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  1. You could try contacting Dutchie, she's the female in the picture, she might be able to tell you what the hair and suit are. Good luck!
  2. My apologies Syn, I actually never saw it but you're right I should have looked more carefully
  3. https://strawberrysingh.com/2019/04/12/announcing-some-changes-i-am-now-a-linden-lab-employee/?fbclid=IwAR2asmyYK1PCJ5uMavUGe7-DAlAHqoBeTtGng93TGgWlmKla1ZGcQBq64nM I'm very happy for her! Congratulations! (I hope this is the right place for it, if not please have it moved) :-)
  4. It's the same with me, I'm creative when it comes to writing, but not when it comes to photo shoots. No offense to Syn but I haven't seen her post any pictures showing off her creativity.
  5. When I first went mesh, I had the slink body and was happy with it until I started noticing all the sexy clothes that were being made for Maitreya, so I bit the bullet and bought the Lara body. I'm glad I did because I wouldn't change it now for anything.
  6. :goes glassy-eyed at the thought of owning a full region and all the things she could do with it.....
  7. I've used this, it is for submissives but I don't see why you couldn't use it for just a regular diary https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Rose-Black-Leather-Submissives-Journal/2000703
  8. So, should I redo this on a white background? Or leave it as is?
  9. Submitted for the magazine: The Scarlet Avenger I hope it's the right size, I'm terrible at that
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