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  1. I have a house along the beach in Fangor,and my alt has a canal/ bridges view in Sweetmarsh. Incredible luck to have gotten such perfect-for-me sports. I had steeled myself to let go of Sweetmarsh and try for a camper. I couldnt do it. Both spots I'm at home in, I knew when I landed there they were joyful spots for me. So I wouldn't say fear is a factor, and maybe it isnt rational to say I'm attached, but I am:)
  2. Yes, Bellisseria Citizens and Bellisseria Community, great groups of people who live there and the hunters,I think you can find a number of Belli groups in Groups:) Best of luck!
  3. If you find you arent seeing them at all,stop your refresher. Wait 1 minute and 20 seconds,and restart it. When I was looking for Bellisseria, I found that the chime didnt sound for up to 5 seconds after target found,so your eyes actually need to register Bellisseria and your click thru needs to be done before that chime ever sounds. Just my experience. Good luck everyone!
  4. Congratulations to everyone who got a new home! Those who didnt,KEEP CHECKING!!!
  5. Keep on with your joy,girlie, its infectious! I always go back, but I know sometimes during releases if you click the choose another blah blah,you get lucky:)
  6. @TSorrow dont think you missed yet,from what I can tell they're staggered. Keep watching.
  7. I am thinking to do that with my house in Fangor, beach walks with babies!
  8. Lol! I gave in and got the same one! Im like,ok,so do I ditch the kitchen so I can dress and change my kid? Hmm....
  9. In theme with the region...Alice Cooper is good...however, I dont believe the Covenant was put together to make us Neighbor Police. Bellisserias charm lies in that it is a community, and in every community you will find aesthetic diversity. Wind turbines and fantastically lit and colored palms are things we have all seen irl, well, I live in Fl, so not abby-normal here. @Marianne Little, I think that's a great idea, and I think everyone will love it! The holidays promise to be pretty fab in Bellisseria! Ps. I'll buy a garage if you make an Alice Cooper garage door cover that people can buy:D
  10. The covenant is good though. The last dude I got a house for, was like," This is GREAT! Now I just have to find a giant ***** for my yard so everyone knows I live here! " As I said, the covenant is goooood,and I'm so never going back for pics,lol.
  11. Congratulations @LakotaBlue Tuqiri!!! Enjoy!
  12. Just go back through your own posts:D I'm all out of hammers for today😘
  13. It's all over the threads. Allo, pudding!
  14. It is not defamatory if it is fact. K.
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