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  1. I'm looking for a long lost daughter for my character on an urban supernatural sim. If you're a para RPer, literate, and you play a character over eighteen, hop in my box if you're interested 😉 (A son, anything is fine. Just a long lost child)
  2. Hello, I'm looking for some good curly hair, either short or medium length. I've checked out sintikila (sp) and phoenix hair, and purchased some from there, but I'm always after more! Do you guys have any that you like? Let me know!
  3. Yesss come play with us! The SLURL is here if you want to take a look around: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shadow Mountain/199/206/2002
  4. He strolled into view of the full-length mirror and squared his shoulders, pleased with the immaculate tailoring his suit presented. The Brioni complemented his clean-shaven perfection as far as Tristan saw it, but this young man was hard-pressed to ever count his own personal flaws. The mistakes of others, however, were another matter completely. Altogether too numerous and infuriating for him to count, capable of snapping the hairline trigger that kept him calm and composed, it was a missing button that caused scarab-black eyes to fill with murder. An error, this, for which someone swiftly needed to pay. A shame, perhaps, that the only outlet present was a several months pregnant woman dozing in the next room. It was fine. He didn’t even think about it. He never did. There wasn’t anything money couldn’t buy. ((message Lucyelaine if you want to play off against my char. Please someone end him, he’s horrible 😆 and of course this is RP only, storytelling, etc etc))
  5. The website also put a full stop behind the url, the correct one is here 😄 https://cliftonforgerpg.wixsite.com/home Come and see us! I need someone to save her from my bad guy XD
  6. Hi guys, Does anyone know where the net like dress is from in this pic on the left?
  7. Hi there, here is the landing zone with a lot of OOC info about Santa Ramona Valley: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sinpusher/155/121/2618 If you have a look around and decide you'd like to give the sect a go, feel free to message me in world - Liramaril Resident ☺️
  8. Imagine, if you will, a celestial city overlooked by towers of ivory. The cold gleam of its pearly gates is not exactly inviting, rather the walled nature of the place is indicative of the price one must pay to enter - unerring, unwavering, fanatical good. Bright and beautiful angels inhabit this place, all of them terrible in their perfection, their serenity won off the back of hidden cruelty, or worse, overt indifference. But this is the dream of lawful evil; it has been depicted in all the priceless art we hoard at our heart for centuries. This is our Heaven, friends, but it’s not as difficult to receive salvation as you may think. All you actually have to do is pay your tithes, which are substantial. Oh, and obey us. I’m seeking para rpers to join this Illuminati-like sect I run in urban modern (Santa Ramona Valley). My inspiration is all the conspiracy theories surrounding the Catholic Church related to societal control, amassed wealth and power, and occultism. Imagine if all the wicked things said of the institution were true? Scandal and coverups are a plenty, as well as subliminal messaging in the media, hoaxed miracles and other supernatural events... attempts at political influence, mind-control, bribery, blackmail, elitism and nepotism, brutal inquisitions, and even assassination-attempts. And then we have the bizarre Mithras-worshipping and other Roman traditions hidden within sometimes plain sight, or associations with Lucumi and other occult-like practises. Imagine if somewhere along the way righteous intent got warped, and the already twisted became more so. A bizarrely decadent take on member privilege turned into high-society parties, clandestine, cult-only, where all manner of strange activities and fetishes were enacted by those who believed power and influence was their God-given right? Where money and power equate to godliness, a once moral truth fell by the wayside. But it’s okay, see? The tenets of faith were all invented to control the masses anyway, or so they say. ((Contact me in world on “Liramaril Resident” if interested. I won’t reply here as threads are usually trolled, but if you want to play we’d love to have you. We have two arcs afoot currently 🙂))
  9. Since were in the role play forum I would hazard a guess and say it’s RP :-) That said, the photography sessions will implement rl principles since we’ll be making portfolios out of snapshots. I can also teach art fundamentals if there are people who both want to rp and learn, but you’ll have to im me for credentials as I don’t want to slather them here for everyone to see!
  10. Hi there! I’m teaching some arts paper related classes on my character at Santa Ramona, and I figure it’s a fun thing, so why not reach out to the greater community? For my classes we are currently going through life drawing sessions, so willing nude models are needed as well as students. There are also classes running in med science and journalism to name a few, so if you like to rp the student life, please feel free to contact me in game. I may forget to check back here, so that is the best way. (The sim is very active and modern/urban. 18+ and human only. As you might see from other posts, there are other things going on there too, such as mcs, cartels, emergency services rp, and all sorts really)
  11. A little black cat, smaller than your palm, has found a nook in the crack of an old stone wall. Her eyes glimmer golden with a mix of curiosity and bewilderment as she tries to make sense of the big bright world. Hey! I'm looking for a family to rp with as....just a cat! I don't require much attention, and am happy to sit in on scenes and observe/not take up much rp space, but I do require at least two household members in the household to interact with/or a busy locality with random people I can schmooze randomly. This is a great family cat, full of mischief, so I'd prefer a kid or two too. An urban neighbourhood would be ideal for any night time kitty missions prowling around the local bushes/parks/things. Really any period is fine either - or even adult themes around (but not with). As long as it's rp. Cat is also renameable and wotnot. Contact me in game, or leave details here and I'll come and check out your rp space!
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