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  1. Why are humans disgusting? Did I miss the /s?
  2. Gamer here. This is exactly how I feel. Second Life users try so hard to distinguish themselves from the gaming industry that in my opinion it hurts them. If they embraced that community and technology, they could follow along with the progress the gaming industry is setting and moving forward. I’ve played online games for over a decade, and so I’m not a stranger to online worlds. SL is an online world. However, the rest of the online games are looking at each other, competing with each other, pushing the boundaries of technology, finding new and innovative ways to implement ways to socialize and connect. While Second Life just sits in the corner with its arms crossed and says “No! I’m not like the rest of you and I won’t hang out and learn and progress with you!! I’m too cool for you!!” It’s a real /smh sort of moment for me, watching Second Life be so stubborn. And to what end? So people can roll their eyes at the “elitist” gamers and tell themselves, “Oh, me? Gamer? No way. I’m not so pathetic... I LIVE in Second Life.” Snobs. That’s honestly the word that comes to mind when I look at this issue from some people’s description. It honestly just sounds like older folks who don’t want to be labeled gamers for whatever preconceived negative notion that is in their head. Yup. I said it. Go ahead and burn me at the stake.
  3. You have the right to your opinion, but as a self-titled 'gamer,' that definitely stings. Are there toxic people in games? Yeah. Is gaming culture toxic by nature? No. Games where people have to interact with each other tend to do best when you are being cooperative with others -- which works best when you can be a decent human being. Are there trolls and jerks? Yeah... but there's also the kind of community that leads to lifelong friendships and marriages.
  4. 1. Maybe it's worth of an AR, but I wouldn't go out of my way to do it. It just sounds sort of trollish -- but in a passive kind of way. They aren't actively trolling a sim. YOU have to click their profile to even see it. 2. I wouldn't delete it. This is a virtual world/game. There are people of all sorts here, some who like to troll.Would I buy from in the future? Probably not. They'd have to have really amazing quality stuff for me to go out of my way to buy from them again. But I wouldn't delete my little pixel merch just because they have a trollish profile.
  5. I stand on the 'game' side of the debate, but honestly this comes down to human decency. Don't be a jerk. Playing a 'game' doesn't give you some special permission to cross boundaries and be a douchecanoe.
  6. I agree with this. I'm not a 'power player,' -- whatever that is -- I just don't like paying more than I have to for a product.
  7. I'm Naly. I'm 31/F/New Orleans USA ... and old enough that I still think a/s/l is still used. In world, I enjoy decorating, shopping, and some more decorating. I enjoy video games in general -- especially RPGs. I'm currently playing the new God of War with my husband (we like to play single player games together -- more interactive than just watching TV shows together). It's actually pretty darn good -- and God of War has never been my scene. I guess there's a reason it's winning awards. I also enjoy hula hoop dancing. Yup. It's a thing and I do it. You can look it up on Youtube if you are wondering what I'm talking about. I enjoy reading -- usually fantasy series. I'm rereading Iron Druid at the moment because apparently two books have come out since I last read it. Oh... and I like cats... a lot.
  8. This whole topic just stinks of bad science. There's no way to get meaningful, accurate data. I think it's fine to want to pontificate on the issue of people playing genders not their own in Second Life, but that's about as far as the discussion can go without real numbers. Why not just ask people if they play their own gender and why or why not? Actually, I'm sure there are already threads on that topic.
  9. Lol... serves me right (again) for giving someone the benefit of the doubt. Carry on.
  10. Thanks for pointing this out. I think it's low hanging fruit to jump on criticizing someone's creativity. No matter what someone shares with the world, it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea. That's okay.
  11. That was quite unexpected and impressive . Most people would have simply replied with “u guyz suck “
  12. Which is why you should set it to 2 -- so that you can be more discriminate in the items you choose to place on your land. You should be trying to make a place that is beautiful for the average SL user (if you are genuine in your OP) -- and I'm guessing the average SL user is set to 2.
  13. Why not simply suggest lower land costs for everyone? That seems like the simplest answer. Because if we do it your way, that requires some sort of regulation and someone has to take the time to verify if people are following rules. You would want Linden Labs to receive less money while they pay more money to have people implement this new rule.
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