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  1. i work in rl so im not always looking at the forum
  2. im me today on seconde life at jordancarter1
  3. is the club closed because i was ejected out of the groups so was my sis
  4. Sunset Fantasy Island We are a friendly Roleplay Comunity We offer a Range of Roleplay Police,Hospital,firedepartment,asylum hospital,bar lounge, hotel. subway, bakery,courthouse staff,cityhall need staff,courthouse,dentist, and need patients, we need mc members staff bar members bartenders host djs dancers patients rp players All Avatars are human and furry welcome on sim (medical roleplay requires payment contact mandygurl4ever, pocahontas1983,twilightheartfrozen katlover4 pir8pat.absent nicko.barak
  5. I need a event planner to help me plan my sis baby shower on sl
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