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  1. ホーカス ポーカス is one of my favest movies ever
  2. Everyone has different SL behavior. After work and family cuddles I log in check my messages regarding my tiny store and blogging (usually 5 minutes lol)...aaaand wander off into RL but keep my av logged in and alone in my home office (tiny Violine). I go to the park, play with the kids, cook, clean, grocery shopping and whatnots ...often I forget that I am logged in and logout in the mornings when packing my bag for work 😂 Almost same routine sometimes in the mornings x3 just with less AFK time. So whoever prioritizes their SL over their RL...well those people won't be helped by one day the grid being off, those people have deeper issues or things going on(be it their happy choice or addiction is not my place to judge)and one day won't fix that. So when you have a problem with your SL times well it's your choice alone to log off and wander in the sunny and green RL fields or not XD But I also know people in SL being disabled in RL and their way of "getting out of the house or daily routine" IS being on SL. Are we going to take away this from them just because people who could make the choice and go to real movie theaters (an example) are not able to control themselves? I assume everyone in SL is an adult and can decide for themselves. When LL decides they need a day where the grid is down like they used back then for technical reasons , ok but saying we need to put the grid down so people won't neglect their RL ...er nope just put on the big girl pants and make the FOR YOU (and only for you) right decisions. Sorry for my horrible English tho ʕಠ_ಠʔ
  3. Looks like double eyes, and if eyedepth slider and puffy eyelids slider don't fix that it's likely that you don't wear an alpha or didn'take the eyes BOM. You need to click the BOM button in the eye section, even when you already clicked BOM in the skins tab ꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱˖♡
  4. Thank you so much (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`)
  5. SL is showing a lot of things flying... teleporting...clotheswise...adultstuffwise ...BODYshapewise...kid avs...furries elves..scars or body Cuts... that I personally would never do in RL but I do enjoy to see them in SL as long as others enjoy themselves...it's all adult people they can decide themselves lol so I don't think I need to be made feel bad for this one I also eat too much virtual sugar and drink virtual coffee almost all the time when logged in XP
  6. Is this now a thing that happens every tuesday? Maybe its some kind of free nostalgia for us oldbies, like back then when SL was down for some hours for the restarts My hubby and daughter can login fine tho ... <.<
  7. Is it maybe the radio stream? Hm but you said all media is muted ... Are you really sure its SL? Have you muted the main sounds? Or just partly? Have you tried taking all your stuff off? Maybe an item is doing those sounds, so just get naked x3 and put one thing after the other on again to see if one of those things is doing that.
  8. Do not forget that you only have 5 tries each day, but I think when you try with the houseboats or stilt homes you will lucky with a nice spot fast although those come up rather not so often! I wish you all the luck with it ^^
  9. So you do not want pay money for a region of yourself...but complain about not being able traveling linden roads...I personally NEVER encountered any ban lines on linden roads! Why is that? Because they are owned by LL and no one can put ban lines on them...when you encounter ban lines on land it's not official linden roads and whoever lives there has all the right to do so. I travel alot via different vehicles, and my family also and that's just the way it is. Also it sounds as if you take ban lines very personal, just don't...I never do and I really doubt people do this on evil purpose...just everyone has a different definition of privacy and a different need for it, so thats the way I take it! Except people that are creeping on their neighbours parcel rezzing evil things and get banned from there...they deserve all the ban lines
  10. Did it ever cross your mind that people exactly know all this and want it that way? Their land their rules, when I put ban lines at my roadside parcel, that was exactly what I wanted it to do. If you do not want ban lines while RPing road travel, invest in a region yourself maybe.
  11. What baffles my mind is...you claim you got hacked...but don't even waste a minute of thinking that whoever did that is meddling with your account? XD and you rather jump to "Flickr is stealing my likes" in case they would do that, they actually would hurt paying members because that would take away likes from them, and let's be honest the like is what many people are there for on such sites. So nope I doubt they would do that, and you should really change your password XD oh and yeah the app is funky and won't update likes etc sometimes as someone already mentioned, just check from your PC. So I really think you maybe have a slow connection and like too fast x3 I really doubt it's hackers or Flickr stealing your likes. It's just a glitch. Oh and btw...you don't need a credit card just use PayPal
  12. I'd take one of the batteries out of every thing in the house using some...like remote controls and Xbox Controllers. My son would be soooo happy x3
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