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  1. And here I thought I was going to see @Patch Linden belly dancing. Smh. THAT is sad.
  2. It's a rezz zone with a 5 minute auto return on it. Relax. I'm hitching a ride with Cheetah chick,my vehicles are no fun!
  3. As lovely as it is, as incredible as the walkway and surrounding landscape are... just rolling on my alt until stilts:) SO for whomever was interested in this gorgeous Pommade parcel, get your clickies ready, im letting it go before love sets in:)
  4. Releasing Vic in Knapping with cool stone steps to the water, tiny beach in one minute
  5. Letting go of a sweet Victorian in Fells Arboretum with an amazing garden and STAIRS(!) out front, also rez zone near instead of a neighbor:) 2 minutes. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fells Arboretum/92/156/0
  6. @AnnieBrandAs the military says.. I may not agree with what you say, but I'll fight to the death to maintain your right to say it. However,as far as that goes, I was really only trying to mollify a whiner who inappropriately posted names on this thread. My bad: )
  7. @AnnieBrand, I get it,you're frustrated,and it is a little annoying that a few people unload the mothership to monopolize regions. I'm just saying , it's only going to give you an ulcer unless you decide to make sure you also have 20 alts, and that you have enough devices to capture during a release. It isnt worth it. I myself keep 2 " rollers", and while I'm aware that decreases my pick and choose...I'm also aware that saturation will occur and slowly my odds will improve. Yours will too. As for tarted up abodes with no people currently standing in them, a premium fee is a premium fee, isnt i
  8. I dont believe anyone is renting. I unfortunately caught a North Wall when I was rolling for Thatch Lea. I say that because I wanted,really wanted a specific house in Thatch Lea. I got a lovely in North Wall, oh well. Heres the deal @AnnieBrand...it is just tough noogies. No ones renting,they just have alts. Who cares who has however many alts. Does it skew the releases so you dont get to have an idea where you're gonna land? Possibly. Will the majority of those show up later randomly? Most likely. Welcome to the Game of Homes, where you either get lucky,or you roll again.
  9. Everyone has a right to their own opinions, right up until it infringes on someone elses rights to do the same. If you feel free to express an opinion, excellent! You must also feel free to not get bent when someone else does the same, or worse, take it personally. Engage yourself with the equalizer that simply being a unique individual is. We all are,and that has to be respected. Peace out from the peanut gallery‚ô° * houseboat on the Lp.
  10. LOL! When i moved my grandmother in with me I was packing up her house and under the sink was , I kid you not, no less than 500 butter tubs with lids, some dating back to the 50's. I asked her,whyyyyyyy? She says...I might need one!
  11. What a way to find our tribe, lol! Some people just hoard plastic butter tubs...boooringgggxD We hoard entire houses!
  12. @Mauritsss, dude I had this problem ( land stuck)about 2 weeks back,started on a Thursday, I went the weekend that way, 4 people handled my ticket/ chat,at minimum. At first i thought,they should be able to just clear that,right? No. The people handled it really well, but they had to find the why first. ( hello wondrous troubleshooting by the people qualified to do that) Imagine if everyone got stuck that way,what a nightmare ! Better they actually find the issue first. It will get handled, if it hasnt been already: )
  13. Welcome to the junkies,we got fun and games, every location and style you want,honey we know the names. We are the people that you meet, on every Linden street... good lord. Need...more...coffee...
  14. Ah,see,I thought if your first abandon was at,say,3:45, then the next day at 3:45 you were clean slated for 5 more tries. That was my experience before, which is why it mystified me now. Thank you: )
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