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  1. Hello! I've not been here in a very long Time! I'm a very experienced Professional Lead Environment Artist working in the Game Industry. I've got Several years Experience working on both AAA and Indie Titles with multiple game releases. I've written curriculum for both a Bachelors and Masters Degree teaching Game Art at Escape University in London. I also have written and created new techniques within the game industry for creating photorealistic and advanced techniques for creating assets. Here's My Portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/haytch Here's an Article I wrote for All
  2. I can, https://www.artstation.com/haytch Here's my portfolio, depends what you want really.
  3. Hey Sieben, I'm very intersted in your interest, If you're still looking for a partner, please email me! have a good day
  4. Hi There! My name Is Henry. I'm a Senior Environment Artist @ Rebellion Developments ( A Game Studio in the UK ). I Started as a Builder in Second LIfe & Wanted to Reach out and teach all the industry standards & Techniques. I'm offering Private & Class Sessions where you will learn everything from creating low poly models to High poly full detailed models The Sessions will go over the following: Learning about textures & their uses. (Albedo/Diffuse, Roughness/Glossiness, Specular, Normal, Height, World Space Normals & Also Custo
  5. I'm Actually a Senior Environment Artist at Rebellion ( A Game Studio ) And to get 'realistic looking textures' you can either do two things, one, use programmes like Substance Designer/Painter To create procedural textures which hold any resolution you require. or two: use programs like Zbrush (Sculpting) And Maya/3DS/Blender to Model any specific textures (Like Trims, Sidewalks Etc) Then Bake the High Poly onto Low poly Planes with use of the Full UV Grid giving you a power of 2 Texture, Don't forget to bake Gloss/Roughness, Specular, Diffuse & also Normals I Don't think Secondlife
  6. Hey guys!, I've not been here for a very long time!, Made my way into the gaming industry & i'm now comfortably working as a Lead environment artist for a studio... I However, Recently Decided I wanted to Bring my assets to Secondlife (My home growing up), I have the skills to create anything, However, Not the skills to Script. I'm looking For a business partner that can script a relatively good Combat system/Gun system that we can use to sell our weapons with. I create high quality, Top of the range Visually & Photorealistic Weapons, With your Help! (To the Coder) We can take the
  7. Hey ud. I'm interested in this project. I have 10 years experience in 3d design here is my portfolio www.Artstation.com.com/artist/haytch I also do environmental art as a freelanced job.
  8. Can I have a bit more info please... Portfolio Www.Artstation.com/artist/haytch
  9. Hey guys!, Long time.... Your Friendly Neighbor GameDev Man here!... Ok down to business.. My business plan: Simple really, I am looking for an animator & a scripter to join forces with me on the next big business in the games/weapons industry. I want to bring all my weapons i've designed over the years (and some new ones) into second life (all my weapons are PBR (Physical Based Rendering) But I don't think SL Supports PBR So we can just use normal maps and specular maps) They're great detailed and well topologized. I want to release a wide range of weapons IN categorys such as, Hand
  10. I can do this, Email me: Meshcore@Live.co.uk And we can talk more.
  11. Hey there Guys, I'm Henry, I have over 9 Years Experience with Game Development, I also Tutor on Products Like Zbrush - Blender - Substance Painter - Cryengine - Unreal Engine - PBR - Crazybump - Knald - Photoshop. Please View my portfolio here. http://haytch.artstation.com/ My rates depend on the currency but I charge on average £25 Per hour / £50 For Multiple Learning Programmes at the same time. Course Consists of Learning & Setting up the Basic UI (User Interface) Then from that we wil learn about adding and deleting objects to a scene, What a Verticy is, What Edges are, What Faces
  12. No problem naga. I think wveryone is getting the wrong idea. I do remember you now. We did that row of shops as a trial. I'm pretty sure we stopped before we went further. I did email you but that was on my domain email which has since been closed. What is your Skype and I'll try look you up. I can't remember my pass on old one. I sent you a message in SL when you messaged me however you then went offline.
  13. There was no oral contract, I don't even think we got to the point of purchasing the land.
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