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  1. Yes I learned languages in school and later also because I loved languages, I speak 5 languages near fluent and some more I am good at understanding and reading, and some others I can only speak different words for foods haha but this really surprised me back then, because when you learn about the USA in school and the rich history and background you would expect that many of their ancestors languages would have been teached in the families or school. So to me this was a very surprising experience! Not a bad one to make it clear, just unexpected (~‾▿‾)~
  2. Thank you (。・//ε//・。) I took it at past 3 am after we finished last day of bon festival in RL because I was still all excited and couldn't sleep and tried to calm down with taking a pic haha(~‾▿‾)~
  3. What Ceka said is super useful, but I don't think that was the question. I understood that the OP is looking for a way to get EEPs that she saw on others land for herself. And I don't think there is a way for that other than asking the owner and maybe they are sharing it with her. (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`)
  4. Awww I understand the cute memories we have with some certain things in SL. But in this case I do not believe that this is even still up for sale at all. Have you got a Flickr account? Maybe upload the picture there and ask if anyone recognizes it. Many designers are in certain big SL Flickr groups so add it there and just hope the designer in question remembers it. That's the only advice I have in this case sadly ( ◜‿◝ )♡
  5. It's like these animations I recently start seeing more and more where a girl grabs, Twists, pulls, jiggles and whatnot her own bossom...I am used to halfnaked people on PG sims after 14 years in SL but seeing people do this on a PG sims? "Right-click>Derender>Blacklist"
  6. Yay happy rezzday for you ♡(> ਊ <)♡ My rezz day stories are the same each year...ohohoh my rezz day is in a week...3 weeks later...darn I missed my rezz day My av will be 15 in January...it will probably go the same as usual x3
  7. Maybe your firewall is blocking SL voice? I remember once ages ago I had to allow it because I had this happen, but I am not much of a voicer in SL so I don't know if this still is a problem.
  8. Same for me XD I will more than happily buy color packs or fat packs or singles but put it in a conveyorbelt-tron and I won't touch it!
  9. This is a double too, and one leads to nothing and one to the usual forums I think they are working on stuff! This only happens on mobile tho!
  10. On mobile when you open the sidebar you also see two links called "Forum" one takes you to nothing and the other to the forums! So they totally seem to work on some things I guess
  11. That Americans always expect everyone to speak their language but rarely speak any second language themselves. I also learned that cultural differences are awesome and it's fun to see things from other points sometimes although if we can not understand always the why it's nice to know the why (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`) I also learned that I hate to be called "babe" or something else from strangers, be it women or men SL is smaller than you think sometimes you keep meeting the same people in several different places. I learned alot about foreign holidays and their way of getting celebrated. I learned alot of things about so many stuff, just from visiting art and Museum places that other residents built, in SL it's a little like walking through anotjer person's brain. It's purely amazing.
  12. So true! I had my life planned out so I thought with 20 XD I worked for the government in a pretty physical intensive job. Some accidents and a cancer diagnosis later? Well after the initial feeling of the sky is falling down, I rearranged my life and adapted as I always did and it turned out to be the bestest of the worst things that happened. My job now, my family, finally being able to live in my hometown again, all this wouldn't have been possible without the "bad" stuff. Everyone now crying, for new systems is actually just panicking for probably different reasons, some out of worry for the life they used to know (we humans hate change), some out of worry how to pay the next bill, some just being sad about the feeling they might losing a beloved hobby and creative outlet and yes some out of pure greed. But they all will see that life goes on as usual just a little different and for some probably even a little better than before. Cause as I stated some pages back I bet some designers gain new customers that always avoided gacha creators, and yes some might also lose out. I also saw alot of people inworld in groups cursing about LL ...it's not that the Lindens sat together and where like woohoo let's see how we can hurt the residents today. They always try hard, and they sure know the feeling of "you can't please everybody" someone should send them a shipload of coffee...and chocolate! I bet the poor moderator that needs to overlook this thread needs some vacation ..long vacation x3
  13. As I said without people creating and building SL would be empty and boring. Where did I stated something about buyable things only? I visit alot of fun places of art, education and culture in SL some people have created amazing museum's about things they have passion for. And me saying crazy when you said your words, well not everyone speaks English as birth language, and interpretes things a different way. I don't care where people can sell stuff, I just said no one should forget that there are humans involved with passions and feelings on both sides. Funny that this seems not ok. But people in here advocating for gacha, conveyor belts and other things is ok. It's also cute that you picked me out of all the commenters in here to pick on. Since I said several times that I do not care for gacha and am happy to see it go, and would prefer no new system at all (so I really not know why you tell me to look past gacha lmao) ...just simple click and buy the old fashioned way. I got the impression we actually seem to have a similar stand on this topic but probably I'm wrong.
  14. Lolol me too I just was rage clicking earlier on a HUD and internally screaming because it would not open, until I noticed...no scripts...whoops 🤭
  15. But isn't your money even more worth when you got what you wanted? I personally go shopping to get the things I wanted and fell in love with. Or in RL example...I go and want to buy yogurt, my favest yogurt is out, hm so I just buy this weird apple yogurt from the same shelf...I am allergic to apples (for real haha) but hey at least I got my money worth of yogurt as I planned. This makes no sense. And where is the fun in that? I go shopping for fun, to get stuff I want and love and not to get at least "my money worth" of stuff this sounds more like fulfilling a duty than fun (~ ̄³ ̄)~
  16. I can only say, that as someone living in Tokyo I ( and many people here) am more than glad it's finally over. What the people against the Olympics were afraid of, happened. More covid cases. And other things too. Don't get me wrong before the pandemic many were euphoric about it of course, but the decision to hold the games against all odds was not a very popular one, not even with our government. So yay for being over x3 and I hope all the athletes make it home to their countries all safe and healthy ( ◜‿◝ )♡
  17. Eating my words and answering again because. 1500L? You should go out shopping more. A nice top, a skirt and a fatback hair would have costed you at maximum 1000L and you would have chosen the colors you wanted! And skip the "but I loved all the colors in the gacha". Now you say "hah but 1000L is so much more than 125" yes it is and you know what? I personally think that's what a creator of mesh, a contributor to the game that we love so much, deserves. And yes this time it was 25L a play, because they all reduced the prices for the gacha sales. Some weeks back it would have been, 50L or 75L or even 100L per pull. And yes some machines people pay less and than there is this other machine, where they feel that they are so close to the rare (I watched enough friend like that x3) and yay 5k plus down the drain for shirts and skirts in colors they did not want. I loved gachas too, it was fun until the greed kicked in. And there were rares, than rare 2 and then supercalifragilisticexpialidocious rares. When your gachas 5 "rares" and 500 commons ... There are creators now that just wrap their stuff in packs and sell them, good. There are creators that say, oh man packing everything in vendors ..so much work, sorry folks I will just discontinue them. Good And there are creators, clinging to things like conveyers and now on Flickr I saw some introducing "Miepon". Looking for a way around the new rules, instead of working to accept and fulfill them. Not good, and this shows me as a customer what their reasons for gachas was and I will chose to avoid those stores. It's like gacha is dead...long live gAcHa XD LL will have a tough time the next week's I am afraid, between getting cussed out for the decision they have to deal with the flood of ideas, and to see if they are ok.
  18. Ok some ideas ♡(> ਊ <)♡ Your head is ghosting, try refresh attachments Your applier HUD is overlayed by another HUD turn in invisible items and see if this is the case Your lashes come in various versions for different heads and you accidentally added the lelutka one for example (happens to us all I guess XD ) You are in a no script area
  19. To make it crystal clear, this person quoted me because I once answered in this thread many sides back that I find it cruel to say "why so much warning time jsut give them 7 days and nuke it!" so I just answered to that. 3 weeks is just a fine warning period! I am NOT arguing PRO gacha I was just stating that there are less cruel ways to be happy about it go I for sure know that SL will be fine after that as it was before gachas entered the grid ( I was there before that happened) so I am NOT unhappy about it going, I love purchasing stuff just straight for a vendor ^^ But I also understand that ssome creators feel helpless, not all of them are just panicking because their "cashcow" just got shot! Some are just worried about their hard work going down the drain, of course it is not but its their first feeling right at the moment and I do feel for those! I never really understood why people need to make it all gacha, I just want to buy all your stuff but not if I have to play for 7 puppies in rainbow colors when I just want a bunch of kittens (just for example lol) I think also that in RL ..when people were not able to hide behind their keyboards they would find less harsh words for it! And this is my last post in this totally overtop thread, and I am not further apologizing to have at least some empathy in those times!
  20. Have I said that it's smart? I have a real job. But I do not lack the empathy to feel for people that do make money in SL, it's not only "stupid" or "crazy" people. It's disabled people or people with anxiety or the stay-at-home Mom that have found a way to feel worthy that way. So saying 7 days enough let's nuke their hard work? You can say that and be happy I would personally just feel bad to think that way. and let's not forget that those "crazy" people...are part of the reason SL is what it is today. If there wouldn't have been some people in love with SL enough to create, and build SL would be a pretty empty and boring place. I am not unhappy to see gacha go, but I also do not forget that there are humans on both sides, customers and creators. I also do not want lucky vendors, conveyer belts and all that jazz but I will probably have to deal with some gacha in disguise 🥸 that is on the edge to what is legal...and it's fine because I do have a choice to use it or not as a customer.
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