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  1. What about making an alt?
  2. Right click the landmark and click 'delete.'
  3. There are jerks in both worlds. Sad fact.
  4. premium membership

    You can also rent from private estates that have a higher prim allowance.
  5. Good point. I didn't mean to infer that there aren't some games that haven't been around for ages, but yeah -- Second Life could be around for 20, 30 years. I guess in my mind, all I'm saying is that even the longest lasting games are going to eventually close their doors.
  6. I married my high school sweetheart. Been together since I was 15! Married at 23. I just hit 30 and it dawned on us just recently that we really don't know who we are individually and that we may have grown some bad habits by never having any experience of being a single adult on their own. We aren't parting ways just yet. We are going to see if we can work on some self improvement and learn to be more independant even while still together. But, yeah, it's tough. I'm 30 and I definitely do not feel like an 'adult.'
  7. All games come to an end. I have no idea to the specifics of your answer but I hear this question over and over with every online game. Hopefully someone has some specifics but personally I'll just enjoy the game while it lasts. I don't even care if I spend money and it closes. I accept the end of every game is inevitable. Disclaimer: substitute the words play and game with whatever your heart desires.
  8. Your post does not sound "sterile" to me. I wish you much luck on your journey.
  9. Please read the fine print at the bottom: ** L$1,000 bonus will be deposited directly into your Second Life account if your Premium membership is active for 45 consecutive days after initial sign-up.
  10. premium membership

    You would have to add more land to get more prim allowance. If you don't want to pay monthly cash, you could look into renting from a private estate.
  11. premium membership

    Right click on your land and click 'About Land' then click 'abandon'.
  12. premium membership

    You can abandon your Linden home and buy a 512 plot with no monthly tier. This is the same size parcel as your Linden home. Keep in mind, however, that when you own a Linden Home, the actual house does not cost you any land impact. If you choose to buy land, your house is going to cost you land impact.
  13. People need to hurry up and find their way back. I need some good controversial, thought provoking threads to pop up and keep me from real life obligations.
  14. Sometimes I think I'm doing/playing Second Life wrong. My avatar is pretty much a reflection of the real-world me except I can play dress up. In the real world, I'm pretty open and honest and willing to talk about just about anything. Same with Second Life. Interestingly, I'm kind of conservative in what I wear in the real world, and my Second Life avatar is also very conservative in her attire. I would describe myself as asexual or greysexual in the real world, and that is also true for Second Life. I don't roleplay. I view Second Life as a fancy chat platform when it comes to conversation. Maybe I just lack imagination.
  15. I live on in Lionheart and love it. The strict covenant means you can expect your neighborhood to stay looking good.