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  1. Why do people hide who they are?

    How old are you?
  2. Guess who’s back?

    Do you prefer notecards when you aren't online? I love your profile. You can look up my profile online if you'd like, but a bit about me: 31/F/US/SL-2 Only looking for platonic relationships. Married irl. I love decorating, and am interested in trying a roommate situation if we click. I enjoy reading (mostly urban fantasy), video games (psychological, RPGs), hula hoop dancing, netflix binging (especially crime stuff and documentaries) I have no RP experience or inclination I love Munchkin <3 Discord friendly
  3. Guess who’s back?

    You sound pretty awesome =)
  4. I'm happy to pay more than "average " depending on the perks.
  5. In search of some friends.

    This is a fine example of a post. I will be sure to shoot you a message when I can. /#-DZ
  6. Best way to get land/house?

    There are some skybox rental places that are affordable and they give you the option to Rez many different furnished homes, so you don’t have to start from scratch and you can change the whole thing with a few clicks if your mood changes
  7. I need a hero because I'm a damsel in distress.
  8. Breedables and lag

    Hopefully someone someone can give you the answer you are looking for. From a renter’s perspective, I find a happy middle ground with a covenant that requests you limit your breedables to when you are logged in.
  9. Do you want friends or business partners?
  10. I suck at making friends!

    It's not just you. Friendship seems elusive and fleeting here. One tip is to message people here on the forums who post 'looking for friends' ads, though they can be hit or miss too. Another suggestion is to read someone's profile and send a message that relates to it. For instance, I once saw a quote in someone's profile. I shared my favorite quote from the author and thanked her for sharing a quote I hadn't heard yet. She was happy I shared the quote she hadn't hear. It's a nice way to slide into a potential conversation. Way better than 'hey how r u'
  11. I remember doing a raid in WoW with someone. The raid lead was super serious, we were really struggling on this boss. We kept wiping over and over. In the middle of like our 30th attempt, you hear his mom or grandma or someone shouting at him to get off the computer. He starts shouting back, not thinking to put the mic on mute. It was freaking hilarious. That said, I'm the odd person out here. I really prefer talking in voice. I feel way more connected than I ever could in text alone. I'm also more likely to keep in contact and consider someone a true friend.
  12. Finding SL residents around my age

    I keep my age in my profile, because I don't want to talk to anyone who specifically doesn't want to talk to someone my age.
  13. Corrections, grammar, spelling etc.

    1. You did this to knock people down. 2. You were not helpful, and in the end through your mockery, you were derisive.
  14. Corrections, grammar, spelling etc.

    I didn’t get the cool kids letter
  15. Corrections, grammar, spelling etc.

    I think we all get your point: Be nice to each other.