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  1. We were able to discuss this as civil adults in IM and no hard feelings are there ^^ ❤️
  2. Why would someone Filipinos not count as asian is beyond me and even the accusation of this is so ridiculous that I don't even take that for full. And I offered to take it to IM because it's not allowed in the forums to take threads that far from the title, and for you to say such things in public like calling me an elitist gatekeeper in by now several threads won't help yourself so I was just offering you to take it to IM so you don't get a strike here. Have a nice day.
  3. I noticed search throwing really weird results for a while now and was thinking maybe it's me, and actually have stopped using inworld search completely since it was not reliable at all anymore. I really hope they fix that what helped sometimes is going to the places tab and then search, but the websearch tab is for the birds XD
  4. No healthy discussion possible. That's why removed by myself (>0<;)
  5. Hm that's a tough one tho. I don't know what your usual buy was, but when a fee that is maxed out at 9.99$ does make a super huge difference to your RL than I don't know T^T I bet you save more when you make bigger buys now, than many small ones but this was like that before already 🤔 but when you only buy like 20$ nothing changes in the fee for you tho. But when you say when you buy a huge amount, you will spend it right away that's maybe also not the most clever thing to do then x3 I think spending habits are very different in SL so it's hard to give a real advice on this I think 💕
  6. Omg what have they done 😂 Surprisingly I have not seen a "Daddy" in world so far but that's probably just because the SL daddies are usually cheapskates and won't get premium or pay for a name change x3
  7. My 10 yo son plays Roblox i for sure won't let him play SL and I really do not understand why many people often say we need the Roblox users ....it's not the first time I see that. And Roblox and SL are alike like apples and pears! Roblox people are a totally different bunch than SL people XD
  8. No healthy discussion possible. That's why removed by myself (>0<;)
  9. Mel is one of my favest hairs in SL (ノ^_^)ノ
  10. Ok yeah SL might have no tweets. And maybe not many people chat in Public. But we got the most special newbie experiences, wanna see some halfnaked wannabe Dom with leashed flexi hair slaves? Welcome to SL ? We also offer the infohub special virtual package, with all kinda nakedness and trolls! Wanna feel unwelcome? Read some profile and play bingo how often some things like "No drama" or "don't talk to me" in various versions will be mentioned in them. TP to a store or visit some regions as an under 30 day old avatar I bet thats fun too when you get banned just for being new Many noobies I talk too say one thing "you are the first to even answer my IM" We need to be less nice? More the other way around 😉
  11. Oooh True! There was also only one color of facade sooo that would be totally unlikely when you think of the houses for the themes so far! So there is still hope of living in a giant mushroom forest (*ノ・ω・)ノ♫
  12. This is exactly what I said to my hubby when we looked at it! And we both looove fantasy, we both started to play AD&D in our early teens, we love reading fantasy books and so on I said that I can not put my finger on it but that the houses for some reason don't even fit in the theme for me! They truly have outdone themselves with the landscape, I would love to have such a setting but I got a super lovely stilt home and will keep it x3 I totally feel like an ungrateful little bugger that I think about those houses like that because the moles put so much love in the landscaping and houses tho (。ノω\。)
  13. What body? Lelutka heads are using the new neck standard, and most bodies refer to that size as "SL neck" or something like that, Belleza never updated and probably never will but Maitreya and Legacy should fit seemless! You are wearing the wrong neck size if your body supports different neck sizes click that in the HUD! Nvm just saw you said Legacy! Is it the new one or the old freebie one? Legacy fits seemless maybe you accidentally hit the neck size button on the HUD! You need to set your neck in the legacy HUD to position 3
  14. Yes being yourself is the best advice, And I think don't expect SL friendships to be like RL ones, I have SL friends ...really good ones that I do not speak daily to, sometimes it's weeks because timezones and real life. You can also look for a community that surrounds around certain things you love. Or maybe you speak another language than English in RL there are some nice community areas\groups for this too. And go exploring, go out there and search for things that sound fun like "star trek" or just "beach" and then visit those sims, and often I meet many nice people while exploring, and have many nice chats! And some people even stick as regular people I talk to often or explore together with ( ◜‿◝ )♡
  15. Every shop and hop opens some days prior, for people that are in the official Second Life birthday group ...no lag at all when you go there then. Just an advice for the next one ╰(*´︶`*)╯ And also I really do not know how they chose stores, your store would have been much nicer than some stores, one was completely filled with skill gaming machines for example. And quite some of the stores looked like it is 2007 all-over again (´⊙ω⊙`)! But I love the SLBs, for other reasons tho, like the tapestry of time and the exhibition are always fun ( ◜‿◝ )♡
  16. Ay now I crave broccoli 🥦 and it's just 7 am so this means a painful lot hours until lunch break XD *shakes tiny hungry fist at you all* But for real, to stay on topic, SL is a hobby to me I love it as creative outlet and I am lucky that the few ¥ more each months I can easily afford and am totally fine with paying, because I would be pretty unhappy of SL dies anytime soon. And I am much too busy with other things than starting a riot over Something tiny like that. There are other things in SL with the new owners and such that are much more worry some to me personally (・_・;)
  17. Ctrl+alt+T is the shortcut ( ◜‿◝ )♡
  18. No healthy discussion possible. That's why removed by myself (>0<;)
  19. I was like WEEEEE when I saw the giant mushrooms, the perfect bridges and the overgrown paths...until I saw the houses! They are way to huge for this kinda setting T^T I would love so many rooms in Traditionals or such, I do not know why but for me such magical foresty huts should be...small...cramped and cozy, just like Radagasts hut in the forest or such x3 But the landscaping is truly magical and was instant love T^T
  20. I can not check as I am not inworld at the moment but is this your own UUID? Did you click some funky link lately? Do you get those messages when you are online longer too? Is the email address sending you those offline IMs really an official Linden Lab one? Sorry for all the questions but just trying to figure out/rule out what it could be T^T ❤️
  21. I first thought you were talkig about RL until XD But yes as everyone else already stated: In SL it is all roleplay, you do not NEED a birthcertificate, and Linden Lab for sure won't hand out some so its all up to you and you RP partners ^ ^ So make yourself happy and arrange it as cozy and nice you want it
  22. There are super nice people in SL that love helping new people ^^ and also a lot of designers that put nice freebies out for people under 30 days old. Like Pink Fuel has a nice skin and Genus still has a free mesh head I think! Just ask around, and other pointed you to cute blogs already and I bet there will show up a lot when you google second life freebies! My fave freebie blogger is http://erincha0220.slmame.com/ sorry it is japanese blog but the important things I bet you can read ^ ^
  23. No healthy discussion possible. That's why removed by myself (>0<;)
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