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  1. I've learned that everybody has their own reasons for coming to Second Life. Some just want to dance and have superficial conversation. Some could care less about shoes and want deep intellectual conversations.
  2. Sansar Vs Second Life - Discussion

    Whenever I think of Sansar, I think it's just a platform for interactive advertising. Interactive commercials.
  3. I can not wear certain items.

    I have had a lot of inventory problems today. Thank you Lillith for pointing this out. I didn't connect the dots.
  4. I honestly don't know about that. I feel like the do nots might be the minority? I have no data to back that up except personal experiences with other SL users.
  5. @Rhonda Huntress, when you put it like that.... I should have just said I do not participate in Second Life sex and left it at that. My bad. I hope I didn't offend too many people. People come to Second Life for so many different reasons and I didn't mean to belittle anyone for their reasons. There's absolutely nothing wrong with Second Life sex.
  6. Sorry, in retrospect perhaps I came off as judgemental. That's not what I meant. OP asked how many women are into SL sex. I know women who are into SL sex will reply. I just wanted to make sure that OP got a clear picture that we aren't all into SL sex.
  7. Pretty much this.
  8. What are you doing today!? :D

    Today is inventory management day. I'm actually generally very good at inventory management, but once in a while it needs a deep clean. For every category of inventory, I have a folder called 'Probably Not'. A few times a year, I go through my inventory and if I don't LOVE that item right now, it goes in the Probably Not folder to rest. An alternative to deleting things. I also go through my trash folder and delete MOST things. But I leave some stuff in there in case I want to retrieve it at some point.
  9. Life Forward Anchor 1

    I don't actually believe those are satisfactory classifications. I merely counter that those definitions are a bit more tempered than some of the other ones seen in this thread.
  10. What are you doing today!? :D

    Decorating this lovely house from Trompe Loeil that I just picked up at the Uber event. Only $L450 and fits snugly on my 512 plot. My neighbor's house is peaking from behind in case it's not obvious. I love the shape of this little place.
  11. Life Forward Anchor 1

    I was simply trying to point out the humour of the situation when we look at it from each point of view.
  12. Life Forward Anchor 1

    Why not use actual definitions instead of convenient ones? Atheist: a person who does not believe in the existence of a god or any gods. Theist: a person who believes in the existence of god or gods. Agnostic: a person who holds the view that any ultimate reality (such as God) is unknown and probably unknowable. FWIW, I used the squatting on the fence analogy with my husband. It turns out I sounded just as sneering and derisive as you claim they sound sitting there. Some Atheists think Agnostics are smug about not knowing... some Agnostics think Atheists are smug about knowing something they can't know.
  13. Life Forward Anchor 1

    I've haven't tried many drugs. I have done Salvia Divinorum though. That definitely takes you somewhere else, for a very short time. I like it because the effects wear off quickly. I'd like to try other things simply because it amazes me how limited our mind is by chemistry. Mess up that chemistry for a bit and see what happens. I've suffered from depression my entire life, so I've also been exposed to many medications. It was my experience with Wellbutrin that really opened my eyes to how sensitive we are to chemistry. A drug given to me to treat depression actually put me in sort of a psychotic daze. I don't really know how to explain it except that only a very, very tiny part of me had enough sense to ask my husband if the thoughts going through my mind were normal. Needless to say, he had me quit it immediately. I'm also getting off of progesterone right now, which I've been on for about 15 years -- half my life. I'm just now understanding the profound impact of hormones. Something most women don't really think much about when taking birth control. I'm experiencing some drastic changes in my physical and mental being. All of these experiences to say that these things have reinforced in me the idea that my "free will" is an illusion to some extent, though I'm not sure to what that full extent is. Edit: Re the perks of religion: I've heard that Mormons live a long time. Not because of a belief in God, but because the way their organized religion is structured, it puts a strong emphasis on relationships. People age and stay connected and simply aren't lonely. The idea being there is some connection between this and average life span/health. Instead of joining Mormonism, I think I would rather start a commune.
  14. Life Forward Anchor 1

    Years ago, I stumbled down a rabbit hole on Youtube and found a video. I'm not sure if it was a conspiracy theory or not. It claimed that we have found a gene that predicts our tendency toward religious fanaticism. It's been a long time since I saw the video, but I think the gist of it was that this knowledge could be useful in fighting things like ISIS. But I didn't care about that so much as it intrigued me that there might be a grain of truth to my guesses that there might be some biological root for religion or at least religious tendency. Honestly, part of me wishes I could buy into religion. It doesn't always feel good to be the outsider. I don't feel smarter for it. It just leaves me wondering if I'm the crazy one at times.