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  1. anniepany

    I Spy...

    Thanks! I have a feeling I'm going to need it LOL
  2. anniepany

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    More then likely and I'm going to fight like hell to get one this time LOL
  3. anniepany

    I Spy...

    New linden homes being set out...shouldn't be too much longer and the battle begins again lol
  4. Could be. I have noticed that theme with you but I love the composition and themes you do.
  5. There's a sadness in your eyes, this is very impressive, Scylla
  6. I really only have one pet peeve and that's when I see people who don't know how to use an ankle lock. Drives me insane LOL
  7. Why would you want them to do this??? It's bad enough that so many other companies do this, taking jobs away from people who desperately need the work. I enjoy talking to someone who has a good grasp of the English language so uh NO!
  8. IM me anytime. I feel the same way, while I do have acquaintances and a couple of friends, most of the time they are busy with the club they run. Sometimes I log on and think..."why??" It would be great to have someone to just hang out with, talk and maybe play greedy! lol, I love greedy. So hit me up anytime. Making new friends is always exciting!
  9. Truth is a he....just sayin'
  10. Oh I got your point, you want something for nothing even IF you are premium or if you are basic, it's not gonna happen, While I may not agree 100% with the raises that LL have implemented I understand, being a business owner myself, they have to make a profit and again, if you don't like it hit the little red x and find something else. I'm done.
  11. Ain't life grand? *sighs* Thanks for the clarification Lindal.
  12. ok, so say I have tier to pay, and I cash out and let it sit in USD, will I be charged that 5% or is that only if I transfer it to my PayPal or bank account?
  13. Sorry but I have to disagree with you, I shop at a lot of private companies where I live and while myself and others keep the stores in business they absolutely do NOT owe us anything, maybe a sale every now and then, but nothing more. Don't like the way LL runs SL? then hit that little red x in the corner. Just sayin'....
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