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  1. hello, my name is Jordan and im interested in the job. I have worked in many sl hospitals.
  2. We need reliable and dependable staff who are willing to work and be patient with us. We don't need any drama and we are a very close family.
  3. 1. Name, SL name, SL Age, SL Gender, RL Gender jordan, jordancarter1, 23, female, female 2. When did you join second life? 10/18/2017 3. Do you have experience with medical roleplay? if so, where ( hospital, maternity clinic, etc) yes tlc family clinic 4. Are you willing to work hard and bring success to this company? yes 5. Previous SL work experience? ( If N/A, skip to 7) yes i have worked at hospitals and clubs 6. If yes, where and who's the employer? Why did you stop working there ( if applicable) tlc family clinic owner harresed me 7. What do you think you'd bring to our team? leadership skills and hardworking 8. What position are you applying for? ( Doctor, Midwife, Doula, Pregnancy class coach, etc) receptionist 9. When will be your best shift time? 6pm-8pm 10. Are you willing to work for tips/ and or a small commission? yes
  4. I and my sis sarahkale are looking for someone who would want to run a sim and help us make one for everything we need on it. If interested please im me jordancarter1 or sarahkale and we will respond as soon as we can
  5. You will not hire anyone 1 week or under a month old
  6. We are done hiring nurses and receptionists. We currently need pediatric doctors and therapist
  7. we have er doctor, therapist and peds is what we need now
  8. we have er doctor, therapist and peds is what we need now
  9. is the offer still open im looking for roommates as well
  10. What day can you come in for a interview
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