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  1. @Daisleyruby this is great thank you!
  2. Seeking a role with no real hour/time commitments - something like a dancer maybe? Love chatting with people so if you own a club or business and need someone with a big personality let me know! Usually on evenings and nights with SL+3 time zone. Contact me in world as Kate Space (prv2nd resident). Thanks!
  3. Hey friends! Does anyone know of a good over-the-shoulder fanny pack anywhere in-world or on the marketplace? I've seen a few attached with shirts but I'm looking for one I can wear with my own stuff. I've got a Lara body if that helps. Thank you!
  4. Hey y'all - What are some good ways to earn lindens in SL besides the typical routes (marketplace stores, escorting, dancing etc.) Not so much for the sake of earning lindens more so just to have a business to run and communicate with people about. Open to any suggestions! Thnx! 🙂
  5. Recently started a fashion blog and group in SL and was curious as to where most citizens shop. Personally, I have always thought the marketplace is more convinient and easy to navigate, but I also know that in-world shops provide discounts and demos that may not be offfered online. Thanks, Kate Space k8sl.blogspot.com
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