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  1. A friend of mine once said as a joke that he thinks that SL is just the same 5 people and all their alts! XD Really people keep saying th SL is dying since I started in 2006, it never happened so far but I am pretty sure that revealing everyones alts in their profiles would do the kill job in less than half a year! And also I know a lot of people that have many alts and many of those are premiums, so its not only bad things that happen with people and their alts, its also helping keeping SL alive ❤️
  2. rainy season is officially over here yay ^ ^
  3. Its all that everyone said already, more groups...I would not know what to do with only 42 T^T and so on! And for me its also, the sandboxes, better TPing to packed places etc. And one more important reason to pay for premium for me is, I love SL, I love the way I can use easily after work as my creative outlet, and I want to make sure it will stay available a little longer, so I happily try my best to support what I love with being a premium member ^ ^ although at the end I know my little, single portion of money is not making that much of a difference T^T
  4. Mayyybe they are testing which version looks the best? XD I really hope its just that x3
  5. I had this too once and learned the hard way to save my shapes! When you use firestorm you can save your shape to XML I don't know if the official viewer supports this, but I am now always saving my favest shapes x3
  6. I have some loved attachments that I wear almost every time too and as @Alwin Alcott said I just save them with the outfits (~ ̄³ ̄)~
  7. I change quite often. I love to create characters for pics and love to find little things for them, and also I use this to sometimes leave my comfy zone. I have my own personal face for my av that feels like me, and that's my comfy zone x3 but SL is sooo much fun because you can change so completely (body type, heads...hair color and so on) and I love to play with that, so for that I use it and change. But I also have my comfy me, that's the combination that worked best for me through the years ( ◜‿◝ )♡
  8. Dear @Arquet sorry for letting this derail happening that long, but I can just repeat to try it again! Only a very few designers in SL are running their stores full time nower days in SL so many just need some more time, than we customers would wish for! So as I said already jus drop the NC again on them and maybe ask in their stores goup if anyone else had a problem that day or who you can contact ❤️
  9. I am still waiting for one good enough to give up my legacy name...but then I really would not know which name would be good enough to change XD but my hubby is wanting a nice one for his alt...I really wish we could get like the same as our partner or such...but then some people have a new partner in SL every 3 weeks so maybe this would not be the most convenient solution 😆
  10. I totally get the frustration tho, but I also learned in SL that creators rarely do this on purpose. So I would just send it again, until they notice x3 and at which point you can give up? No idea, honestly...I had designers that answered my questions or problems after 2 months lol T^T and I had some answering right away! Have you tried IMing them while they are online? Maybe this helps otherwise I am out of ideas but hope your problem gets fixed really soon.( ◜‿◝ )♡
  11. It's only a few days, first advice is...calm down and don't panic! Many vendor systems had problems over the weekend in different stores. Ever thought about the fact that you were not the only one sending a NC about it? And the creator is just a human being...they need to work though the pile. And Linden Lab surely won't do anything about it in this case tho. So just stay patient and send the NC again. Tomorrow. I also do not know why you jump to the conclusion of being muted XD really calm down. So many people in SL always expect the worse. When you would send me a NC while I'm online there is a good chance I would miss it because I usually AFK alot and just hit the X without checking and boom it would be lost so maybe they didn't even get it!
  12. You claim that you are let's put it nicely socially awkward in RL, but expect everyone in SL to be all open from the start? To a stranger that they can not even see the face of? (Yes that's a big difference to RL because humans read a lot in a face knowingly and unknowingly) I would think that someone who knows how hard it can be to talk to people would be more understanding of people that are not baring it all right from the start. Sounds more like one of the guys that is a little frustrated that it's harder than he thought to find an SL girlfriend xP And these are the guys many girls of us in SL have learned to ignore, for really good reasons, some reasons were mentioned in here already. So maybe just do not try that hard and you won't come off the wrong way. Also I looove 🍍 on 🍕 with capers on top 🤤
  13. Maybe something else is off for you? I only have to relog when I accidentally rez a no copy item on mesh and it disappears x3 beside that I don't need relogs! I usually log in after coming home from work, wander off ... play a little ...wander off and so on XD and often I even forget to logout until the morning when I grab my stuff for work x3 but even on long sessions without being my usual AFK self I do not have to relog x3 but then again SL is really weird sometimes, so many things can cause disruptions like that, be it the wrong kind of router (dunno maybe some are just not SLs type and she's not dating everyone?) XD then it's GPU and so on! I have a friend that had often TP problems so we tried to fix his stuff (he is a neighbor in RL lol) end of story was however that when he deleted his Firefox browser and installed chrome it never happened again. We are all certain that Firefox was not the problem but it magically solved the problem. SL is just a lady that is not that easily to please I have the feeling XD
  14. Friday after work is my favorite time of the week
  15. A newbie asking for ways of free L and you make plans for people having an own place to place some weird kinda trees on it? I think you are online in SL too much when you have forgotten how many newbies do not have any land, or even know how to get some or effort it. I still remember my days in the infohub, changing my avatar's clothing in a pop-up skybox dressing room that would derez after 30 mins.
  16. Today the second wave will be updated: Erin, Lake, Nuri and Nova.
  17. Yes. My family and I visits for Vruchtenhagel and other candy 🍭🍬 last time Netherlands was before the pandemic and we had a very huge suitcase filled with licorice, stroopwafels and hagelslag. My son opened the last box Vruchtenhagel all dramatically last weekend. Dark times ahead here in Tokyo 😂 we lived a short time in Europe for work, so we visited regularly back then and he grew to love them but from Japan the way is quite a little far and he's already a little sad and even watched YouTube videos how to make some himself 😂
  18. Almost full moon so no sleep for me (●__●) 3am and need to get up at 5 am ... (~ ̄³ ̄)~ so many regrets later today 😂
  19. We were able to discuss this as civil adults in IM and no hard feelings are there ^^ ❤️
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