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  1. I hope everyone had a nice weekend ^ ^ sadly here it is almost over already T^T *clings*
  2. when it is monday morning 2 am and you are that excited about your sons 10th birthday today that you can not sleep I love taking pics in SL until I get sleepy haha although we renovated a room a whole week without much sleep because a certain birthday boy was wishing for a "gamer room" for his birthday! We added so many LED things and merch to this room you can see it from mars!! XD I hope everybody had a nice weekend
  3. Yay good to hear. We are wearing masks too still of course, many other countries seemed to make jokes about us to wear them before the pandemic x3 but in Japan it is common sense for decades already to wear a mask when you feel a little sick or feel there is a cold coming so you protect others from getting it too ( ◜‿◝ )♡ so wearing masks is more normal for us than for other countries maybe. I lived a while for work in Europe...I was ridiculed so often for wearing one back then Too bad that 2 of your babies refused the vaccination, I hope they will be healthy always (。ŏ﹏ŏ) But denying a vaccination is a only for people in privileged countries, some people tend to forget that we are not alone and it's just better for everyone and that in some other less privileged country someone would be so happy to even get an offer to have a vaccination against it. I read some comments in here from previous pages and feel a little sick to be honest. But I think that's also their right to refuse to take it tho, I personally am so happy to know my in-laws, friends and my hubby and so on are now a little safer. I feel better that way, and if they feel better their way well than they should do it, and I can only wish them to stay healthy and that they keep their loved ones healthy too.
  4. Oh. I opened this thread to see what others went through and have a light-hearted chat about vaccination...oh what a naive fool I was to even expect that in here...knowing the forums 🙈 I bet scrolling through the pages would introduce me to every vaccination conspiracy theory that exists on this planet? X3 I just came here because I was happy, that everyone in our family and friends circle has been having their second shots now, except for the kids, two of ours are too young with almost 10 and merely over a year old (friends have kids too young too), but our oldest daughter got hers too and she's now much more relaxed finally. She was really stressed out, poor thing. Especially having the Olympics here in Tokyo stressed her even more (-_-;) All of us got a sore covid arm, some more some less x3 and like 2 people had a little fever for some hours, the rest just did awesome. I hope you all stay happy & healthy (っ.❛ ᴗ ❛.)っ
  5. So true, hubby is cursing like a sailor sometimes about all the issues, especially with the neck and hands 😂 it's the most entertaining thing tho...but don't tell him x3
  6. Omg "Doritos shape" will forever haunt me 😂😆 I am really sorry tho that I can not help with the question, I like Belleza Jake my husband wears it and the bum of it is the nicest x3
  7. I live in Tokyo and many people are not that happy about it, many people are worried because of the newly again instated state of emergency and rising covid cases. Everyone was so euphoric before the pandemic here about it and now it's more...like no one wants to celebrate too much because it is not that appropriate when you look at the world and the problems at the moment ( ̄ヘ ̄;)
  8. From all the GOOD and very well supported options it's the cheapest tho x3 So it is "cheap" but usually when people ask in SL for cheap stuff they mean free, free bodies or nearly free ones are plenty out there...but people also expect support for those, and being straight up honest about that...they won't find it. So having a free body and well supported is no combination you can find out there. Period. And someone else was saying kalhene Erika which is not "cheap" either by that measurement btw. And it's not so well supported at this moment so I just gave advice from my point of view. Want many clothes and skin options? Go with Maitreya that's all I said. You will rarely find a store that is not supporting it. I could link her many free bodies but this would not feel right since she seemed unhappy about the clothing choices.
  9. If you want a broad offer of skins and clothes the cheapest and best supported thing still is Maitreya, period. You won't find much clothes for the Erika sadly.
  10. That was my first thought too thats why I asked when its happening Kupra has no alpha hud, tho!
  11. oh god @_@ just imagine this...the poor lindens involved would need a therapist meeting weekly and for real...when I look alone at this forum and the drama happening, it would need like 500 people to deal with the inworld drama and it still would not be enough I am afraid!! x3
  12. What body do you use? Do you use skin appliers or BOM? When does this happen? For example when you turn advanced lightning on?
  13. People that think writing "no drama" in their profile would prevent it from happening. I always think to myself if drama follows you everywhere, that often you need a disclaimer about it in your profile...you should start to take into consideration that maybe you are the problem x3
  14. Yes and no. When it is sold it will still be in your items list just not as active anymore 🐱 but he says empty 🤔 so I wonder if he means there is nothing at all listed.
  15. I really don't like one demo version more than the the other but just some things I do not like is creators offering their in black, you usually can not see the shading correctly on black. But one thing that will make me take off the demo instantly and never come back to a store is ...timed demos. I really do not know who had this idea but it's not clever at all. A friend and I were at hair store for example, some days ago. Place was slow and the hair demo was timed to 2 minutes...and the store offers several color huds that my friend was not even able to try. Many people I know despise timed demos but are fine with the rest so I think you can not do much wrong 💜
  16. Taking pictures, playing dress-up doll and so on. My early days I explored alot, I forgot about it a little, while staying busy with blogging after I came back to SL after a longer break. But since the pademic hit me and my RL friends and family meet a lot on line again and we started exploring SL again, in several fun vehicles we travel over mailand, find fun or pretty places, go to museums and live concerts together, its really fun and reminded me of a site of SL that I used to love that much!
  17. I know this feeling tho, I am almost 15 years in SL and now have a friend list so tiny...11 people! 7 of those are RL family and RL friends, the rest are for blogging purposes/and or store related! And even if I add someone these days, they never last long, I felt really bad for deleting people in my earlier days but now not anymore, when you do not talk to me or I do not feel the need to talk to you in a week, its enough for us to have eachothers calling card, no need for friend list x3 except RL friends or family of course they will never get deleted x3
  18. How would SL even go about this? They would need to invade privacy really deep, and people already complain about Google lol In our household me, my husband and our eldest daughter have an account, and often enough her boyfriend stays over and in pandemic times we all 4 often go for funny exploring trips in SL so much fun we almost forgot about the fun exploring can bring lol but how would LL determine, if we are alts? Sending in birth certificates, blood samples. and photos? And not many people have static IP adresses, so one day its in mexico and 2 weeks later someone in france maybe has it so no matter what this would not be convenient in any way, beside it being the most not so clever move ever of LL as I already stated up there
  19. Thats almost exactly the same thing I said to my hubby 2 days ago Nah for real it would be nice sometimes that LL would just give a little more honest input, especially in SL people tend to let rumors grow to wild little monsters Dx so just saying "so heres this problem, we know it stinks but we are working on it, sorry folks" would be nice!
  20. You do never need to rebuy them!! T^T omg do not do this, poor you! Its totally normal that sometimes textures need to load again and things turn grey. Really rare sometimes, clothes are grey out of the box and you NEVER saw the the real texture loading in this case it would be possible that the creator accidentally used a temporary texture for testing and forgot to switch it for the real texture in the final product! In this case I would just simply tell the creator, the few times that I had to do this, they were really happy that someone told them. But I am afraid it is just SL being SL at the moment, loading times are really weid lately often times @_@
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