect Linden Labs from fraud risk.
  13. I love my Second Life rental. I live in a large residential/commercial sim (Lionheart). I've lived a few places, and for the most part no one has ever bothered me at home. Which is kind of sad, because I do actually like to talk to folks. Second Life has some property etiquette which is quite protective. People do not encourage going on private property or looking around people's homes. So I think that's part of the reason no one dares even say hello while I'm home. If you are thinking about a more economic solution, skyboxes can be quite private as well. There are lots of security options you can look into as well. You might just want to try carving out your own little haven in Second Life. It might make you feel more relaxed in this world. It also solves the dressing room issue. Another thing I encourage is filling out your profile. Make it clear what you are okay with and not okay with. For instance, I make it clear in mine that I'm only looking for FRIENDS. This can help weed out some unwanted attention. Though it will be no help against griefers. Take the advice in this thread to heart and really look at what you might be doing to paint a bullseye on yourself. I travel around a bit and have been here for years and am very, very rarely griefed. I promise I'm not trying to victim blame. Griefers just plain ol' suck. But there may be some minor tweaks you can make that can make your Second Life experience more enjoyable.
  14. Okay, so I had two versions of Firestorm on my computer. I removed them both and installed the most recent version and now it works. Is there not a way to mark this post post answered?
  15. Maybe I updated Firestorm incorrectly. I'm going to try removing it from the computer and reinstalling. I will also try the normal viewer, thanks. I also realized that my graphics card is actually missing an update since the last time I updated. So I'll give that a shot as well.