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  1. I recently resubscribed and logged in. Hadn't been around in a while but am bored. Also, Animal Crossing has me decorating a lot and probably is what has driven me to return here, where I have even more freedom to decorate
  2. I guess I get overwhelmed when I go to a store like Catwa and try on a head and it doesn't look like the picture because it's not using the applier from the pic and then I get overwhelmed wondering what all the possibilities are what that head could look like depending on the skin applied and then I just second guess everything
  3. You know, I had the same head from LOGO for a long time. When I upgraded to Quinn, it looked closest to the previous head I owned. I wonder if we get attached to our avatars and things just don't feel right if we go too crazy different. I feel like that's part of what holds me back from changing. Thank you for this perspective, I appreciate it! Thank you so much for this! I will play around with the shape a bit today. I know I saw some article about proportions in SL, maybe I'll try to find that again. One thing about proportions - I usually prefer to keep my avatar short as I'm only
  4. Current Body: Maitreya Current Head: LOGO Bento Quinn I've played off and on for many years, however I've always kept my avatar simple. I had a mesh head from LOGO, so when Bento stuff came out, I just bought something I was familiar with LOGO - their Quinn Bento head. And it was a fine upgrade. I didn't do anything to it aside from make sure the skin matched my body and was blended at the neck. I only used whatever customization settings came with the LOGO or Maitreya hud. I've never tried to use Omega stuff or makeup appliers. That said, I think I'm ready to tiptoe into further cus
  5. Alas, I'm still waiting for my forever home. Anyone want a roommate while I attempt my daily tries and fails? I was thinking of getting a cheap skybox or some rental for a week while I keep attempting. I miss just even having one tiny place to call my own. I love decorating and am very LI conscious. So if you are in the midst of decorating and just have an empty room sitting around that you haven't gotten to or some empty space outside, I'd love to spend some time with you ❤️
  6. Do you take money for services or is this purely RP? I have a problem with people claiming to be RL doctors and therapists giving out treatment online for any monetary gain. I still think it is poor choice to advertise you are willing to give counseling. Serious damage can be done by offering such a service to the most vulnerable.
  7. Why are humans disgusting? Did I miss the /s?
  8. Gamer here. This is exactly how I feel. Second Life users try so hard to distinguish themselves from the gaming industry that in my opinion it hurts them. If they embraced that community and technology, they could follow along with the progress the gaming industry is setting and moving forward. I’ve played online games for over a decade, and so I’m not a stranger to online worlds. SL is an online world. However, the rest of the online games are looking at each other, competing with each other, pushing the boundaries of technology, finding new and innovative ways to implement ways to soci
  9. You have the right to your opinion, but as a self-titled 'gamer,' that definitely stings. Are there toxic people in games? Yeah. Is gaming culture toxic by nature? No. Games where people have to interact with each other tend to do best when you are being cooperative with others -- which works best when you can be a decent human being. Are there trolls and jerks? Yeah... but there's also the kind of community that leads to lifelong friendships and marriages.
  10. 1. Maybe it's worth of an AR, but I wouldn't go out of my way to do it. It just sounds sort of trollish -- but in a passive kind of way. They aren't actively trolling a sim. YOU have to click their profile to even see it. 2. I wouldn't delete it. This is a virtual world/game. There are people of all sorts here, some who like to troll.Would I buy from in the future? Probably not. They'd have to have really amazing quality stuff for me to go out of my way to buy from them again. But I wouldn't delete my little pixel merch just because they have a trollish profile.
  11. I stand on the 'game' side of the debate, but honestly this comes down to human decency. Don't be a jerk. Playing a 'game' doesn't give you some special permission to cross boundaries and be a douchecanoe.
  12. I agree with this. I'm not a 'power player,' -- whatever that is -- I just don't like paying more than I have to for a product.
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