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  1. The LOD factor of my flying eyesore aka lanterns is set that you only see them when you are very very close like at my terrace and I honestly see much much worse when I travel through linden home regions XD but thanks for the input.
  2. Thank you ^^ Restricting sound to my parcel is the first thing I always tick when getting a new placec so yes they do mayke pretty, and calming boom soundies but only for me...or people that creep up on my parcel ^^
  3. Thats a good point, I always try to turn everything off before I go offline tho And luckily I can turn those off very easily ^^
  4. It's not even real particles it's some low lag thing that just looks like particles ... I am not good enough at English to find the right words so this explanation needs to do it x3 but yes I saw some too at other parcels, so I think I will just rezz them and enjoy them...I bet this will look awesome above the water at my stilt home *seal claps* x3
  5. Sorry today only completely raw picture in moody windlight. Its almost midnight and still like almost 30C here in tokyo...too hot to sleep and mosquitos haha So here is a picture of my avatar with (yes thats an icepack on my head xD) finally decorating the inside of her stilt home ^ ^
  6. In Japan we have lots of fireworks in summer, so I want to rezz some hanabi particles on my parcel. I checked the covenant, and it says particles should be restricted to your parcel, that would be the case! But is it out of season/theme? Will some neighbour claim that they got eyesore from my fireworks, because yes its restricted to my parcel but no chance to not see it x3 I have some cute sun particles on my parcel already for ages no problem but those are not shooting into the sky x3 and I do not want some angry mole shaking his little paw at me and my fireworks when I login some day XD My hubby said I should just rezz it, since no one seems to enforce the covenant anyways (we reported someone with a security orb that send you home instantly without a warning, for months now, its still up so thats why hes a little bitter haha) but I just want to make sure!
  7. How about just selling things the old fashioned way. Straight sales. No strings attached. Just click and pay. And maybe just offer normal no transfer versions and a no copy version for all the people that like to "trade" aka shuffle stuff among their alts x3
  8. This is Catwa Lona and probably with a pink fuel skin! Pink fuel "emiri" for example looks very close (^∇^)ノ♪
  9. Random but..I just 3D printed one the other days because our son wanted to paint a figure one for his room! ^ ^
  10. THIS! We in SL are a loud whiny bunch of people and every change is a huge hoppla in the community, but in the end the sky never falls down and we are pretty awesome in adapting! Creators like shoppers will also adapt to this and I am sure at the end, everyone will be happy and some store owners make more money and some shoppers will now shop at stores they avoided before because they only offered gacha.
  11. It's all-over Flickr and their site etc. Whats in every box usually. So it's not a blind box. People know what's inside.
  12. I didn't mean disrespectful in a bad way tho, disrespectful is a word we use a lot and maybe its not quite the same in English so I apologize of that felt wrong to you. But yes there were such stores, I personally never played a gacha where I wouldn't be happy with any of the items. And I hated the the trend lately of not only rares, no rare1 rare2 rare 3 aaaand supercalifragilisticexpialidocious rare XD and many people play for the whole set or even for the most hard to get thing and creators know this. Like making an avatar and clothes in gacha for it and the most important thing the Avatar is the super rare. That just is mean.
  13. Someone mentioned a subscription like thing. We have that in SL already it's things like Powder Pack. Just wanted to say 😊
  14. Oh I totally understood I am not arguing either 💜 but many people often confused "complete gacha" in articles with completely every type of gacha so I just wanted to clarify that point for readers ♪ \(^ω^\ )
  15. Kompu gachas or "complete gacha" as it's called in English is another thing than gacha capsule machines and thats what's been banned and what I said. I don't think other countries had these in this form, so maybe people just don't understand what I said. "Complete gacha" is "kompu gacha" and that's what they banned (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
  16. I was actually a little surprised but excited to see the decision on gachas, it seems to me that LL is making a little spring-cleaning...in summer tho x3 A friend and some people here in the forums noticed changes with the adult search inworld and now the gacha, maybe SL is getting a clearer image now. I never had a problem to talk about playing SL with my RL friends, many of us even started together back in our early twenties! X3 but I saw a lot of people here in the forums stating how they would never share that with RL people cause people tend to think bad about SL. So to me I try to see the upside on this one, maybe they are trying to revive it in the media to attract new players for real. So I'm just excited to see what may come out of this in general.
  17. Well. Same goes for me and my husband one person's "turquoise" is another person's "mint" or some call it "hot pink" some "magenta" that's all in the eye of the beholder and if you start there than LL would need to ban all sales in general XD
  18. Thank you for explaining 😸 And I agree, I talked to my hubby about it tonight and we both think it's a legal thing too. Nothing that LL just came up with because "some machines gave out rares not often enough" like some group chats inworld indicated. There is for sure a legal reason behind it.
  19. I never really liked breedables. But I wonder if this will fall into the same category. I think the Lindens are still figuring that one out too, since Patch said something about the legal team and such. I would not be unhappy to see them go tho x3 but I think many breeders own regions and such or rent big places for all their pets to grow, so that would probably mean lost money for LL so they need to weigh that one carefully. I also do not think the gacha decision was made light-hearted, I only wish they would have explained further from the first moment of the statement, I think designers deserve at least a "why". But hopefully this will get cleared further too with a new announcement.
  20. It's just toys lol no need to be sad. We look which one looks the cutest and play one time yay a little niknak for his shelf collection of random toys. But kompu gachas were a whole different thing. In SL I noticed the same unhealthy pattern in some friends, that felt they needed to complete sets, or get a certain rare. So yeah I think it's a good thing to get away from it.
  21. Indeed. But your article showed what I said. kompu gachas banned that's a different thing. And yes we ( my son and I or my daughter and I) play a gacha machine a few times a months (like after grocery shopping or such) and there are plenty of stores here with it and in the airports too https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20210430/p2a/00m/0na/031000c I tried finding one recent English article for you ^ ^ but I don't want to derail this thread further. I really think it's ok for SL to get rid of this mechanism, I just wonder what will happen to stores that have gacha as their overall sales method x3 honestly I'm mostly worried about one of my favest stores in SL ...Amitomo haha I wonder if those just say bye and leave or if they will do the hard work and change every gacha into single vendors...this must be so much work and that until the end of the months seems so painful ><
  22. It's not. I live in Japan, and they only banned kompu gachas x3 gacha itself is still perfectly legal.
  23. That's true and super useful! ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ But sometimes it's like "omg I know there was this one gardengnomeorinsertanythinghere I got some time ago on MP what was it's name XD" and some stuff I got sooo long ago on MP that I do not need it on my list anymore and for my friend for example...her list is so long that it takes ages to load and often fails completely doing so T^T
  24. Short answer? No! Long answer? I love browsing MP, but many designers are incredible sloppy with offering Demos, and really I love cute little Mainstores to shop in. And the redelivery button does not appear too handy when you are in SL for over a decade and your bought items list is horribly long XD there needs to be a way to delete old stuff x3 people would spend even more time on their platforms only and SL would appear even more empty so...No!
  25. I do agree that law is law, but this would be uncalled cruel. Let's think of stores like Amitomo (one of my favest btw) that 99 percent gacha and many other creators, that make a living off SL. It's nice that you do not have to make a living off SL and neither do I but your answer is disrespectful for people that do. The notice...this very important notice was just published in English, a language surprisingly not everyone in SL speaks. And also it was released on their blog, a thing not everyone follows religiously. So 7 days for the word to get around and for a creator THAT WILL BE PUNISHED after that would be more than short.
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