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  1. Partnered men who IM you and try to start a conversation with you. DO NOT IM ME if you are partnered.
  2. If you are in the same group as the person you are looking at, you can check the group members list and see if they are online or not
  3. Stealthic Hair has hair with built-in hair bases, and looks awesomely real too
  4. Amen to that! Believe me I've learned it the hard way and never again.
  5. OOOh! this is making me ill! Someone hand me their hat so I can throw up in it please??? *giggles*
  6. Totally agree with you Selene. Who I am in SL is who I am in RL. I may not look like my avie but my personality, my quirks, my likes and dislikes are me in both worlds. And if I found out that someone was not honest about themselves from the beginning like the question, if you are female in RL that's fine, but if I find out further down the road then it's buh bye because I do not and will not tolerate liars and deceivers. Period.
  7. my emphasis, I absolutely agree with this!
  8. Sometimes the connection is there and sometimes it's not. People need to grow up and understand that. For me, as I've said before I HAVE to feel that connection and if I don't then I'm sorry, there will be NO romance.
  9. I agree Scylla. Why can women not go topless and it's ok for guys to? Is it only because we are able to produce milk and they can't??? I mean for crying out loud, I've seen men with bigger boobs then me and no one screams in protest. It's a sad statement on society and the prudish attitude they have. Just my two lindens worth...
  10. Perhaps, or maybe the good ones are all taken?
  11. Wow, you already found a submissive and I assume you've collared her, yeah that's gonna last a long time....NOT!
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