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  1. Its seems only full regions owners are considered important in Linden Labs eyes. They are the only ones who will enjoy a 20 $ discount while all the others who own less - will only pay more for the same - since the premium rate was raised. Are they determined to kill this game too?
  2. If Rude is her middle name - then I guess it wouln't If its not, it could just be her being polite and respectful towards other people opinions
  3. I agree. But just because something is hard to implement - Its doesnt mean its not worth the concideration and having it tested.
  4. Seems your graphic is set to way lower than mine - since textures look very different to you and me and other guests on my land. But your graphic settings or quality of graphic card are not the issue here.
  5. It is funny that you say I am insulting You have been trying from the first letter you wrote to falsly accuse me with all those false alligations, and mock everyone who supports me, and then you say I try to insult you? I really think you need to read what YOU write before hitting submit and before complaining about other insulting you... Thank you for sharing your beliefs about God with me, But I rather stick to the point which is my wish that Linden Labs will set a criteya to allow tier discount for certain parcels that contribute the the SL community and make Second Life
  6. Seems you know way more about swindles than me. Might be why you seem to always look for one... I appreciate you took the time to read about my awesome land My tiny(!) themed gacha store is indeed a business and of course I would not have kept it going if the land would have been recognized for tier discount. If you visited Foreverland you would also know I am handing out many free gifts (You might really like them btw ) and NEVER have bots there to make fake traffic. Lastly I have no idea "Madlands Entitlement" is . AS I see linden labs should be the ones decidin
  7. 1. I am sure you can find a way to speak your mind without being offensive, rude and mock others way of thinking. 2. Just because other support my way of thinking it does not make them my alts. I know it can be hard to acknowledge others think different than you but it seems they do 3. What do you mean when you say: Army of Entitlement Club Alts scam?
  8. How can you expect people to contribute to other sims while their own costs are so high? And there is a big difference between a parcel that is meant for personal use and one that is open to everyone to enjoy. Such parcels should be cheaper so there will be more of them.
  9. Would'nt it be fair and great if Linden Lbas gave discounted tier for public parcels that were created for the pleasure of the SL community? Such tier discount will encourage more creators and parcel owners to make their land more appealing and allow them to spend more money in SL to make it better. As an owner of such land -"Foreverland - Disney tribute park" I know such a discount will help me a lot with bettering my land and make it even more awesome than its already is
  10. There is a problem with the OS X 10.6.8 and the latest release of the 3.7 viewer - it only opens the game on a very small window, which is not using the wholse size of the screen, and it can not be enlarged. When one trys to enlarge the window - it only gives white background arount it and the game icons can not be clicked.
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