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  1. How much LI/Prim do you use ?

    As much as I possibly can. Whatever the LI is... that's generally what I'm using. I rent from private estates and won't rent if it's less than 2x LI bonus.
  2. Where Do People Get This Idea?

    Yes, my whole point is that based on my own Second Life experience, I would be confused and probably disappointed if I couldn't auto return stuff immediately when I started renting from you. Not because of any fault on your part, but based on my own user experience. It's easy to take for granted knowing all that you have learned over the years based on your experience. Some of us are fall less experienced in Second Life. FWIW, to a newer user, I really don't see the difference in semantics in the term renting on mainland and buying on estate. Because I still pay a weekly tier on my estate and I will lose my land if I miss a payment... so to me, I'm renting either way. So there is a whole new level of possible confusion for new players -- understanding the difference between buying and renting, and also when buying is actually synonymous with renting. Edit: You asked 'where do people get this idea?' This is where I get this idea...
  3. Where Do People Get This Idea?

    Yeah, as a renter, I want to deal with the owner or staff as little as humanly possible. More rights for me and more automation means I have to take up someone else’s time needlessly and I can also save myself some time. As for the OP, I’ve rented on estates and owned mainland. I have no experience with renting in a situation like you described. So, yeah, I’d be confused and disappointed to find a feature I’m used to isn’t possible on your property. But that speaks more to my own inexperience with dealing with rentals like yours. I rent from an estate that has been around for ten years. Their terminals are efficient and I love that I can easily pay with PayPal. It’s a little pricier I’m sure, but the features are worth it to me.
  4. A Derail Thread

    I found a cute hair style for sale at Tres Chic that had a 21,000 AC. And I was so excited because it had some beautiful dutch braids.
  5. Yes, Ironically, I'm realizing that I should probably go back to the gaming scene for socializing and leave SL as a place to decorate and play Barbie. It's not everyone else that needs to adjust to my wants. It's me that has to adjust.
  6. By the way, I’m pursuing a career in captioning and CART. I hope to one day be able to provide exceptional service to your community.
  7. Understandable. I'm not saying there aren't valid reasons. I'm not even saying anyone needs a reason at all. I'm just stating my observations.
  8. How does your avatar look today ?

    I think I want to try to make an avatar that looks like me... I feel like I'd be going against the norm lol. It might be fun to attempt though.
  9. I don't know what's going on today, but my Firestorm keeps crashing over and over. Hopefully we can connect at some point!
  10. True, but there are many sims and groups that share a commonality. Many even have 'regulars,' just like the traditional idea of MMO guilds. Discord is ideal because it gives you a place not only to talk about the game in voice, but communicate when you are offline through chat. Plus... memes... oh the memes....
  11. You are either being intentionally obtuse; or you are part of the most open minded, embracing, non bible literalist sects of Christianity.
  12. I can't tell if you are being serious.