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  1. anniepany

    Small house with 3-4 rooms

    BellaRose has a small house I think it's called The Savannah, I have it and loved it it's a living/kitchen/dining area, bedroom and a bathroom, also a front porch. It's very cozy.
  2. anniepany

    Updating personal info on account.

    No one has asked this so here it goes: If you have been here for over 11 years, do you have payment info on file? If so, there shouldn't and wouldn't be a problem. All you would have to do is buy lindens from the credit card or the paypal account. Really I don't understand why you would need to have all the information for something like that. If you don't have payment info on file, then all you would need to do is add a credit card or paypal info on the account page.
  3. anniepany

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    I absolutely hate those things! I refuse to go and then the group chat is overrun by the complaining that they can't get in. I literally have to shut off the group because it would just keep popping up
  4. anniepany

    What do you all get on SL for?

    *nods* I only host once a month at a very nice formal club, it pays very well, so for a few days I stay on and shop LOL why I shop I have no clue, I guess I'm addicted, because no one ever sees what I buy but it makes me happy while I am inworld. And yeah it's the same for me, only notices, no individuals leaving me messages but it is what it is. *sighs deeply*
  5. anniepany

    What do you all get on SL for?

    I'm sure the majority of SL residents have felt that way, for sure. I love change, I love the possibilities of change, the endless ways you can work with change and I do hang on to the handful of lost term friends I have but they are partnered, and you know what it's like to be a third wheel, it simply does not belong, but from time to time we DO get together and hang out. It's just....I don't even know how to explain it. I have tried my hand at building, but it was a disaster LOL. If they threaten my life with "build or die" I would simply say kill me LOL. I'm not into scripting, to me it's like greek, I don't know it and I don't know if I want too. :-) but I've been on this ride for 11 years now, and while I am at the moment taking a break, I have no plans on killing off my avie and no one can haz my stuff! *grins* Ahh the forums LOL a hodgepodge of people that makes this an interesting and fun place to hang out!
  6. anniepany

    What do you all get on SL for?

    When I first started on SL in 2008 on a long dead and forgotten avie, it was new and exciting, and I loved every aspect of it, the exploring, the shopping, making my avie exactly how I wanted it to look, but as time goes by, I think I just log on from habit. Recently, I've just stopped logging on period, because I think "why am I even here?" Yes I have friends, but they are busy with their own Second Lives and it just seems there's no time to hang out, be goofy and have fun. I've also realized just how lonely SL can be. I'm basically very introverted and so it's hard for me to just go up to someone and start a conversation. I think what I'm looking for now is someone who I can just hang out with, go explore and have fun with. I think I'm past wanting a relationship of any kind because I don't have much luck in attracting sane people LOL. Would be nice if I just had a few people that loved to just hang out with. So, for now, I guess I'm unofficially on hiatus from SL. Not saying I won't go back, but I think I'm just lacking a connection to someone....so for now, it's the forums and the occasional log in to check messages and to host from time to time.
  7. anniepany

    Voice or Text?

    I prefer text over voice, because as someone said, it allows you to sort out what you want to say. I have voiced with VERY close friends but that's rare.
  8. anniepany

    Another MP change - a Good one. Thank you, LL!!!

    Great idea, thanks Fionalein!
  9. anniepany

    Another MP change - a Good one. Thank you, LL!!!

    ummm...can anyone tell me how to get the redelivery? I've looked all over and have no clue where it is. Thanks!
  10. anniepany

    The purpose of a clothing Demo?

    I use the demo for both fit and to see the textures and color options, IF i get one that is NOT textured, I simply will not buy the product.
  11. anniepany

    Looking for SL BDSM Relationship

    Pictures and verification that you DO look like that AND your house and two cars...*rolls my eyes*
  12. I'm not inworld right now, but if you are, join the firestorm group and ask there, they have some awesome volunteers that can probably point you in the right direction.
  13. anniepany

    What are some of your pet peeves?

    Been there done that too. Ticks me off royally.