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  1. Curled up by the fire on a cold winter's eve
  2. I'm in too! I'll get my wishlist up as soon as MP stops being so slow it won't load. Here's my wishlist page https://marketplace.secondlife.com/wishlists/anniepany
  3. How every event I go to is now outside and so huge it would take forever to walk it and so you have to cam. Why do they have to change the builds, I absolutely hate outdoor events. Because it's so huge you don't even know where to start camming! *growls*
  4. Does anyone experience a gateway timeout? It's been happening to me the past few days and I'm unable to get any redeliveries.
  5. I've done this too, in a hospital with pneumonia, it's a great way to forget your sick and not able to do anything else.
  6. Hey Lewis, thanks for letting me know about your club, I definitely will check it out. Do you happen to have a LM for it?
  7. It's so hard to find any place that places REAL jazz, and the ones that do are dead, which is really sad, because the builds are usually really good, i don't understand why someone would do an awesome club and not do anything with it, plus paying for the tier, seems like a waste of time and money to me. Just sayin'
  8. does ANYONE play good jazz? I can't seem to find one place that actually plays jazz.
  9. I am in need of an experienced terraformer that can help with a piece of land i just bought and it's in need of some serious work. Please contact me inworld with references and a price list. Anniepany Resident. Thank you!
  10. This is true for me, if I know the people then I'll chat in local, but if I'm at a club and I don't know anyone, I won't even speak unless I'm spoken to. Usually I'm the one getting IM'd but I won't even initiate an IM unless it's someone I know
  11. Bolded: I think one reason people insist on IM's is because they want to have a log of what is said. That's been my experience because I've ask them to speak in local and that's the response I've gotten. For a business I can understand but if it's just chatting, I much prefer local chat unless I'm talking with my guy then I enjoy the private time together
  12. I actually did, especially when I saw Rhonda was the last to post ๐Ÿ™‚ and yes we need to talk about those toes ๐Ÿคจ
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